How Much Does An Automatic Soap Dispenser Cost?

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There’s never been a better time to purchase an automatic soap dispenser for your home. The cost of an automatic soap dispenser has gone down over the last few years, and they’re now more affordable than ever.

Here’s what you can expect to spend on an automatic soap dispenser for your home. 

What Does an Automatic Soap Dispenser Cost?


The cost of a household automatic soap dispenser is somewhere between $20 and $80. There are even high-end automatic soap dispensers that can cost nearly $300. The big differences in these costs come down to reliability, build quality, and the materials used in the construction of the automatic soap dispenser. 

Affordable Automatic Soap Dispensers

Affordable automatic soap dispensers cost between $20 and $30. These are the basic models of soap dispensers, and they cut costs on materials and quality.

Cheap automatic soap dispensers are typically made out of plastic. Whether these are freestanding or wall-mounted, they’re going to be fairly similar to the ones that you can see and public restrooms.

These automatic soap dispensers have a basic design and are built for utility more than style. Automatic soap dispensers that have a lower price tag typically also have a smaller soap reservoir. They can also run into mechanical problems quicker than other soap dispensers. 

What Makes Some Automatic Soap Dispensers More Expensive?

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On the higher end, you’ll find automatic soap dispensers that cost around $80. These are typically made out of metal and half of a higher standard for their build quality. These won’t look or feel like the automatic soap dispenser is here used to seeing in public restrooms.

You can expect to find these soap dispensers made out of high-end materials that resemble bronze, hammered metal, or even wood. You can even find high-tech features like a smart automatic soap dispenser in this price range.

Now let’s take a closer look at what makes these two types of soap dispensers different. 

Cheap VS Affordable Automatic Soap Dispensers 

You might already be able to guess some of the differences between sheep and affordable automatic soap dispensers. However, there’s one common problem that seems to always pop up for the cheaper automatic soap dispensers.

Clogging is the biggest issue when it comes to automatic soap dispensers. These are very hard to unclog, and this could even spell the end of your soap dispenser. Cheaper automatic soap dispensers tend to clog much more easily than if they’re slightly pricier counterparts.

This is one of those instances where you definitely get what you pay for. The internal components of your automatic soap dispenser are some of the most important parts of the build quality. It’s not just about whether or not the outer shell is plastic or metal.

It’s about whether the internal components can continually function without worrying about clogging. 

Why Pick an Automatic Soap Dispenser? 

There are plenty of good reasons to pick an automatic soap dispenser over the manual option, but the biggest ones come down to cleanliness.

Manual soap dispensers require individuals to press a button or push a pump in order to get soap. This means that an unclean hand has to come into contact with the soap dispenser in order to get clean. This spreads bacteria and other infectious agents on the surface of the soap dispenser itself.

You don’t need to touch an automatic soap dispenser which makes it a great choice for people who are more conscious about spreading bacteria.

Automatic soap dispensers are also just a little bit more convenient than their pump-action cousins. 

What is the Cost of Soap for an Automatic Soap Dispenser 

When you consider the cost of an automatic soap dispenser, you should also consider the cost of the liquid soap that it uses.

Many automatic soap dispensers can use standard liquid soaps that you can buy at any store. You just need to make sure to match the right type of liquid soap with your dispenser. These are typically gel, liquid, or foaming soaps.

Be careful not to mix and match the type of soap that you put in your ear liquid soap dispenser, as this can damage its internal mechanisms.

You can save a lot of money by buying liquid soap in bulk. It’s much more affordable to buy a gallon of liquid soap at a time rather than smaller refills. 

How Does an Automatic Soap Dispenser Work?

Automatic soap dispensers are an interesting bit of technology. They are surprisingly sophisticated, given that their entire purpose is just to dispense a small amount of soap.

There’s a motion sensor on the underside of an automatic soap dispenser. When you wave your hand beneath the soap dispenser, the motion sensor detects the presence of your hand and then sends a signal to an electric pump.

The electric pump is programmed to run for a set amount of time. This is what determines the amount of soap that the pump dispenses. After the motion sensor sends a signal to the pump, the pump activates and dispenses some soap.

You’re still going to need to manually replace the liquid soap when it runs out, but this is fairly easy. There’s a soap reservoir inside of an automatic soap dispenser that can be refilled. You can access the soap reservoir by opening up the top of your automatic soap dispenser. 

Are There Luxury Automatic Soap Dispensers? 

Would it surprise you to know that there are luxury automatic soap dispensers?

These high-end models can cost upwards of $300. So, what’s making these automatic soap dispensers so expensive?

It comes down to materials and installation. These luxury automatic soap dispensers are made out of brushed brass and other expensive materials. They also feature elegant and cutting-edge designs that don’t look anything like the plastic soap dispensers we were used to seeing in public stores.

The most expensive automatic soap dispensers are also installed directly into the wall. They won’t be sitting on the edge of the sink like a regular soap dispenser. They will be installed directly into the wall by a professional technician.

All these factors come together to raise the price for the highest of the high-end automatic soap dispensers. 

What About Commercial Automatic Soap Dispensers? 

Pretty much everything about the world we live in has changed over the last few years. I’ll be enough. This includes the cost of commercial automatic soap dispensers.

Commercial automatic soap dispensers used to be slightly expensive. They were luxury add ons that companies could purchase, but manual soap dispensers for the status quo. Now, however, automatic soap dispensers are seen as the new standard the world over.

This has driven down the cost of an automatic soap dispenser considerably. An automatic soap dispenser for commercial use can cost as little as $25. It’s important to keep in mind that this typically comes with a bulk ordering policy.

You might not be able to purchase a single commercial automatic soap dispenser but instead, be required to purchase several at a time.

Commercial automatic soap dispensers also come with large quantities of liquid soap. The advantage to buying commercial liquid soap is that it comes at a discounted rate because you buy several gallons at a time.

Most regular households could also buy automatic soap dispenser liquid soap in bulk if they have the space to store it.

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