How Many Curtain Panels For A Sliding Glass Door

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To determine the number of curtain panels needed for a sliding glass door, measure the width of the door. A standard sliding glass door is between 60 and 72 inches. Divide the width by the width of each curtain panel to calculate the number of panels required. For example, if the door is 72 inches wide and each panel is 36 inches wide, you would need two curtain panels.

Number of curtain panels for sliding glass door


Typically, a minimum of two curtain panels is recommended for a standard sliding glass door, which usually measures between 60 and 72 inches wide. Given the width, most curtain rods incorporate a center post for enhanced support. However, the precise number of panels can depend on the curtain’s design and desired fullness. Accurate measurement and understanding of the aesthetic goal will help achieve the best outcome.

Measuring Sliding Glass Doors for Curtains

The quantity of curtain panels needed for sliding glass doors largely hinges on the door’s width. Typically, a sliding glass door ranging from 60 to 96 inches in width necessitates two panels to provide sufficient coverage. Moreover, to ensure adequate fullness when the curtains are drawn, each panel should be 1.5 to 2 times the width of the door.

However, doors with a width greater than 96 inches may require three or more panels. It’s important to note that for wider doors, employing more panels not only enhances coverage but also contributes to the overall aesthetic appeal of the room.

Curtain Panel Sizes for Large Windows

In the selection process for curtain panels suitable for a sliding glass door, the dimensions of the panels hold significant importance. This is due to the fact that, much like larger windows, sliding glass doors, usually ranging around 60 to 72 inches in width, demand more coverage. As such, a typical glass door would necessitate two to four curtain panels.

However, for those desiring additional aesthetic folds or pleats, more panels may be considered. The optimal length for these panels should extend from the door’s top to the floor, assuring complete coverage. Essentially, making the right choice for curtain panels for sliding glass doors entails a careful assessment of both the width and length, ensuring the perfect fit and attractive appearance, mirroring the considerations made for large windows.

Sliding Door Window Treatments

The determination of the necessary number of curtain panels for sliding door window treatments largely hinges on the door’s width and the panel’s width. A standard sliding glass door roughly measures between 60 to 72 inches wide, while a typical curtain panel has a width of approximately 50 inches.

Given these measurements, it is likely that two curtain panels will be required to ensure full coverage and optimal aesthetics for a single sliding glass door. However, this estimation may vary in instances where the door or panels deviate from standard sizes. Therefore, it’s crucial to accurately measure the door prior to purchasing panels, to guarantee a suitable fit and appearance.

Double Panel Curtains for Sliding Doors

When determining the number of curtain panels required for a sliding glass door, it’s crucial to factor in the curtain type. Double panel curtains, designed to divide in the middle and cover half of the door each, necessitate two panels for a balanced look and full coverage. Each side of the door should be adorned with one panel. Additionally, the width of each panel is equally significant, as they must be broad enough to entirely cover the door’s width when shut, ensuring both privacy and light regulation. Therefore, a standard sliding glass door would typically require two double panel curtains.

Styles of Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

The number of curtain panels for sliding glass doors is directly influenced by the chosen curtain style. For instance, a traditional drapery style typically uses two panels, delivering a balanced and symmetrical appearance. On the other hand, a modern aesthetic can be achieved with a single-panel curtain, giving a sleek, minimalist look.

Those seeking a more luxurious setup might opt for four panels, with each pair elegantly tied back on either side of the door for a grandiose effect. In addition to aesthetic considerations, the number of panels also impacts the levels of light and privacy control available. Therefore, the curtain style significantly influences the panel requirements for sliding glass doors.

Best Fabrics for Sliding Door Curtains

When selecting curtain panels for sliding glass doors, it’s crucial to consider factors such as the door’s size and the fabric type. Typically, standard sliding glass doors, measuring around 80 inches by 72 inches, call for two curtain panels, each at least 50 inches wide, ensuring comprehensive coverage and a pleasing, full look.

However, the fabric’s weight can also influence the number of panels needed. For example, single panels would suffice for heavy, luxurious fabrics such as velvet or dense cotton to prevent the space from feeling overwhelmed. Conversely, light, sheer fabrics might necessitate three or more panels for optimal privacy and light control. Consequently, before acquiring the fabric, it’s essential to accurately measure your door and determine the desired curtain fullness.

Full Coverage vs Partial Coverage Curtains for Sliding Doors

The number of curtain panels needed for a sliding glass door is largely influenced by the desired coverage level. Opting for full coverage usually necessitates two or more panels, which provide total privacy and light control, making them ideal for nighttime use or instances when complete seclusion is preferred.

Conversely, partial coverage curtains typically only need a single panel and strike a balance between privacy and natural light, as they partially cover the door to allow some sunlight in, while still providing a degree of privacy. The decision between full and partial coverage is largely subjective, hinging on personal preference and the specific requirements of the room.

Curtain Rod Solutions for Sliding Doors

The number of curtain panels you select for your sliding glass door significantly impacts your choice of curtain rod solutions. Standardly, at least two panels are required to achieve a balanced aesthetic and appropriate coverage. However, for a more luxurious or dramatic look, four panels, divided equally on each side of the door, offer not only a fuller appearance but also improved control over light and privacy.

Your chosen number of panels will guide your selection of a curtain rod, with options ranging from a standard single track rod, double rods, to a traverse rod. For instance, selecting four panels might necessitate double rods. This configuration allows for a set of sheer curtains behind a heavier set, providing versatility in light control and privacy. It is clear, therefore, that the number of curtain panels chosen for a sliding glass door plays a crucial role in determining the appropriate curtain rod solution.

Hanging Curtains on Sliding Glass Doors

Hanging curtains on sliding glass doors requires careful consideration of the door’s size and the desired aesthetic appeal. Typically, a standard-sized sliding glass door, measuring approximately 60 to 72 inches in width, best fits two curtain panels for optimal coverage and a balanced, symmetrical look.

However, for wider doors or if a more draped look is preferred, using four panels could be a more suitable option. The primary objective when choosing the number of curtain panels is to provide complete coverage of the glass door for privacy and light control purposes, while simultaneously enhancing the visual appeal of the space.

How to Choose Curtains for Sliding Glass Doors

The selection of the appropriate quantity of curtain panels for a sliding glass door is a crucial aspect that significantly influences both its usability and visual allure. The width of your door is the primary factor that determines the quantity of panels required. For a standard sliding glass door, which is typically around 60 to 72 inches wide, around 2 to 3 curtain panels are needed to achieve the best coverage and appearance.

However, if a more voluminous look is desired or the door exceeds the standard width, additional panels may be necessary. It’s important to ensure that there’s ample fabric for the curtains to bunch attractively when open, which usually necessitates the curtain’s width being 1.5 to 2 times wider than the door. Furthermore, the door’s opening mechanism should be taken into account; for a centrally opening door, an even number of panels is required, while a door that opens from one side may be more suitably dressed with an odd number of panels.

How many curtain panels do I need for my sliding glass door?

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Sliding glass doors are certainly great for those who want to add a bit of touch to their homes because of how these doors are unique in the way they look and function.

However, because these doors are actually made from glass, it is that they come with a transparent look that probably won’t do well for those who want a bit of privacy.

This is probably one of the few downsides that sliding glass doors have.

In that case, those who want to have a more private life while making use of sliding glass doors can benefit a lot from curtains that they can use to cover the doors.

While curtains themselves are quite useful for privacy, you also want to make sure that the curtains look great and are perfect for the look you are after because you don’t want to choose bad curtains that eventually end up ruining the entire motif.

And in choosing curtains, the number of curtain panels you choose can make a world of difference for the look you are going for in relation to the curtains for your sliding glass door.

So, in that regard, what is the ideal number of curtain panels you should go for whenever you are designing your sliding glass door with curtains?

In most cases, an ideal number of curtain panels you should go for is two. Before you ask why two is the magic number that you may want to go for curtain panels for your sliding glass door, let us look at some factors first.

When you look at the standard sliding glass door’s size, it should be about 5 to 6 feet wide.

That means that you should have a center post to act as a support for the curtain rods to make sure that the curtains get to fit the width of most sliding glass doors.

This is typically the case for sliding glass doors that are at least 5 feet wide because of how the curtain rod won’t be balanced enough and might end up falling or bending if it doesn’t have a center post.

So, from there, you understand you won’t be able to actually use one curtain for the entire sliding glass door because the curtain won’t be able to slide through the center post that is supporting the curtain rod.

In that case, it is essential that you choose two curtain panels that are separated by the center post between the length of the sliding glass door.

However, there are actually some people who use traverse curtains instead because of how they are not limited by a center post in the sense that you can still allow them to go through the center post without worrying about getting another curtain panel.

So, if this is the case, you can just go for one curtain panel you can easily push off over to the other side of the sliding glass door if you want to allow light to pass through the door.

Then again, there are also some people who actually use four panels because of how it can provide them with more flexibility in terms of their arrangement.

They can easily control the curtain panels depending on their preferences and in how much they want to block the sunlight during an entire day, considering that they have four different curtain panels to work with.

Going for four panels will also give your sliding door curtains a more pleated look, which can be quite stylish because of the many different pleats or folds that you can see in the curtain. This is something that some designers actually prefer.

But then again, keep in mind that four different curtain panels for a sliding glass door will make it more difficult for you to move the curtains around when you use the sliding glass door often.

What size curtains should I get for sliding glass doors?

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When you have already decided the number of curtain panels you want or prefer for your sliding glass door curtains, the next thing you should think about is the fullness of your curtains.

This is something that can be decided by the size of the curtains you get for your sliding glass door.

So, when talking about the fullness of your sliding glass door curtains, you decide whether you want to cover the door exactly or whether you are simply after going for a look that you want to achieve in relation to your sliding glass doors.

Those who want a fuller look that covers the entire sliding glass door should go for curtain panels that are about 2 to 3 times bigger than the exact size that you need.

Going for such curtains will also give your drapes a plusher look due to how they are larger and will come with more pleats or folds when you install them on the sliding glass door.

Then again, the extra material that comes with bigger sliding glass door curtains that cover more than enough of the sliding glass door can also be a pain.

That’s because, again, when the sliding glass door is functional in the sense that it is often used or is often opened or closed, it’s going to be very difficult to work with large curtains because you’d have to move them around so much while moving the sliding glass door.

If you have a sliding glass door that is more functional than others, it is best to go for something simple such as curtain panels that are not only a few in terms of their number but are also smaller or just the right size that would fit the sliding glass door.

In relation to the size of the sliding glass door curtains, let us look into it shortly.

How do you measure the size of a sliding glass door curtain?

So, now that you have a good idea of the size of curtains you want for your sliding glass door curtain let us now look at how we actually measure the size of the curtains that you want to use depending on the look you are after.

In that regard, the first thing you need to do is to measure the height of the sliding glass door.

Most of these doors differ in terms of their height, even though they usually come in standard widths. So, in this case, it is best to measure the height of the glass doors yourself.

When measuring sliding glass doors with curtain rods already installed, what you need to do is to measure the drop height.

That means that you need to measure the distance between the floor and where you want the curtains to hang, such as the rod or the clips that you may want to place just below the rod.

Meanwhile, where the rod is yet to be installed, make sure that you add 4 inches to the length of the curtains.

In most cases, standard sliding glass doors come with heights of 80 inches. That means that you should use 84 inches to account for the space you want between the glass, the door, and the rod.

Now, let’s look at the width of the door, which is usually 5 or 6 feet wide in most cases. That means that you need to have a curtain that is about 60 or 72 inches wide as well.

But add a few inches to each side of the width of the curtains so that you can push them to the side and leave a bit of inch hanging when you push them to the back of the doorway.

Maybe 4 inches of the extra room would be more than enough. So, if you have a door that is 6 feet wide, adding 4 inches to each side means that you should have a curtain that is 80 inches wide.

In all other cases, you can just use a simple formula wherein you divide the width of the entire curtain by the number of panels you are planning on using so that you will know how wide each panel should be.

After that, multiply the answer by the fullness you want. Regular drapes should have a fullness of 1, while curtains that are more pleated should have a fullness of 2 or 3.

For example, if you have a sliding glass door that is 6 feet wide, that means that you should add 4 inches to each side. This should give you 80 inches.

Then, if you want 2 panels at a regular fullness, divide 80 by 2 and then multiply it with one.

This should give you panels that are 40 inches wide and 84 inches long if you have a standard glass door that is 80 inches high.

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