How Long Is a 10-Person Table?

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Table sizes come in different sizes depending on the number of users, size of the dining room, and the estimated budget. A table is designed based on the number of users and the chairs to be used. Its height is another factor to consider because people have varying heights.

A standard rectangular 10-person table is 10 feet by 2.6 feet, while a circular 10-person table has a standard diameter of 7 feet. A table expected to serve 10 people has a design where four people sit on opposite sides along the length and two on the opposite sides of the width.

Comfort in the dining room is brought about by comfortable sitting and the amble elbow space. In this article, I have explained the comparison between rectangular versus circular tables, the benefits and drawbacks of each, and the factors to consider.

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What is the right shape for a 10-person table?


Dining tables can either be rectangular, circular, or square. A square is not preferred because it consumes a lot of space and leaves unused space. Rectangle and circular tables are the best bet for a 10-person table.

10-Person Circular table

Unlike rectangular and square tables, circular tables are determined by the diameter. The standard diameter for a 10-person circular table is 7 feet. A circular table is ideal for conversation because of eye contact.

It has fewer disturbances when people are sitting or waking up and is best for creating inviting moments. Homes that use circular tables save dining space and enjoy togetherness and safety because they do not have sharp corners.

10-Person Rectangular Table

Rectangular tables take the shape of the house since most dining rooms take the same shape. Installation guidelines are easy and can be placed in any part of the house. A 10-person rectangular table has a standard measurement of 10 feet by 2.6 feet.

A rectangular table can accommodate more than ten people and still be comfortable. Though it can fit in rectangular houses, a rectangular table has sharp edges that pose a danger to kids.

Rectangular or circular table?

Deciding on rectangular or circular tables will depend on the size of the dining room, the owner’s preference, and the age of inhabitants. I will bring the comparison between the two, benefits and drawbacks for each.

For one-on-one conversation, go for a circular table because it brings out togetherness. On the other hand, if the table is intended to host informal meetings, the best option is a rectangular table. A circular table saves on the floor space, thus ideal for small rooms, while a rectangular table has angular corners that attract ample space.

1.      Central position

A circular table enables everyone on the table to face the center position, and conversation at one end is hardly missed from the other end, a factor possible in a rectangular table.

2.      Conversation

Circular and rectangular tables serve the same purpose, but the former promotes attention compared to the latter. However, a large round table is unsuitable for communication because the distance across the diameter becomes a barrier to conversation.

3.      Shape 

Circular objects attract the eye. I mostly prefer a round or rectangular table with oval edges. If I need to spend a pretty coin, I may consider a round glass table because it brings an appealing airy, lightweight appearance. 

4.      Versatility

A rectangular table is versatile and can accommodate more than the intended seats instead of a circular table. A 10-person rectangular table can accommodate up to 12 people, while a circular has a fixed amount of seats.

5.      Color

People are attracted to different colors depending on gender, age, and perseverance. It is not a big deal to see ladies choose red tables regardless of the design. Their male counterparts choose any color that comes their way. But after all, it is the desire for all of us to have titillating table colors with a welcoming ambiance.

6.      Style

Lastly, the owner’s preference can outshine all the factors. Despite the space consumed, design, color, and cost, the style positively impacts whether to buy a rectangular or circular table. People who receive frequent guests will opt for no other table other than rectangular.

How can I choose the best table for my dining room?

Having known the factors to consider when selecting the type of table and the dimensions of a 10-person table, this knowledge will never work in the space. It is applied when deciding on the table size, basing the argument on titillating the size of the dining room.

Take a note; comfortable chairs should be placed at an interval of 3 feet from one seat to the other. The occupants should have enough space to pull out seats while waking up, free walkaway, and turnaround space.

I propose that before buying the table of choice, measure the size of the dining room. The number of tablet users should not be the priority when buying a table because it may occupy the entire dining room, leaving no walkaway space. 

Well said, deciding on the best dining table is not a complex task if the measurements conform to the dining room size. On the color factor, never be color blind. I prefer to ravish colors that will impress guests and set the family in merry-making moods.

I will consider a round table because of my kids because of safety. It does not have angular corners that can injure them. Furthermore, a round table creates one-on-one feeling and family togetherness.

Wood or Glass for a dining table?

Wood and Glass are suitable for dining tables but trust me. Each has significant benefits and drawbacks. Polished wood and Glass serve the same purpose, and deciding on either depends on the owner’s preference.

Wood dining table

Wood is widely used for home and office furniture. Wood is durable, does not tarnish quickly, can be modeled to different styles, and is easy to repair when broken. Safety is guaranteed because it does not fracture easily as compared to Glass.

However, wood is not the best bet when it comes to Polar Regions. It absorbs moisture, attracts parasites such as termites, and hardwood furniture like oak can cost an extra penny. Trust me, inspecting the house regularly for these pests will be a hefty cost.

Glass dining table

If I want to compliment elegance in my dining room, the best choice would be glass tables. Glass improves the visual look of the furniture. Still, at the cost of a husky amount. Glass is transparent, contributing to the dining room luminescence.

Glass is the choice for improving the light in the interior décor. Glass does not have a limitation on the color; you can frost or tint it with the color of your choice. Glass is easy to clean and does not stain easily as compared to wood.

Well, on the opposite side, Glass is highly fragile and expensive to repair when damaged. Others go permanent damage and become irreplaceable, thus demanding new ones. Keeping dining décor neat and safe requires maximum attention. Now guess what, if you have kids!

A glass table is a hazard to small children if it breaks. Sharp edges are hazardous, and assuming that everything will be well with your kid while away. Opt for a glass table if the occupants are responsible; otherwise, the wood table will work.

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