How Long Does It Take To Tile A Bathroom

If you’re about to put floor tiles in your bathroom for the first time, you’ll want to know what to expect. It’s a unique process for each room of your house, so you can’t apply the same techniques or strategies.

Make sure you have at least a general awareness of the time frame for doing this project, as knowing this will affect other aspects of the work on your shower surfaces or elsewhere in your bathroom. 

What You Need to Tile a Bathroom 

You’ll need several tools and supplies to make this happen. Some of the most basic tools include

Tile trowel

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Bucket trowel

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Water-fed tile nippers

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Angle grinder that has a diamond disc.

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Spirit Level

You also should have a spirit level, so you know that it’s level as you go along,

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Tile spacers

Tile spacers will help you ensure your tiles are spaced evenly.

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Tile matting

Tile matting is a good idea to have in place where you’ll be putting your tiles to serve as an underlayment.

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Tile Grout

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You’d do well to find tile grout that matches your tile colors and a flexible waterproof tile adhesive. 

Can You Tile a Bathroom in One Day

Is it possible to tile your bathroom in only one day? This depends on several factors, but the simple answer is that yes, it is something you can do in a day. However, you’ll need to allow them to dry before you can walk on them. 

One of the major factors that affect how long it takes to tile your bathroom is the size of the tile. If the tiles are larger, of course, you’ll use less of them for space. When you have a smaller number of tiles to lay down, it should take considerably less time to do so.

This also applies if you have smaller-sized bathrooms in your house and if you’re using medium tiles. 

Another big factor is your experience level with tiling. If you’ve laid down tile in a bathroom or worked on a similar project before, you won’t have to stop to look up instructions on what you’re doing as often, and you’ll be more confident, which should lead to getting the work done faster.

Even if you haven’t done this yourself, you can enlist the help of someone else who has experience with tiling, whether it’s to physically help or provide you with instruction and guidance.  

If you plan to conduct this work yourself, make sure that you measure the space accurately before you begin any of the tiling (preferably before you buy your tile materials). The old saying “measure twice, cut once” is important to remember.

This way, you’re a lot less likely to make mistakes when it comes to figuring out the exact amount of space. Besides this, make sure that the tiles and your space are clean before you start the process so that no dirt or grit gets stuck underneath.

You’ll thank yourself later on when you have flat, level tiles that have been placed beautifully. 

Can You Tile and Grout in the Same Day

Yes, it’s fine for you to put down tile in your bathroom and then go right to putting in grout afterward. This is especially the case if you have a smaller bathroom and area to work with. You may have difficulty with laying the tiles flat and placing them evenly, making this process take longer.

This is something that can delay you from moving on to the next step quickly. If this happens, you may decide to take a break and pick the work up again the next day. 

The grouting process is done so that the tiles stay in place after you set them. You put grout between each tile, and this can be a time-consuming task. If you have small tiles that are odd-shaped tiles, you’ll spend more time on grouting.

After you put grout on, it’s necessary to clean up the excess with soap water, which also can take a great deal of time. This is why you must have the supplies readily available when you get started, so there’s less downtime. 

How Many Tiles Can You Lay in One Day 

Bear in mind that while diagonal tiling can be a more attractive and common choice, it does tend to take longer to do it this way. You’ll have to consider if you would rather take the time to get this particular style or opt to work faster. 

Avoid getting overly ambitious regarding the amount of tile you plan to lay in a day. If you’re less experienced, it will be less than if you already have done this type of project. In general, you’ll be able to do as much tiling as you have the time and energy for that Day.

Some people can handle up to about 300 square feet worth of tiling with some help, or about 100-150 square feet if they’re working independently. Remember that you may need to cut tiles more as you go along if they don’t fit with the sequence you’re using. 

Something else that affects the amount of tiling you can do in a day is making sure that the floor and wall are levels. If this is off at all, it can lead to issues with how they lay and can lead to broken or displaced tiles.

Add a layer of tile backer board, and if there are raised seams, you’ll want to cover the protrusions. Working with chalk lines helps you keep track of what you’re doing, which is ideal when it’s a complex task such as tiling and especially helps with those small corners.

How Long Does Tiling a Floor Take 

Tiling a floor, which consists of leveling the wall or floor, laying the tile, adjusting, and grouting can take anywhere from a few hours to a few days.

If you’re not in a hurry and are inexperienced, it’s definitely in your best interest to take breaks, double-check what you’re doing as you go along, and save certain aspects for another day.

All in all, except that the entire project could take several days since you will need to wait to walk on the tile. 

How Much Is it Likely to Cost to Tile a Bathroom

The cost to tile your bathroom can vary based on factors such as if you got a deal on supplies and/or tile material, whether you’re renting or purchasing equipment/tools, and if you hire anyone to help.

It can cost between $1,300 and $2,500 to install just 150 square feet of tile flooring. The crucial factor that makes this vary is the type of tile you use. This can include porcelain tiles, ceramic tile, mosaic, natural stone tile, and vinyl. Larger tiles take less time, which is a plus if you’ve hired someone to help or do the work.

Also, when you’re using larger tiles, you’ll use less grout and save money. 

If you don’t have a preference for tile material for your bathroom, do your research and determine what will provide the best value for your budget. Vinyl, ceramic, porcelain, and slate are more common types that cost on the lower end.

On a similar note, it’s beneficial to shop around by calling to talk to tile suppliers in your area to ask for their prices and if there are any promotional deals going on at the moment. 

Another consideration when it comes to cost is the longevity of the material. Keep in mind that natural stone can stain since it’s more permeable while many other materials don’t, such as porcelain.

You also would be likely to pay more for material that has intricate patterns to it. 

How Long Do You Have to Wait to Use Your Bathroom After Tiling 

This can vary, but a general rule is to wait for about 24 hours to walk on your tiles.

Though you might not need that whole 24 hours depending on the materials used and the place where you did the tiling, take it into account when making your plans.

For instance, you don’t want to invite guests over the day after completing the tiling, especially if you don’t get done with it until nighttime. This is the case whether it is a tile placed on your bathroom floor or on its walls.