How Long Does a Box Spring Last?

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Spring mattress requires a box spring for full support. Yet, take note that it’s not an optional add-on to your bed. If you’re planning to buy a new mattress, ensure that you can spare an extra budget for a box spring.

But you may ask me if it’s worth buying and if it lasts like a mattress. Let me answer that question, how long does a box spring last?

A box spring lasts up to 10 years for high-quality type and about five years for low-quality materials. Box spring with plywood wooden frame lasts up to five years, while hardwood wooden frame lasts up to 10 years.

Do you want to know more about box springs? In this post, I’ll share with you in-depth information about box springs.

You’ll learn about its lifespan, replacement signs, and proper maintenance.

How long does a box spring last?


A box spring wears out after 10 years for high-quality models, while low-quality models collapse after five years. The box spring’s lifespan depends on its four components as their deterioration varies.

The components include a wooden frame, springs, steel grind, and felt cover. Wooden frame decays the fastest among four components.

Wooden frames

Yet, wooden frames may last forever if it’s hardwood because it’s dense and strong. But some manufacturers use plywood, which is flimsy. The thin structure can’t withstand mass and pressure because of the pinhole gaps present between layers.

Plywood lasts up to four years, and you can spot its deterioration when you see its rotting, cracking, and breaking. It produces a funny smell over time and fungal growth.

Springs, steel grid, and felt cover

Springs collapse between five to 10 years because of elastic fatigue. It occurs when the spring stops returning to its original form. It’s typical for low-quality designed springs to sag, causing the box spring to lose its shape and support.

The steel grid lasts up to 10 years. But when it breaks or bends, it’s time to replace the box spring. The felt cover also lasts up to 10 years, providing you clean it regularly.

Are box springs sturdy?

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Absolutely, yes. Box spring comes with steel support and a good quality coil system, which provides a sound structure to the frame. The coil system absorbs the shock from the mattress, and it reduces its pressure. It brings out the softness of the spring mattress while providing support.

It also comes with breathable fabric and a cloth protecting it from dust. The fabric adds protection so pests don’t invade the structure. Yet, the sturdiness of the structure depends on the usage. If you properly maintain it, you can expect it to last for decades.

Reliable box springs come with distinct features, which many manufacturers offer today. You can find heavy-duty steel that supports up to 700 lbs of weight. Its heavy-duty feature can probably outlast a mattress.

Although some brands are heavy and hard to move, you can find many box springs in the market that are easy to assemble that you only need an Allen wrench to build.

Some box springs are versatile in that they can support a memory foam mattress. This kind of box spring is made from ultra-sturdy steel, which guarantees extra support for the mattress.

Manufacturers complement the box spring feature through a breathable netted fabric cover. Some offer at least 200 thread count fabric that adds a high-end appearance to the cover. It can be made from 100% cotton, or it’s blended with linen.

Some also offer non-skid fabric, which keeps the mattress in place. Most fabric cover available in the market today are machine washable.

You can find box springs with a 10-year warranty, which proves their durability. But some manufacturers require you to buy the mattress and box spring together to avail the warranty.

When to replace a box spring?

Replace a box spring when you’re changing the mattress and when you notice the mattress loses its support. You can spot the problem when you start hearing a squeaking sound, and you feel that the box spring sags.

These are your cues that it’s time to repair the parts or replace the box spring.

When you buy a box spring, consider the size, height, and material. You must also consider the hardware and ease of assembly.

Signs to change a box spring

A squeaking sound reveals that a spring breaks or the tight spiral coils loosen. When the coil breaks, it’s unfixable, and it’s time to let go of your box spring. But if you suspect that it’s just a loose coil, you can try lubricating the coil.

Another sign is the sagging of the box spring. Sagging serves as a visual cue the coil is wearing out. Reinforcing pressure points on the spring works as a temporary fix. You can fix it by rotating the box spring at 180 degrees.

Other signs that it’s time to replace your box spring include broken slats and a bent steel grid.

Broken slats happen when the wood rots. A fungi infestation occurs, which spreads to the entire wood. You can opt for a temporary solution where you remove the fungi and fill in the gaps. Then you apply a wood preservative containing borate or copper.

A bent steel grid is another sign to watch out for before deciding to replace your box spring. It’s hard to unbend a steel grid, so replacing the box spring serves as the best solution. It’s the same solution for coils over 10 years.

Changing mattress

When you buy a new mattress, the warranty requires you to buy a new box spring. It’s costly upfront, but it saves you from headaches when physical defects appear in the future.

Don’t risk using an old box spring for a new mattress as it shortens the mattress’ lifespan. A new box spring increases the stability of the mattress.

How to make a box spring last longer?

Treat your box spring as your mattress. Avoid activities that collect dirt and create an environment for fungal growth. Wooden frames and coils are prone to deterioration, so you must prioritize cleaning and disinfecting them.

Protection and maintenance

Use a protector for your mattress to cover your bed from dust and sweat. It minimizes the dirt that comes in contact with the bed.

Avoid eating in bed as the crumbs and spills can invite pests and bugs, and it forms a breeding ground for bacteria.

Rotate your box spring every season to minimize body impression, and it keeps the coils intact. Avoid jumping on your bed as it weakens the spring, causing it to collapse quicker. Just like your mattress, air the box spring in the sun to deodorize.

Box spring on bed frame

Place the box spring on a bed frame or a platform to avoid moisture build-up. Laying it on the floor inhibits airflow, which speeds up its deterioration.

It also gains dust and dirt, and it’s more accessible for pests to infiltrate it.

Box spring may not be a cheap find, but it’s worth an investment. When you buy this product, you’re not only buying comfort and durability.

You’re also buying the experience of uninterrupted sleep.

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