How Much Does Leather Furniture Cost

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The latest average price for the leather types of furniture is between $599-$7999. Though, it comes at different prices depending on the size, quality, and design. It is quite pricey than other furniture, but it is still more trustworthy when it comes to durability and comfortability.

In this article entitled “The Price of Leather Furniture”, there are specific objectives that we aim to give:

  • Answer your question regarding the price of leather furniture.
  • Teach you the different types, sizes, and designs of leather used in furniture and how it affects the price.
  • Guide you in choosing the right leather furniture depending on your budget.
  • Make you understand the furniture-making to justify the price.

Understanding Leather Furnitures


Say, do you know that leathers are made from animal skins? It is the type of flexible, strong, and durable material to be used in furniture. Leathers are obtained by processing chemical treatments and tanning of animal skins and are concealed to avoid decaying.

Most often, leathers come from sheep, equine animals, cattle, pigs, hogs, and buffalos. Though, it can also come from water-type animals such as alligators and seals.

For years, leathers have been known to be used in fashion and clothing. It had an excellent remark on the lifestyle of people by serving its high-quality style.

Moreover, craft makers also had the idea to coat the furniture with this thick material because of its sturdiness. It created a vast demand and command from huge establishments like companies, firms, and even homes – proving the worth of leather.

The Two Type of Leather

Most furniture makers use only two types of leather for their crafts and works: Genuine and bonded leather.

Genuine Leather, from the name itself, is a type of material with pure, 100% leather. It is made specifically from either top grains or cowhide. It is the most robust material that artisans use for upholstering things like furniture.

Some characteristics of genuine leather that you can inspect are its durability and softness, like butter. You can also expect that this is more expensive than any other type of similar material.

Bonded Leather is used to make products from genuine leather. Bonded leather goods are the most affordable possible in a class of natural leather products.

These items are manufactured from the scraps of leather leftover while the high-end items have been made. When compared to standard leather, the things made from this do not have the same appearance or texture. Still, it is a great deal offering a good look at a lower cost.

The Different Types of Leather Used in Furniture

Since the innovation of marketplace competition, people have been looking for new looks. Materials such as leather have also been upgraded to create good-looking furniture.

Here are the different types of leather used in furniture:

  • Full Grain Leather
  • Aniline Plus or Semi-Aniline
  • Finished or Pigmented Leather
  • Nubuck Leather
  • Suede Leather
  • Bi-Cast Leather
  • Bonded Leather

Prices of Top Grain Leather Furniture

After doing some research, we decided to list the average prices of leather furniture Depending on Size, type, and design.

1. Leather Recliner Headrest ($3000)

For the comfortable types of furniture like a recliner headrest made from leather, the price range is around $3000. With this amount, you can expect that the furniture is made from 100% top grain leather.

Moreover, since it is a recliner headrest, there may be benefits such as back pillows, easy-to-control joints, and replaceable seat cushions. It is preferable if the furniture has a warranty from the manufacturer to ensure authenticity.

2. Leather Reclining Sofa ($5500)

Reclining sofas are modern types of furniture that offer excellent resting comfortability. Most often, these types of sofas have an average price of $5500, so if you found one at this price, you can rest assured that it is normal.

With this amount, you can also expect that it can be sophisticated and handmade. It can also offer an easy to recline mechanism with free fluffy pillows. The material used should also be a hundred percent genuine leather.

3. Leather Swivel Chair ($1000)

When a swivel chair is made up of genuine leather, it can go higher than the average price. Since it is made meticulously and takes perhaps days to be done, it is only a reasonable amount.

Though, with this proof, you can expect it to have high-quality frames like kiln-dried hardwoods. It should also hold a manufacturer’s warranty to prove the authenticity of the furniture.

4. Leather Dining Chair ($1000)

The stylish dining chairs that you see are perhaps created from authentic leather. Furthermore, it is also done in a sophisticated way. You can say that 1000 dollars are a little too expensive for a chair, but try again when you get to know its webbed seating.

You might also want to check if it is high in foam density. Leather dining chairs are typically priced this way, primarily when great furniture companies manufacture them.

5. Leather Executive Chair ($1500)

The symbolism of authority is not always dependent on the person. Sometimes, it can be seen in his office. Executive chairs that are made from genuine leather always offer great confidence and power to the executives.

That could be the main reason why its price ranges from $1500 and beyond. This amount is sufficient in giving people the feeling of luxury with webbed seating and strong frames.

Considerations in Pricing Top Grain Leather Furniture

As stated earlier, there are three considerations in analyzing the amount of leather furniture: Size, design, and type. We are going to elaborate more on this part.

The Size of Furniture

The same as quantity, size measures the subject’s wholeness. It means that the sizes of furniture are one of the considerations and reasons for the pricing. When the furniture has a more considerable material needed, it will require more material cost.

So, basically, a leather section can be more expensive than a leather chair. Just think about how much authentic leather was used in coating the furniture.

The Design of Furniture

Designs require a lot of research and thinking. It should not be too familiar, yet it should be convenient. That is the only way for a design to be feasible in the market. So, expect that it can be more expensive when the furniture has complicated and rare designs than you expect.

Another factor about the design could also be that a well-known brand makes it. When a piece of furniture is made by a globally-known and reputation-holder company, it is typical of the product being expensive.

The Type of Furniture

Chairs, sofas, and seats are the most common types of furniture which can be made from leather. The types of furniture can hold significant consideration to the price according to its demands.

Like, when a furniture type is always in need of stocks, the source may charge higher, thus increasing the price. Moreover, types of furniture define their difficulty in making, so prices will naturally vary.

Why Leather Furniture is Worth it Despite the Price

There are tons of reasons why leathers are better than other materials, but we shrank it down to five for convenience. Be sure to check these out.

1. It lasts longer than fabrics.

As years pass by, you can notice changes in fabrics. It may be stained, get faded, or weaken. Fabrics are replaceable, so it is used in clothing products. However, with leather, you can expect a non-changing quality for over 20 years.

Considering you take good care of leathers, there is a considerable probability of it lasting longer than you expect. In terms of furniture, those which are coated with fabrics can only last for five years.

So, it can be proved that leather furniture is four times more long-lasting than fabrics.

2. It Provides Unique Comfort

Now we shall break the impression that leathers are sticky when it is heated. It can be your experience with some sofas and car seats that claim to be genuine leathers even though they are not.

First of all, the natural leather is actually breathable. Hence, it can stay warm every winter and cold in the summer. That is enough for great comfortability. In a known Home Furnishing test, the top grain leather was tested and proven to be breathable.

So, it is comfortable to use in every season.

3. Leather is Low Maintenance

Yes. Despite the price ranges, leather is effortless to take care of. It does not need any cleaning products or maintenance. To take care of leather furniture, all you have to do is wipe the dust off once a week.

Though you may necessitate the aid of a vacuum at times, it is still not counted since it is already an item at home. While fabric furniture may need extensive washing and cleaning, leather furniture is not. So it is already a good reason for you to buy it.

4. Leather Gets Better as it Ages

There really is not a speck of wrinkles with leathers. Do you know that leather gets softer in the long run?

It can be said that leather actually ages backward because it gets more vibrant and beautiful as time passes.

5. The Durability is Trustworthy

Upon buying leather furniture, you will not need to worry about common issues. Things like peeling, cracking, and tearing do not work with genuine leather because of its natural oils.

In fact, it is so durable that it has become the best material for pet furniture. How great is that?

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