How Long do Ruggable Rugs Last?

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Ruggable rugs are made for durability. No matter what the damage, they will stay in place and keep your floor looking great.

But not all rug pads are created equal. In this detailed post, we will take you through everything you need to know about these products, including real customer feedback on the durability of Ruggable Rugs.

A Ruggable rug is a two-layered and machine-washable rug designed to stay in place. The bottom layer consists of a non-slip material, while the top has an extremely tough, woven fiber surface for durability and comfort underfoot.

This top layer is also interchangeable, such that you can change the design of your rug whenever you like.

The washable Ruggable rug retains its mint condition for roughly two washes before the edges begin curling slightly upward. Even with frequent washing, the Ruggable carpet’s color, texture, and material are long-lasting and will last at least a year. Ruggable Shag rugs tend to get matted and lose their plush in high traffic areas after about 10 months of regular use with approximately 5 wash cycles. Ruggable offers a one-year warranty on its rugs.

The durability of the rug depends on several factors, like the thickness of the rug, the material used for manufacturing it, and how often you are washing your rugs.

The durability of Ruggable Rugs


We went through several real user reviews for Ruggable rugs. Here are key takeaways:

  1. Plush Ruggables are not durable at all and will start matting within a few washes. They typically last for a year of moderate usage and require a lot of maintenance.
  2. Non-plush rugs that are the polyester chenille rugs and the outdoor Re-Jute rugs will last a little longer. However, these too shrink with use, causing the bottom pad to peep out from the sides. The edges of the rug will start curling within a couple of washes.
  3. Ruggable rugs seem to do terribly if placed in areas with high foot traffic.
  4. The top layer of the rug is quite thin and might rip too easily.

We recommend the following Ruggables for specific uses:

Chenille Rugs

Use the Chenille range of rugs if you have children and pets at home. The non-plush material is easy to keep clean and will wear out much later than the plush rugs.

Outdoor and Re-Jute Rugs

The durability of these rugs makes them an excellent choice for outdoor spaces. These rugs are resistant to water, mildew, and mold, making them ideal for outside usage.

While designed to withstand the elements, these rugs are also appropriate for use inside and may last longer than the plush and Chenille rugs.

Plush Rugs

These rugs are purely ornamental, and we do not recommend them for use. They are not durable and will start deteriorating with a few washes, so they would only last you a couple of months at most.

Material and Quality

Ruggable rugs are made of two layers- the bottom layer is the rug pad which is covered by the rug cover on top.

The Rug Pads are made of a 100 percent recycled polyester top and a thermoplastic rubber bottom, which is latex-free and synthetic.

All Chenille rugs are made of polyester chenille and not cotton. Chenille is a type of fabric that has the appearance and texture of velvet, and it’s also known as chenille yarn or caterpillar cloth, which can be woven by machine or hand-hooked with needle punches.

Outdoor rugs have a thicker weave and better yield than indoor ones, thus being more long-lasting.

Curling Edges Issue with Ruggable Rugs

The most common complaint we found about Ruggable rugs is the curling edges issue. This happens because of shrinkage in thicker plush rugs or due to frequent washing in thinner non-plush rugs.

This problem can be solved by following the wash instructions provided by Ruggable or using a different rug pad. Try minimizing the number of times you wash your rugs.

We recommend the Classic Rug Pad for this purpose, as it is flatter than the cushioned rug pads.

How to Make Ruggable Rugs Last Longer?

For a Ruggable to last longer, we recommend the following:

  1. If you are using plush rugs, we recommend that you wash them less often. The best way to do this would be to place your Ruggable rug in a low-traffic area and avoid washing it for as long as possible.
  2. Strictly adhere to the wash instructions provided by Ruggable and use a softener while washing your rugs.
  3. If possible, hang dry the rugs as this will reduce shrinkage and edge curling.
  4. If you are using non-plush rugs, use a flatter rug pad so that the edges of your Ruggable do not curl up after washing.
  5. Use a mild vacuum cleaner to prevent the accumulation of dust. Harsher vacuums may fray out the edges.
  6. Avoid using bleaching agents on your rugs, as this might damage them over time.
  7. Do not use hot water when washing your Ruggable rug. Instead, go for lukewarm or cold water only.  
  8. Buy a low pile rug for areas with high foot traffic.
  9. Understand the Ruggable system and use the rug cover along with the rug pads at all times.

Are Ruggable Rugs Fade Resistant?

Color is an important consideration when buying a Ruggable rug. The rugs are available in multiple colors, so you should choose the one that best suits your decorating needs or preferences.

Indoor, as well as Ruggable rugs, are fade-resistant and can resist discoloration caused by UV exposure. However, persistent exposure to the Sun will cause the rug to fade over time.

It is recommended that you use the rugs in a semi or completely sheltered area when used outdoors.

Is Ruggables Good for Dog Pee?

If you have pets at home, dog hair, puppies peeing and vomiting is common occurrence.

Plush Rugs are not good for dog hair as the plush material can attract pet fur and needs more maintenance than non-plush rugs. Ruggable’s Chenille and Outdoor range of rugs might be better suited for pets at home, although it will need regular washing.

The edges curl up with frequent usage, so you will need to keep a check on this as well.

Should you Invest in a Ruggable Rug?

Ruggable rugs are great for people who want to add a bit of personalization and warmth to their homes without too much effort.

The Ruggable rug combines the best of both worlds: it’s simple and versatile to use while being sturdy. Ruggable may be ideal for you if you’re searching for an easy-to-clean yet long-lasting carpet. The Ruggable Rug, on the other hand, will never become a family heirloom that you could someday pass on to your children.

They make good outdoor rugs because they can withstand bad weather conditions, but it is best used in low-traffic areas only.

They are highly recommended for people with children and pets at home because they are easy to clean.

Make sure you do your due diligence before placing the order, as Ruggable charges you for returning the rug.

Final Thoughts

Ruggable rugs are a great option for your home because they’re machine-washable, durable, affordable, and look beautiful. However, there are some things you should know before you buy one to ensure it lasts as long as possible.

You’ll want to make sure that the rug is used along with the rug pad, is washed conservatively, and preferably sun-dried for maximum durability.

If you take good care of your rug, then it should last a long time!

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