How Long Does a Carpet Last in an Apartment?

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Whether in a personal or rented home, carpet needs to be replaced when it tarnishes. If the home is owned, the replacement cost falls to the owner, but if it is rented, the landlord bears the cost.

Changing the carpet improves the room’s elegance and charming physical appearance.

Carpets will depreciate in color and age with time, and at some point, they will demand replacement.

The lifespan of a carpet is 10 years, after which the owner or landlord should plan for replacement, but it depends on the usage. Even if the carpet is not damaged, it is normal to be subjected to tear and wear, and interior design becomes scruffy and repugnant. Carpets come with a warrant that guarantees quality.

Stay awake and tap the knowledge of carpet cleaning, signs of aging carpet, causes of carpet damage, the lifespan of a rented and owned carpet, and methods of prolonging the lifespan of carpets. Read between the lines.

What are the signs of an aging carpet?


Carpets gradually depreciate, and here are the signs of an aging carpet;

1. Stains

Stains on a carpet may result from proteins, oil, tannin, and dye that make a carpet look nasty. If the home has kids and pets, be rest assured that carpet replacement is a must even before the warranty. Other products that stain carpet include; alcohol, lotion, coffee, berries, butter, and cherries.

2. Matting

The most prominent sign of aging carpet is matting. The pile on the carpet gives a red alert when they start lying down due to stepping on it and moving furniture. Once the pile lies down, there is less that can be done to safeguard it from aging. Even conducting a professional carpet cleaner will not restore the value.

3. Worn-out padding

Carpet padding cushions the carpet and improves the resilience, thus making it comfy. The padding acts as a buffer for absorbing noise and provides a cozy place to sit. Regular tear and wear gradually reduce the padding quality, and once it completely depreciates, replacement becomes the immediate option.

Worn-out carpet padding will have the following indications; wrinkles, clicking sound, and uneven texture when stepping.

4. Odour smell

A carpet that has an exhausted lifespan will have a lingering odor smell before and after washing. The lingerie comes from dyes, food remains, stains, and oils that fall on the carpet and penetrate to the fiber, padding, and then to the floor surface.

How long should a carpet last in a rented home?

Holding tear and wear constant, a carpet of top quality will have a maximum lifespan of 10 years. The landlord bears the cost of replacing the carpet if the tenant did not willingly damage it.

However, the tenant is not held liable when the carpet was not furnished or was old at the time of agreement.

For this reason, the tenant must adequately inspect the carpet for any flows, stains, lingerie, and texture. Tenants with kids and pets in their houses are likely to be charged for carpet damage because it is normal for kids to spill foods on the carpet.

Pets dispose of their wastes on the carpet, and urine penetrates through the padding and destroys the cushion. At the end of the tenancy agreement, the landlord charges the tenant cleaning expense if it is dirty or the entire cost of replacement when damaged.

The assessment of the state of the carpet at the end of the tenancy agreement should not be a win-win situation but a well-examined analysis from a professional carpet cleaner. A carpet with normal tear and wear is negotiable, and the cost goes to the landlord. Damage caused by normal tear and wear has the following characteristics;

  1. Tear and wear in the entry points and hallways.
  2. Tear and wear as a result of aging.
  3. Colour fading due to environmental changes.

The cost of carpet replacement goes to the tenant when the carpet is in the following situations;

  1. Damage due to cigarette and candle burns
  2. Stains from spills            
  3. Aqueous substances from pets dander
  4. Tear and wear in fewer traffic areas such as under the sofas

For long-term tenants, the landlord incurs the cost of hiring a professional carpet cleaner to clean the carpet annually.

How long should a carpet last in my home?

Replacing carpet in an owned home can be ignored because the owner has complete control over the home. Maximum carpet care can push the lifespan to close to 10 years, but when misused, the lifespan can be reduced to less than 8 years.

As the carpet should be replaced in a rented home, the same factors apply to owned homes. Carpet cleaning should be done twice a year as opposed to once in a rented home.

A homeowner has the responsibility of keeping the home tidy, and so does the carpet. Keeping a dirty carpet for a long time brings health complications to the family.

What are the side effects of dirty carpet?

Pet’s dander, dust, food residue, stains, dye, and alcohol sink into the cushion of carpet and ferment. When not properly cleaned, the following health complications arise;

1) Allergy

Infants and older adults are vulnerable to dust and odor smell. When introduced to such an environment, they develop allergies upon breathing the lingerie.

2) Irritation

Liquid and aqueous substances when a spill on a carpet sink and wet the cushion forming sticky substance between the paddings. As a result, fungi develop and grow towards the pile.

When people walk on the carpet bare-footed, there is the likelihood of being infected with fungal diseases such as athlete’s foot. Again, pet urine causes irritation to kids when they play on the carpet.

3) Respiratory complications

Old, dirty, and worn-out carpet is likely to have lots of dust. When stepped on, the dust blows and is probably breathed in by home inhabitants. The dust brings respiratory issues such as asthma, allergy, cough, and running nose.

How can I calculate the carpet damage charge?

Here is an example of the calculation involved when calculating the charge for a carpet at the end of the tenancy agreement.

  1. The carpet was brand new at the time the tenant rented the house.

2. The original cost of the carpet was $800

3. The carpet had an estimated lifespan of 10 years

4. There are six valuable remaining years at the time the tenant vacates the home.

In this example, the tenant will be charged $640 for carpet damage.

How can I make my carpet last longer?

Carpet can be preserved to last longer and meet the lifespan by using the following practices;

1. Keep dirt out of the house

Dirt in the house can be minimized by using highly-textured mats at entry points to tap dust from legs and shoes and placing dust bins in a convenient area where everyone can reach and dispose of dirt.

2. Vacuum the carpet weekly

Whether rented or owned, vacuum the carpet once a week to remove dust. Also, inspect the floor weekly for any traces of moisture that can cause fermentation.

3. Clean spots immediately

Since kids are hard to manage, they will spill food and drinks on the carpet when you realize spots on the carpet, clean and treat the affected area immediately.

4. Professional cleaning

If prevention is better than cure, then hiring a professional carpet cleaner will be cheaper than purchasing a brand carpet.

Whether the owner or landlord, they must make sure the carpet is professionally cleaned once per year, and by so doing, the warranty is met.

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