How Much Does a La-Z-Boy Sectional Cost?

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They say that the home should be the treasure chest of living. A La-Z-Boy sectional presents an excellent option for enhancing your home décor and comfort.

This furniture ensures you can add a contemporary look to your living space and reflect your personality through customized details. If you wish to incorporate a sectional to your style, you may wonder.

How much does a La-Z-Boy sectional cost?

La-Z-Boy sectionals’ prices vary according to the quality and size of the model you select. Generally, a La-Z-Boy sectional can cost anywhere from around $1,999 to $19,499. Smaller models mostly range from $1,999 to $4,000, whereas the most high-end and largest options range from $8,000 to over $10,000.

Different elements come into play when shopping for a sectional, making it challenging to find one answer to suit all buyers.

Hence, this piece presents the factors that determine the ultimate sectional pricing. In addition, you can find examples of some sectional models in different price categories to aid you in better understanding the general pricing guidelines. 

Factors That Influence Sectional Pricing


Learning how different aspects affect pricing can help you make a smart shopping decision while avoiding confusion in a competitive market.

You can also know your exact design preferences and find a satisfactory sectional to match your home décor. The following are some factors that you need to consider to ensure your purchase fits your budget needs.

1. Material

Like other typical products, material plays a crucial role in establishing a sectional’s pricing. The material used determines the overall quality you get, with luxurious constructions costing more. For instance, you can choose between models made with leather or fabrics. Leather generally costs more than fabric due to material expenses. Nevertheless, leather is more durable than fabric, and more users say it feels more comfortable to sit on the former.

Notably, La-Z-Boy sectionals come in over 900 types of leather and fabrics, providing a wide selection to suit different users’ tastes and needs.

2. Configuration

You can expect various sectional sizes on offer since homes also come in different dimensions. Generally, the smaller configurations have lower price tags while the larger ones present the more expensive tags.

The La-Z-Boy models also incorporate multiple pieces that enable you to form custom configurations according to your requirements.

A reliable rule of thumb to fall back on is the more pieces your sectional features, the more it will cost. This flexibility is among the primary reasons for the furniture’s popularity in the market. Some common pieces you can find in a standard sectional design include:

· Chaises

· Love seats

· Corners

· Armless chairs

· Cuddlers

3. Upgrades

La-Z-Boy sectionals offer options and upgrades that let you add various details to the furniture. Typically, you can find the sectionals in different styles, including reclining, duo-reclining, and stationary options.

Although this customization ensures you can design the pieces for maximum comfort and functionality, it also adds to the final pricing.

Below are examples of upgrades available at different prices to enhance convenience:

· sleeper sofa mattress

· Various leg styles

· Power or manual recline

· Pillows and seat cushions

· Matching chairs and loveseats

· Wood finish options

Now that you know the aspects to consider before shopping, it is essential to look at the different prices and sectional types available. 

Least Pricey

You can find sectionals costing between approximately $1,999 and $4,000. These quality options are perfect when you seek to upgrade your living room affordably. The Meyer Sectional and Reese Sectional are examples of the pocket-friendly models you can get in this category. They come in small configurations and start at around $3,000 each.

Reese Sectional 

The Reese Sectional has reclining styles in power or manual options that deliver a casual appearance to your space. Its spacious design is suitable for family-sized comfort. The model also has a tall, pub-style back and pillow top arms that deliver sufficient support for your neck and back as you unwind.

You can select it in your favorite shade since it provides a wide selection of color choices. Apart from these, it incorporates decorative topstitching details that enhance durability while adding a unique touch to your interior design.

Meyer Sectional

The Meyer model is among the most popular sectionals, providing longevity, comfort, and quality. It features a simple and neat design that effortlessly fits any interior décor. You can enjoy sitting on the deep and wide seats, allowing you to relax with family or take an afternoon nap.

Besides these, the Meyer sectional has space-saving track arms, welt trim, decorative wood legs, and cushions for added convenience. You can also purchase a matching ottoman separately according to your décor preferences.

Mid-Range Pricing

If you desire something more premium, you can look at the sectional within the mid-range prices. These models typically come in larger dimensions and range from around $5,000 to $7,000.

You can purchase the Trouper Sectional or Paxton Sectional from this category. These styles are available in large configurations, with their prices beginning from about $6,000.

Trouper Sectional

This sectional presents a model incorporating sizeable bucket seats and inset padded arms for maximum comfort. It also features a chaise leg rest to ensure you get whole-body relaxation after a long day.

The casual and spacious design makes it perfect for enjoying a movie night with loved ones. The Trouper model comes with various pieces that let you configure it to any room shape or size. Additionally, it provides reclining modules integrated with manual or power latch release.  

Paxton Sectional

The Paxton model is perfect when you want to relax alone or entertain guests. This sectional features extra-deep seats and wide arms to maintain comfortable personal space between your visitors. Its premium-grade foam cushions maintain their shape, ensuring your sectional remains perfect after use.

Moreover, it provides patented ComfortCore cushions for added comfort and support when taking a nap. The high-quality leathers and fabrics used in its design have wear and fade-resistant properties to ascertain you keep your style for years.

High-End Pricing

Most high-end sectionals cost you from approximately $8,000 to more than $10,000. They come in the largest models, incorporating premium construction and details to warrant their high tags.

Some high-end examples include the Dawson Sectional in leather and the Collins Sectional, featuring large configurations. The former costs around $17,499, while the latter charges about $19,499.

Dawson Sectional

You can create a luxurious look to your space using the leather Dawson sectional that offers extra-wide seats, ensuring all users enjoy their personal space. The construction includes resilient foam cushions that retain their shape and quality after use.

It is available in a simple design that lets you seamlessly place the furniture in any room setting. You can also purchase a matching ottoman for additional comfort and convenience since it offers integrated storage space.

Collins Sectional

The Collins sectional integrates welt trim and simple lines into its design, enabling it to fit seamlessly into any home décor. It also comes with patented cushions to offer maximum support while resting or sitting for extended periods.

The rolled arms look and feel great to ensure your home is as comfortable as it appears. In addition, you can get a full sleeper sofa option or a matching ottoman available separately if you intend to customize the furniture further.

When Is the Best Time to Get a La-Z-Boy Sectional?

La-Z-Boy sectionals require similar tactics when purchasing any other furniture type. You can get excellent deals when you get the shopping time perfect.

For instance, it is best to shop around the holidays since most stores generally expand sale events to the weeks before and after a holiday.

Hence, you can purchase your sectional before the actual holiday to avoid crowds and access delivery schedules.

Besides, you can conduct online researches to compare prices and styles available, helping you identify the perfect fit for your needs.

You can also look at different promotions that many furniture companies offer year-round to encourage clients to visit their shops.

Notably, it is advisable to shop from mid-morning to noontime, when you can have the store to yourself.

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