How Much Does a Dining Room Set Cost?

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You have decided that you need to buy a new dining room set but aren’t familiar with all the options out there. The truth is, just like any other item, price is always the first thing that comes to mind when planning the purchase.

So, what is the price of a good dining room set? Read on to get your answer to this and other important aspects of making an excellent purchase.

A dining room set costs vary depending on the size, construction material used, and design. However, the average dining room set will cost you about $200 and $1000. The price will go higher as other factors such as the quality of construction material, the cost of surface finish, and sitting capacity come into play.

In this case, a simple plastic dining table with four plastic chairs will cost less than a set constructed from hardwood but with the same sitting capacity.

Remember, cheap is expensive. So, if spending an extra $100 will get you a quality and durable set, don’t settle for less.

What to Consider When Purchasing A Dining Room Set


Here are some of the main factors to consider when looking for dining sets:


Consider your space constraints when determining how much you want to spend on a dining set. You don’t need anything big or small that will go unused. If there isn’t enough space in the room, only get what is necessary. 

On the other hand, if there is enough space, you could go for something bigger. It’s essential to ascertain that the set fits properly in your dining room.

For example:

Consider the size of your family and how often you plan on using it before purchasing a large table with chairs. If multiple people use it frequently, you might consider getting dining room furniture to fit them. 

If you have a small dining room table, don’t assume it is not good enough for your family because of its size. A smaller set will allow you to save money and be easier to move around!

If you’re tight on space, consider getting a smaller table that you can use for eating or as an alternative desk. You could get some barstools to maximize the amount of seating in your room without taking up much floor space.


One of the important things to consider when purchasing a dining set is its durability. You’ll want something that will last you years and withstand regular use, at least for the first few years.

It’s best to go with wood construction because it ensures quality over time – especially if adequately cared for. Also, beware that the structure of tables and chairs is different. Tables have a longer lifespan than chairs because they don’t get used as much.

When considering dining sets, look for natural wood rather than engineered wood. Engineered wood mostly does not come from high-quality factories and can be prone to structural defects. Natural wood is natural, organic, and has great structural stability.

Also, consider one that has a warranty or guarantee against defects. Although most manufacturers offer the option at an additional cost, it’s better than having something slowly break down on its own.


The style of your dining set is where you personalize the look and feel of your home. You can choose a piece of furniture that fits in with a specific theme or color scheme, all while giving off an impression of what kind of person you are.

For example, if you have modern taste, go for a sleek and simple glass or metal dining table. If you have a rustic room, choose something made of wood with intricate carvings and patterns.

When thinking of the design of your new dining set, consider looking at different stores or furniture stores to get insights into what is available. This will help you narrow down your options and find something that fits in with the rest of your home.


The price range is important when looking for a durable dining table. The quality won’t matter if you can’t afford it.

However, don’t let price be your only deciding factor in buying something. It’s best to buy quality over quantity and go with what you can afford without sacrificing much money.

Compare sets from different stores and brands. That way, you will know if what you’re buying fits within your budget.


Most dining sets include some basic features like chairs and a table, but you can get more if needed! For example, Some tables come with an extra leaf to allow you to fit more people around the table at one time. 

Other options could be built-in drawers or shelves that are great for storing plates or utensils when not in use. If your dining room set doesn’t have the features you want, look for one that does. There are many different options, including a rectangular table with built-in drawers or an extra leaf.

It’s always good to have something you can use for more than one thing. For example, getting a dining room set might not make sense if you’re tight on space. Instead, try looking at bar stools or chairs with tables built-in, so your furniture isn’t taking up much floor space.

Benefits of Investing in a Good Dining Set

Below are some benefits of investing in a high-quality modern dining set that will last for years to come.

They Are Solid and Well-Made

Wood is the best material for table construction because it’s durable. You’ll want something that will last you years and withstand regular use, at least for the first few years. It’s best to go for solid wood tables. It ensures quality over time – especially if you properly take care of it.

Great aesthetic Value

Good dining sets will not only last you years, but they will also look great. Investing in something that is both solid and aesthetically pleasing means your set will be the centerpiece of your room for a long time. Look for items with intricate carvings or designs. They will give off a more luxurious feel.

They Can Be Multipurpose

Dining sets are great if you don’t have space and need more than one piece of furniture! You can reserve it as your main dining table and move the chairs into another room like an office or bedroom where they will serve a different purpose. That is good if you want to save space in your home.

They Are Easy To Maintain

If you’re looking into buying a new dining set, it might be good to know that they’re easy to take care of. Genuine and polished wood requires low maintenance because you need some wood cleaner and old cloth. You can also use furniture polish on the chairs, but ensure it doesn’t get on the wood.

Low-quality dining sets will wear out or break in due time, especially if you don’t handle them with care.

Mistakes to Avoid When Purchasing A Dining Set

When looking for a new dining set, don’t make these mistakes.

Not Doing Your Research

Research first to ensure you’re buying something that will last. Look into the different styles and materials available before making a purchase. Also, consider Important features to determine which set is best for you.

Ignoring Build-In Features

If you’re saving space in your home, look for already assembled items with built-in drawers or shelves. You can also use the chairs in another room if needed. It’s great when you don’t have a lot of space. 

Sacrificing Quality For Looks

Looks can be deceiving. Always consider the material you need. It will determine how long it lasts, so look into either glass, metal, or wood items. You can also check if everything is easy to clean before purchasing.

Not Thinking Long-term

Look for items made of durable materials like metal, glass, or wood. These ensure quality over time when you’re busy with life and don’t have the time to care for your furniture or money to keep replacing. If you are concerned about kids or pets or water damage, look into high-quality options that are resistant to such forms of destruction. 

Ignoring Size

The size of your space plate plays an important role in determining the kind of furniture you need. From the dining room tables to any other piece of furniture, its durability won’t matter if you can’t fit it in its rightful place.

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