How Long and Wide is a Chaise Lounge?

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The backbone of any room is stylish and comfortable seating, and a chaise lounge serves this purpose to a tee. From the Victorian era to date, chaise lounges have been the epitome of elegant relaxation.

Knowing how long and wide a chaise lounge is imperative as you venture into getting one for your home.

The standard chaise lounge dimensions are 73 to 80 inches in length, 25 to 30 in width, 35 to 40 inches in height, 42 to 48 inches seating area, and 11 to 12 inches in seating height.

Dimensions for outdoor and indoor chaise lounges vary, whereby outdoor chaise lounge seat height is 11 to 13 inches, and outdoor at 15 to 18 inches.

What Is the Difference Between an Outdoor and Indoor Chaise Lounge?


As their name indicates, an outdoor chaise lounge is used in the outside environment. You will find outdoor chaise lounges on lawns, patios, pool areas, and by the beachside.

They are weather-resistant and made from materials like plastic, aluminum, wicker, and hardwood.

They have armrests for further support and padding like cushions for comfort. The adjustable back support of an outdoor chaise lounge is designed to seat only one person at a time.

An indoor chaise lounge is for indoor spaces like living rooms, bedrooms, and office spaces.  They are made from comfortable materials like feathers, foam, and fabric. Some indoor chaise lounges have back support that run across the whole length and can seat two people at a time.

They usually have one armrest at the foot end of the chair and a reclining back at their head.

Indoor chaises come in traditional and modern styles, but all serve the purpose of sitting on them as you would a regular chair or lounging.

How Do I Choose the Right Outdoor Chaise Lounge?

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You have to consider many factors before selecting the ideal outdoor chaise lounge. A good design is not a sufficient reason; exposure to extreme weather is inevitable, so this is crucial for deciding.

I will highlight a few pointers for smooth decision-making.


Your chaise chair should be able able to withstand extreme weather and last long outside.


Hardwoods are an excellent choice for outdoor chaise lounges. They are durable, resilient, and are not easily dented, scratched, or damaged.

Hardwoods are resilient to extreme weather like strong winds, rain, and sunshine, but with time, they need to be restrained and re-varnished but only semi-regularly. They are, however, expensive.


Teak is popular among outdoor chaise selections. It is durable and resilient to harsh weather and can stay outside all year round. It comes in its original color, teak, but if you want to maintain that color, you will have to rub it down regularly to avoid silver patina.

Silver patina results from UV rays’ effect on teak’s pigment and is a natural barrier against the sun and weather.

Teak is also an expensive material choice for an outdoor chaise.


Wicker is a modern-day choice for outdoor chaise lounges. Even though it is good material, it is non-durable and not as resilient as teak and hardwood. 

It is not weather resistant and can lose its look and get damaged with frequent use.

Despite being wind-resistant, wicker’s woven quality makes it susceptible to dust tarnishing its appearance and is therefore not easy to maintain.


Aluminum is a popular outdoor chaise lounge choice because it is a lightweight and durable metal. Aluminum chaise lounges can be left outside with no effects all year long. It is also weather-resilient. 


High-Density Polythene (HDPE) is the recommended plastic for an outdoor chaise lounge. It is sturdy and high quality, suitable for any weather. It does not rust and does not get scratched or damaged easily.


Softwood is the last resort for outdoor chaise lounges as they are not durable or resistant to harsh weather. They need frequent varnishing and protection to stay outside. They are, however, the cheapest material for outdoor chaise lounges.

Comfort and Luxury

Once you have the perfect material for your chaise lounge, consider the comfort it will give. This comfort comes in the form of the cushion you use.

The ideal cushion for an outdoor chaise lounge is made of foam and covered with Sunbrella fabric.

Sunbrella fabric resists molding, mildew, and fading. Solution-dyed acrylic is also an excellent cover for your cushion as it is fade and mildew-resistant and remains soft to the touch all year round.

How Do I Choose the Right Indoor Chaise Lounge?

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An indoor chaise lounge adds luxury and sophistication to your space. Indoor chaise lounges come in various styles and materials, so choosing one could prove quite the task.

Here are a few points to consider according to your needs.

Chaise Lounge Design

Indoor chaise lounges are a traditional decor style. They come in many styles and modern designs that can match your home’s furnishings. These styles include Victorian, French, Meridian, Duchess brisee, Recamier, and Contemporary.

They do not vary much in shape, so the material used will dictate your choice more. The chaise lounges come in materials such as leather, plush velvet, polyester, and microfibre. You can choose any material and match it with the best fit for the rest of your furniture.

They come in a variety of colors, so you can also choose the one that matches the color scheme in your space.

Most chaise lounges have a wooden frame, so it would be best to match the frame with the rest of the furnishing within the room.

Chaise Lounge Use

Once you have decided the type and style of a chaise lounge that will suit you, think about its use within your home. Decide what room it will be in, living room, bedroom, or library. Also, think about the purpose it will serve in the room you choose; napping, seating extra guests, or just an accessory.

If your chaise lounge is in the living room for seating guests, choose a sturdy chair that will stand up to wear and tear but is also elegant and comfortable to sit or stretch out. You can also opt for a lounge that has an extended back and arms.

Choose a petite chaise lounge for the bedroom and library that you can cozy up to and feel comfortable lounging. The chaise lounge will serve its purpose as a relaxation spot, other than a decorative piece of furniture.

Chaise Lounge Dimensions

Indoor spaces require a lot of careful planning while fitting in furniture, as the wrong size of furniture might make a room look cramped. The same applies to indoor chaise lounges.

As I mentioned earlier, there are standard dimensions for indoor chaise lounges.

However, these dimensions are often altered, especially with the chaise lounge style. Take a look at your room against the chaise lounge dimensions. Figure out if it will best fit in a corner, center of the room, or at the back.

You may take a look at the furniture around the room and see how the chaise lounge will complement them to aid your decision in choosing a chaise lounge that faces out, taking more depth or flush, and taking up more length.

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