How Much Does a Coffee Table Cost on Average?

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A coffee table is a crucial element in interior design and a functional piece of furniture in the living room. You can use it to hold a coffee, a cocktail, or even your feet while watching TV. Notwithstanding, if changing your coffee table crosses your mind, you might wonder what the average price is.

A coffee table costs between $200-400 on average, whereas those composed of costly materials will likely cost over $300 or $400. Of course, if you think this price range is too high, you can always go for cheaper ones with good quality. However, you’re most likely to obtain a fashionable and high-quality coffee table within this price range.

In this article, you’ll discover the typical cost of standard coffee tables, such as wooden, marble, and lift-top coffee tables. You’d also find out the price of coffee tables on a famous online market like Amazon. Lastly, you’ll learn about factors that determine the average cost of a coffee table.

What Factors Determine The Cost of A Coffee Table?


Manufacturers may use a variety of materials to make coffee tables. The most common coffee tables are wood and marble; the metallic coffee table is rear. However, these materials usually determine these tables’ quality, feature, and size.

Therefore, you should consider these factors when shopping for a coffee table as they also influence the price. For example, coffee tables with simple wooden materials are usually less expensive than marble tables.

Furthermore, the prices of different coffee tables are also influenced by their design and functions. Let’s consider some of the following factors that can affect the cost of a coffee table:


Many factors influence the appearance of a coffee table, including the quality of the materials utilized. A coffee table’s grade is determined by its materials and construction. They should survive a long time if made of solid wood, but if not built properly, they may not.

You might buy a coffee table online that seems excellent in the picture but is cheap and unclean in reality. Many individuals order a lovely coffee table from a website, only to be disappointed. It helps to check out the firm before buying to ensure you receive a good deal to avoid wasting money.


A tabletop and legs are all that are needed for a simple coffee table to be standard. If you want extra features on your coffee table, you’ll have to pay for a customized version. You can also add shelves or drawers under the tabletop for more storage space in your living room.

Some coffee tables have movable tops that open and close. You can also use ottomans instead of regular coffee tables, footstools, or extra seating for guests. Some ottomans furniture also has hidden storage or soft tops.


Your living room and sofas determine the size of your coffee table. Check the coffee table’s dimensions against the available space in your home to verify it will fit. The material for making the table can also determine the size and its price.

For example, a large marble coffee table will cost more than a smaller one. A large metal coffee table will probably cost less than a marble table. However, getting too fixated on the price of a table could cause you to make the wrong purchase.

How Much Does Coffee Tables Cost in Online stores?

Coffee tables are widely available in different online and marketplaces. Amazon, Walmart, and Target are popular online stores to buy a coffee table. However, the prices of a coffee table may vary from one marketplace to another.

Furthermore, Coffee tables are made of different materials, influencing their price. Apart from its composition, the style and features of the table could also determine its price.

How Much Does a Wood Coffee Table Cost?

Compared to other coffee table materials, wood is the most common material for coffee tables. Due to its low price, it’s a viable option for those on a tight budget.

For instance, coffee tables like Parsons Modern are below $50. These modern-style faux wood coffee tables are available in different colors and patterns. However, pricing can vary depending on the type of wood, its thickness, and the size of the product.

Furthermore, some wooden coffee tables are customized with other materials to increase their worth. For example, products like “Olee Sleep Wood and Metal Coffee Table” have metal and wood. However, it is also made of natural pine wood, making it more expensive than the first option.

When purchasing a wooden coffee table, it’s a good idea to check for the product’s warranty. Some products come with a one-year warranty. In addition, wooden coffee tables usually come in various styles and colors, giving you options to choose from.

How Much Is a Marble Coffee Table?

Even though marble coffee tables are more expensive, any room can benefit from its addition. Your living room can look and feel more like a luxury resort with these tables in place.

Take Giantex Marble Rectangular Table, for example. The marble coffee table has hollow legs in golden color, with a style that can add some spark to your space. This rectangular coffee table costs below $130 and comes in two sizes.

While size remains a crucial requirement for choosing coffee tables, products like this offer you options; furthermore, some marble tables are made of inferior materials compared to others. Consequently, this factor may affect the price of the table.

For example, you cannot compare a product made of faux marble to a white marble table. The V-shaped Edloe Finch Modern Marble Coffee Table is a white marble product below $350. On the other hand, a table such as Bonnlo Faux marble table is priced for about $200.

How Much Is a Lift-Top Coffee Table?

If you’re looking to raise or lower your coffee tabletop when needed, a lift-top coffee table is ideal. The tops of this coffee table can be pushed outside and used in whatever way you like. Additionally, they are often made from different types of wood and compared to marble, they aren’t as expensive.

For example, the Dakota lift-top coffee table is made entirely of oak wood. This feature gives the table a good feel and makes it more presentable in your space. However, since it isn’t as luxurious as marble coffee tables, this lift-top is worth below $200.

Lift tops also come with separate shelves and different storage compartments. This feature is worth investing in as it adds value to your space.

Lastly, these coffee tables also come in delicate designs. For example, Logan Lift-Top Coffee Table is well under $250 but comes with a cherry finish. Although it is made of wood, its design is unique and may suit your interior style.


A coffee table would make a fantastic addition to your living room furniture. However, regardless of your preference, you can find or customize a coffee table that suits your needs.

If you decide to purchase from an online store, it’s essential to search for quality products from credible marketplaces.

It is best to keep your budget in mind and stick to it when spending. Therefore, consider the cost of a coffee table and your needs before purchasing.

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