How Much Do Curtains Cost

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Curtains are great for those who want to add a ton of beauty and style into their interiors, regardless if you are talking about windows or sliding glass doors.

Then again, curtains are not necessarily that cheap when you think about how much they will cost you from an overall sense, especially if you want to add a lot of curtains to your home.

That said, how much do curtains cost?

Standard curtain prices vary a lot, but they will usually range anywhere from $15 to more than $200 depending on the style of the curtains you choose and on other factors such as the material used, the size, the brand, and the thickness. There is no exact way to tell how much curtains cost.

Like a lot of different home décor materials, curtains have different prices that vary a lot in the sense that the price range is so huge.

That means that you have to take into consideration a lot of different factors when you are choosing your next curtains so that you can actually have a good idea of how much you will spend depending on your preferences and on the certain factors you accounted for when you are thinking of what curtains you want to add to your home.

Different curtains and their price range


Adding curtains to your windows can be a great way for you to not only block out the sunlight or make your home more private but also make the entire interiors a lot more beautiful.

Therefore most homes in the country actually have curtains that fit the overall motif that the owners want for their home, as curtains are great at adding a bit of touch and style to the overall look of the interiors.

Then again, when you want to add curtains to your home, the thing you need to understand is that you would have to spend money to do so.

And the money you will spend can actually be expensive considering that you would want to keep most or all of the windows in your home covered by curtains.

You need to know how much curtains cost so that you could factor their price into your overall budget.

However, what you also need to understand is that there are a lot of different factors that need to be taken into consideration when you are looking at curtains and their price.

That’s because curtains don’t come with standard prices that you can box in at a certain price level.

The reason is that there are simply a lot of different factors such as material, size, thickness, and brand that come into play for the price of curtains.

That said, it is best for us to look at curtain price levels and the type of curtains you will get based on such price levels.

Low Price Range Curtains

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Curtains that are at the lower end of the price range can have prices that vary between $15 to $45, depending on the type of curtain you want.

These are the most affordable curtains you can get in the market, but they are still very much great in terms of their quality.

In most cases, curtains that are at the lower end of the price spectrum are quite light because of how not a lot of fabric is used on them and because lightweight fabric can be quite affordable as well.

And because these curtains are quite light, they allow plenty of air to pass through the fabric.

That means that you can still have a room that is quite breezy if you are using lighter and cheaper curtains.

Then again, the problem with cheaper curtains can be found in their material. Because the material is light and breezy, it will also allow more sunlight to pass through the material.

This will make them not the ideal curtains to use if you want to have a darker room that will not allow plenty of sunlight to pass through regardless of what time of the day it might be.

Of course, you also can’t expect cheaper curtains to be as durable as the more expensive ones.

Mid-priced Curtains

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Curtains that are in the middle of the price spectrum will have prices that will range from $45 to $70 most of the time.

These are usually the best in terms of overall quality and price satisfaction as you are getting curtains that do not feel cheap but are not quite expensive as well.

The thing that you will love about mid-price curtains is that they are great at blocking out sunlight regardless of how sunny the day maybe.

This makes them ideal for bedrooms that need to be dark as much as possible to prevent the sun from waking you up.

Of course, you can thank the fact that most mid-priced curtains come with multiple layers and thicker fabric.

Mid-priced curtains also come with a material that is quite satisfactory in terms of how durable and easy it is to clean.

Therefore, there are more people who prefer curtains in the middle of the price spectrum over cheaper ones. You can also expect mid-priced curtains to be more stylish in their overall looks and appeal.

But the problem with these curtains is that they are quite heavy and thick to where they may not be the best for most rooms.

For example, you might not want to use thick blackout curtains for living rooms because of how you may want your living room to still have a bit of sunlight. That’s why such curtains are better off for bedrooms.

Why are custom curtains so expensive?

So, now that we have talked about curtains that are somewhere in the lower and the middle portion of the price spectrum let us now talk more about the more expensive curtains, which are usually the custom curtains.

These are the curtains that have prices that range from $70 to more than $200. But why exactly are these curtains that expensive?

Custom curtains, just like anything that is custom-made, are expensive precisely because they are made only for you.

This makes them special because they are only made for your own custom order and come with sizes, designs, materials that are so specific that they need more time, care, and consideration to be made.

And, because of how custom curtains can make the entire business work slower, you are also paying for the time that the business could have used to make standard curtains. You are also paying for lost business.

Then again, this still depends on the custom curtains that you want and are looking for. There will be times when the custom curtains you want are only in terms of their size and not in their material and design.

This means that they may come cheaper than most custom curtains because you are basically using standard curtains with custom sizes.

So, if you have windows that don’t come in the same sizes that most windows have, it is best for you to use custom curtains despite the added expenses you may end up incurring.

However, it is better for you to choose standard curtains but have them customized to fit your windows.

But, if you have the budget, you can go for the more expensive kinds of custom curtains so that you will have curtains that only your home has.

How can you make your standard curtains look like expensive custom curtains?

Let’s be real in saying that not everyone has the money to throw around for curtains.

This may lead some people to go for cheaper standard curtains that may already be good but are not exactly the best in terms of the overall looks and appeal you are after.

So, what if you want your standard curtains to have a more luxurious look?

Is that even possible for you to achieve?

You don’t have to worry about buying new and more expensive curtains if you want your curtains to look more expensive than they actually are.

Here are some tricks that you may want to use when you want to achieve a more expensive look for your curtains:

1.    Hang them higher

In most cases, curtains should be hung 6 inches above the window frame and a foot away from the ceiling.

However, by hanging your curtains higher than normal, you will give your curtains a more attractive look precisely because of how you will give your windows a larger look.

When windows look bigger, they look more expensive, which will also make your curtains look more luxurious.

Something as simple as hanging your curtain rods higher will already do wonders for your curtains.

2.    Don’t hide the curtain fixtures

Many people think that curtain fixtures such as rods are only there for functional reasons.

But not many people actually believe that you can also use them to decorate your curtains and make them look more luxurious than they should be. You can use smaller curtain rods that look nice and luxurious to add a bit more weight to the look of your lighter and cheaper curtains.

But then again, the downside here is that focusing more on the looks of your fixtures can also be dangerous to the overall setup of your curtains, such as when smaller rods won’t be able to handle the weight of the curtains.

That’s why you have to balance out design and functionality here.

3.    Iron your curtains

Because cheaper curtains are lighter, they won’t always hang straight down.

This will make them look cheap because they don’t come with the straight look that more expensive and heavier curtains have.

That said, you can remedy the situation by ironing your curtains so that they can actually flow straight down and look heavier.

Or, for a more permanent fix, you can saw a weighted hem into the curtains so that they will flow down and have a more weighted and heavier look that’s similar to the more expensive curtains.

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