How Long Does it Take to Fill up a Bathtub?

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There are times when a hot bath is the best way to relax after a hard day. The time needed to fill the bathtub will vary based on a number of different factors. So what exactly determines the time? And how long does it take?

This article hopefully has the answers you need on this subject.

A typical bathtub takes five to ten minutes to fill. Most bathtubs use 4 to 8 gallons of hot water a minute to operate. The time varies depending on the age of your pipes, the shape of the tub, water pressure, and tub components.

It will take longer if you have an old house with old plumbing and all the issues associated with this.

Don’t panic if your tub takes too long to fill.

You can speed things up by doing a few things.

You can usually find a fix, regardless of whether the problem involves your home’s plumbing or issues with your local water supply or water pressure.

The Average Time It Takes to Fill a Bathtub


Bathtub faucets run at approximately 4 to 7 gallons per minute, while the average bathtub holds 40 to 60 gallons.

Filling the bathtub usually takes around 5 to 10 minutes.

How much money does it cost to fill up a bathtub

In the United States, each gallon of water costs $0.01. Filing up a 40-gallon bathtub will cost about $0.04.

Why does my water pressure feel low?

If you notice that your water pressure feels low, then you should check the faucet for leaks. If you find any leaks, then you need to fix them immediately. We have listed below a few other ideas to help.

Closed valves

When you turn on your hot water taps, the pressure may feel low. This could be because of a leaky water meter or main shut-off valve.

If any valves are closed, it can hurt your water pressure and decrease the efficiency of your appliances.

Water pressure is affected by closed valves

Clogged faucet

Having a clogged faucet aerator is a common cause of slow water flow. Clogs in aerators are caused by mineral deposits or mineral sediments that lodge in internal faucet parts.

CLR is a cleaning solution for mineral buildup inside the aerator. CLR dissolves minerals and helps flush out sediment buildups. You can also try using baking soda instead of CLR.

Baking soda works as well but doesn’t contain chlorine which makes it less effective than CLR.

Faulty pipes

Clogged pipes can disrupt water flow. When the flow is interrupted, the pressure drops. A solution is to clean or replace the pipes. Corroded plumbing can be repaired by cleaning out or replacing minor parts.

Corroded pipes can also cause small leaks in your waterline. These leaks can lead to more severe problems later on. So, worth checking out or getting a professional to help.

With any water issues in the home, it’s best to locate and mitigate the problem as soon as possible.

Issue with water heater

Low water pressure is only happening when you attempt to turn on the hot water. It is usually not a problem with the entire system, but there could be an issue with your water heater if this is occurring besides everything else.

Where do I go if the filling process takes longer than ten minutes?

The typical bathtub will take less than 10 minutes to fill up if it is 60 to 70 gallons. When filling a 60-70 gallon bathtub, it may take more than 20 minutes because of a very small tap diameter or poor water pressure.

A plumber can help you if that’s the case. Someone can quickly replace the faucet if it’s a problem. Having low pressure is a common plumbing issue that requires immediate repair. 

How Much Time Does it Take to Drain a Bathtub of Water?

A bathtub drains its water in about 4 to 6 minutes if the drain system is working properly. A bathtub’s size, amount, and fullness influence how quickly the water drains.

Most bathtub drains have a diameter of 11.2 inches. With a diameter of this size, the drain can handle 8.5 GPM easily. If the water in your bathtub drains slowly, there’s probably a clog.

Do Bathtub Faucets Use a Lot of Water?

Bathroom faucets use 5 to 7 gallons (15-26 liters) of water every minute on average.

Showers use more water than baths on average. Showering uses up to 40 gallons of water vs. 35 gallons for a bath.

How much water does it take to fill a bathtub?

The average bathtub can hold 60 gallons (227 liters) of water.

Smaller bathtubs, which are ideal for children, hold about 40 gallons. An average bath uses about 35 gallons of water, which fits industry standards.

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