How Much Does It Cost To Service a Grandfather Clock

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If you have a grandfather clock in your possession, it means that it was likely passed down to you as a family heirloom. Keeping an antique like this one in good shape and ensuring that it runs smoothly requires regular servicing.

When you routinely service this type of clock, it helps you to prevent any costly repairs or unwanted breakdowns when you least expect it. Yet, it’s essential for you to know how much maintaining your grandfather clock service will cost you.

Read on to learn more. 

How Much Does It Cost To Service A Grandfather Clock? 


The amount of money that you have to pay to service your grandfather clock varies a lot. An array of factors can affect the price that you have to pay. For instance, the labor costs to do the repair aren’t too expensive. However, when you have to replace parts of your clock, then it can increase your price. Generally, you should expect to pay up to $2500 for your clock’s servicing. The most notable factors that impact how much you spend are the following. 

  • The type of grandfather clock that you have.
  • Its internal mechanisms
  • Who you choose to service it for you.
  • Your location.
  • The type of clock service that you need.

Factors to Consider 

The determining factors can be different. In addition, you should notice that there is a vast difference in how the pricing is structured. This is why it’s important for you to understand that how the clock is fixed is complex.

As a result, the cost breakdown is mainly affected by this. It’s advisable for you to have some information about your clock before you take it in for a service. Some of the things that you should know are these. 

  • The make of your clock
  • The model number 
  • The movement system 

When you have a slight idea of the type of clock that you have in your possession, it should help you to find a suitable estimate for your service. If you don’t know certain things, such as the movement system, you’re not alone.

Fortunately, you can always run an accurate search for it online. Let’s find out more about these factors that you should always consider to get the most out of your clock service. 

1. The type of Grandfather Clock 

By now, you should be aware that there are a number of grandfather clocks that you can find. For instance, some of these clocks make a sound when they strike the hour.

On the other hand, some have many timings inside them. These are some of the things that can affect how much you have to pay for your service.

Let’s say you have a clock with many timings, and that makes a sound when it strikes the hour. When you take it in for a service, the cost of these should be calculated separately.

If you are charged $400 to fix the timings, you should expect to pay an additional $100 to service the sound on your clock. 

The more complex the features of your clock, the more you should expect to pay for it. Moreover, the age of the type of clock that you have can also be a factor to keep in mind.

So, if you need to do a complete overhaul, you should consider saving approximately $2500. 

2. Internal Mechanisms 

The fact of the matter is that your clock pendulum is the most significant part of its movement. It is responsible for keeping your time because it controls the internal mechanisms of your clock.

Pendulum clocks require a certain level of skilled craftsmanship to ensure that it works efficiently after a service. To find someone who can ensure that its movement is kept in optimal condition, you should expect to pay a significant amount for it. 

Besides the core function of this type of clock, there are other internal mechanisms that you should know. These can be summarized below as follows.

  • Wheel train
  • Mainspring
  • Escapement
  • Winding mechanism 
  • Face Dial

3. Who Services your Clock 

If you are looking for someone to service your clock for you, it’s crucial for you to shop around first. The price that you pay can also be determined by who does the service for you.

A good shop should be able to give you an estimate upon request. However, you should understand that finding a good technician can be costly. If maintaining quality is what you’re looking for, find a shop that can offer you a warranty on your service.

If your grandfather clock movement gives you issues after the service, you should be able to take it back within hassles. Always ensure that the work done and the parts that you have replaced are covered. 

4. Your Location 

Like most things, where you are situated can affect how much you have to pay for your clock. If you live in an area where there are fewer shops to do the service on your pivot replacement, you’re likely to wait for an appointment.

When the demand for service is high in your area, you should also expect to pay more for your service. Another thing that you have to think of where your location is concerned is the level of expertise that you have. 

In some cases, you might have to go to a different location to find someone who can provide the type of service that you need. This means that you are not only paying for the service, but you’ve added miscellaneous costs like gas and your mileage.

There are other times when you can’t get anyone close by to do the service for you. This means that you have to ship your clock elsewhere to get it serviced.

As a result, you should consider the fact that you will be paying extra for shipping costs as well as any insurance that your clock will need. When you think of your location, these are the most crucial things that you need to think about. 

5. The type of Service Needed

The type of service that your clock requires is one of those major factors that impact how much you have to pay. Sometimes, you might take your clock in for a cleaning service and find that the entire clock needs a service.

Sometimes you only need to do a pivot cleaning. Let’s say you just need a standard service and cleaning.

You should expect to pay around $500. The service that you need is affected by different things, such as how long you’ve had your clock for and the last time that you took it in for a service. 

If you find that your clock needs a complete overhaul, then you should expect that there will be many complex steps involved. For example, your technician will need to take it apart.

Thereafter, he will have to conduct a thorough cleaning to check the parts, oil it up, and even tighten up some parts. Once all of this is done, he still needs to ensure that it’s assembled back in the correct order before testing it. If things are working, then you should expect to get your clock back.

However, if there are things that still need to be fixed, such as the teeth, for instance, you should expect to pay separately for each tooth that needs to be replaced. 

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