How Long Does Sherwin Williams Paint Last?

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Sherwin Williams is one of the biggest manufacturers of paint and coating in the world. They have several paint types that are used in different fields. Also, they are owners of other brands for painting.

So, if you are thinking of painting your home, experts and experienced homeworkers will recommend you Sherwin Williams because of its high-quality and durable products.

Sherwin Williams’s paints last for over a decade. The shelf life says the Sherwin Williams paint will last for “years.” However, the lifespan of 5 years to 10 for exterior jobs, yet some colors can last to even 15 years. The paint lifespan is around 8 to 10 years for interior spaces.

Sherwin Williams is a company based in Ohio, specializing in manufacturing paints, coatings, caulk, and sealants. Sherwin Williams has numerous products, yet they had associated and owned brands like Dutch Boy, Minwax, Prat & Lambert, and so on.

Moreover, they have more than four thousand stores all over the world.

Besides, Sherwin Williams is known because of the quality of their products, so they are preferred by people and recommended by professionals.

Shewing Williams is recognized as the most used brand in the painting field, and it is also distinguished for its product quality.

Which Type of Sherwin Williams Paint Is the Best?


Sherwin Williams has quite a lot of products and brands; then, people can choose the one who fits with what they want to do. So, choosing the right paint will depend on what you are planning to décor. Moreover, they have created one of the biggest color palettes in which paints have different finishes, and many of their products have zero or low VOC colorants.

Sherwin Williams recommends that latex-based paints are the better choice for interior painting. Then, oil-based or alkyd paints are good for high-traffic rooms such as the kitchen. Many people have chosen Cashmere, Emerald, Duration, and SuperPaint as the best Sherwin William paints.

Since Sherwin Williams has a long list of products, it could be difficult to say which one is the best. Sherwin Williams offers various types of paint, so their products can adapt to different situations. Yet, some tricks will help you to know which paint is the best for what you need.

The paint that you select for any task must be durable, have great coverage, and don’t leave any mark on the wall (roller marks). Nonetheless, Sherwin Williams has the SuperPaint that has incredible coverage, and duration is the most durable paint they have, yet those paint may not be what you need.

For interior painting, it is recommended to use latex or water-based paints since they are highly washable. Moreover, these latex paints are durable and have great coverage, yet latex and water-based paints are better for low-traffic rooms.

For high-traffic rooms like kitchens, bathrooms, and bedrooms, oil-based or alkyd paints are better. The oil-based composition for some paints makes them have higher adhesion properties, are durable, and are stain-resistant.

Sherwin Williams Paints for Interior and Exterior Painting

Sherwin Williams has various lines of paints, and the preferred ones by the public are the Duration, SuperPaint, Emerald, and Cashmere. Each line has been painted for interior and exterior painting, and some of them even offer different finishes, such as matte or satin.

The Emerald Interior Acrylic latex paint is the best rated and has a major number of reviews on the Sherwin William site for interior painting. This is premium paint that gives a smooth finish on the walls. Moreover, the Emerald Acrylic has full coverage that even hides dark colors. Also, the Emerald has a formula that inhibits mold growing. However, the paint is quite expensive since it is labeled as premium.

For exterior painting, consumers have rated the Duration Exterior Acrylic Latex is the best. Duration line used the special formula PermaLast® that combined acrylic copolymers to make it durable. Nonetheless, expert painters prefer the Emerald Exterior Paint and the Resilience Exterior Acrylic Latex.

SuperPaint and Cashmere lines have a great overall performance for interior and exterior painting. Then, if you are looking for something more affordable and that can adapt to almost everything, the SuperPaint and Cashmere lines are the correct ones for you.

How Long Does Sherwin Williams Paint Last?

Sherwin Williams has high-quality paints, and the overall performance of these paints makes people choose them over other brands. Sherwin Williams paints are durable and adapt to every space perfectly. The company has specialized formulas that make their paint last for almost a decade and even more. Furthermore, these paints use non-VOCs pigments.

Sherwin Williams’s paints last for over a decade. The paints for exterior walls have a lifespan of 5 years to 10, yet some colors can last to even 15 years. For interior painting, the life of the paints is around 8 to 10 years. Duration lines can last 2 years more than other Sherwin Williams paints.

Sherwin Williams uses an acrylic base for most of their paint lines. The formula for acrylic latex paints is indeed more durable than others. Then, the combination of acrylic latex and other additives makes the paints last for years.

Sherwin Williams Duration Paint uses their PermaLast® technology that combines copolymers that enhance the duration of their paints. Thus, the Duration paints have a great coverage that just needs one or two coats.

Acrylic latex paints are commonly water-based, and even when they have incredible durability, these paints are also susceptible to temperature changes. Moreover, latex paint is not recommendable for exterior jobs.

Oil-based paints endure better in the exterior environment, and that is the main reason why Sherwin Williams offers specialized products for different tasks. However, the weather and preparation of the area can affect the durability of the paints. Even so, Sherwin Williams SuperPaint and Duration paints endure different situations almost perfectly.

Then, if you want to improve the durability of your Sherwin William paint, remember to prepare the area well and don’t expose the paint to extreme temperature conditions. Besides, never paint your exterior walls on rainy days. Sherwin William has an anti-mold formula, but if the wall is damp, the paint can peel the wall off.

How Is the Quality of Sherwin Williams Paint?

Sherwin Williams offers one of the best product qualities. In the 80s, Henry Sherwin and Edward Williams established the company, but it wasn’t until a few years later that they started selling their coating and paint. Since then, the company has been enhancing its formulas to offer the best paints.

The overall quality of the Sherwin Williams products is one of the best in the world. The company is the biggest manufacturer of paint and coatings. Besides, the company was recognized as the most used in the world. Homeworkers and expert painters recommend Sherwin William usually for its outstanding quality.

Sherwin Williams offers premium products. The company has several registered trademark formulas that are only used in its products. Nonetheless, the Sherwin Williams quality is unique, and even when they have improved the products of their other brands, the Sherwin Williams products have one of the best overall performances.

Yet, the company has its rivals. People constantly complain about the high prices of Sherwin Williams. The company offers premium products at quite expensive prices. Then, some competitors like Benjamin Moore and Behr have appeared for the company over the Years. 

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