How Long Does it Take to Drywall a New House

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Are you wondering how long it will take to drywall your house? Perhaps you are not sure how many drywall installers you should find? Don’t fret, and this article is for people like you. 

It is nearly impossible to know how long it will take to drywall a house without considering certain aspects of the house, for instance, the number of windows, the height of your ceiling, and so on. 

In this blog, we highlight some and tell you how long it normally takes to drywall a new house. 

When you decide to build or renovate a house, you have many options. You can use a certain color or fabric and choose a specific building material like drywall. Something durable that can last for several years. So it’s crucial to consider your options well before making a final decision.

Drywall is one of the best ways of cladding a home. One of the benefits of using drywall is that it is quicker and easier to install than traditional plaster. You can install drywall on your own or hire a drywall expert to do the taping and finishing for you.

Most homeowners prefer drywall because it is fire-resistant, affordable, and gives a house a stunning interior look.

First things first:

What is drywall?


Drywall is a unique material that homeowners mostly use to remodel walls and ceilings. It is normally a half-inch thick. There are two ways of installing it: screw or nail it directly to the wall studs.

You can use it for a variety of things, such as arches, eaves, and more. It is not just limited to enhancing the interior looks of private properties but to commercial buildings as well.

Most office spaces and industrial buildings use drywall as fire resistance by adding it to walls and ceilings. Behind most drywalls, there is either insulation, which is usually fiberglass, cellulose, mineral wool, or foam.

How long does it take to install drywall in a new house? 

The time it takes to drywall a house may vary from one home to another. In one house, it may take a couple of hours. For another house, it may take up to four weeks.

What determines the number of days is the size of the house, what kind of frame it has, and the type of finishing that you will be using.

Example: If your wall is studded, expect to install four sheets of the board within an hour. Once you complete this process, you can start tapping, which usually lasts for 15 to 20 minutes. Add another 20 minutes that will take you to coat and sand your wall.

Remember, before drywalling the area, and you need to prepare your wall. That on its own takes minutes, sometimes even hours. You are likely to find bulges here and there that need to be smoothed over.

Dimples of nails should also be taken care of as well. It should take a day or two for the mud to dry before you can see how good the finishing of your drywall is.

Does it matter if you drywall ceilings or walls first?

Yes! Most professional drywall installers know that you need to start with the ceiling first. They also know that hanging drywall is challenging and takes time to finish. Hence, they will always bring someone to help them hang it properly.

One of the reasons why this matters is because the top edge of the wall supports the drywall. Also, you shouldn’t let the ceiling drywall hang for free. 

How many people should you hire to drywall your house?

There is no right or the wrong number of people you should hire. But you should also remember that if you have a mansion, it’s always wise to bring more hands-on the deck. At least five people should be able to finish your house in three days.

Factors to consider before adding drywall: 

Let’s look at each factor that may determine how long it takes to dry your wall.

The size of your house

The size of your house is one of the most significant things you need to take into consideration.  If your home is 2,000 square feet, you might expect the drywall crew to complete it in five days or less. Whereas a mansion typically takes much longer to drywall. 

Think about framing 

If your home has complex framing, i.e. windows, or doors, expect the drywalling process to take longer.

Why? Because you are likely to spend time cutting the drywall to fit those complex spaces of your house. That, on its own, may mean the drywall crew you hire will spend more days there. 

Plus, if your house has minor framing problems, you might expect other issues as well. The walls of the house may be wavy, which will make the process of adding drywall slow and challenging.

Window and door headers are two items that you need to consider when planning to add drywall. In most cases, you will need vertical studs to support them.

While at it, think about electrical wires as well. After all, your drywall will cover the wires, either running horizontally or vertically through holes. If your house is old, some of the wires might hang loose. So take care of them before you begin with the drywall project.

Think about the height of your ceiling 

Next up, you need to consider your ceiling height. Is it too high, medium height, or too low? Remember,  drywall will have sheets that are usually 8-feet long. If your wall is higher than that, it may not fit easily.

Besides, it may cost you more as you will practically need multiple sheets of a longer wall. The drywall team that you bring to your home may have access to tall ceilings. Apart from that, the drywall experts will have to be cautious to ensure that they fall and get injuries.

In drywalling experience matters 

Another factor that will speed up the process of installing drywall is the experience of the crew that you appoint. If you hire a team that has been remodeling or building houses for years, they are likely to complete the project within a couple of days.

On the other hand, when you hire an inexperienced crew, they are likely to spend days trying to figure it out.

Highly experienced drywall installers tend to use high-quality tools that most rookies don’t have, from drywall saws to measuring tools and ladders.

 And they know which tools along with the proper techniques will enable them to finish the project faster. 

Experienced drywaller installers also know how professional drywallers know the best techniques for hanging sheets straight and aligning them perfectly well. They also know the best methods to anchor drywall securely to various types of wall materials.

If you work with rookies, you will waste time researching various methods rather than focusing on other things.

Bear in mind that drywall contractors don’t charge the same price. Some may charge you per square only if you own a larger house. Others charge more per square foot on smaller projects as well.

So it is always advisable to confirm the price with them before you can sign any document.

Always ensure that you do some background research before hiring a drywall contractor. Read online reviews, ask around and ask them to give some references.

That’s the first way of getting quality drywall faster and sometimes at a reasonable price. But the most crucial thing is knowing where to look for them.  

Are you looking for a drywall installer for your home? Why don’t you give us a call or drop us a note? One of our experts will be on standby to help you. 

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