How Long And Deep Should a Sideboard Be?

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A sideboard is a buffet table that you can use as a storage solution or a surface place for decorations. It features a drawer that you can use to hold cutlery, candlesticks, napkins, and dishes.

Its surface can be used as a display decoration and an additional surface for serving food. Typically, place a sideboard against a wall in the dining room.

The sideboard should be 15 – 18 inches deep if your spaces are small. It should also be thin to fit nicely behind a wall or along with the sofa. On the other hand, a sideboard length should range between 34- 38 inches but be taller than the dining table.

A sideboard may have legs or not. Its cabinet can extend to the floor and may look like built-in cabinets.

Also, you can deploy a sideboard in the kitchen to serve as a solution if you need additional storage spaces. Read on to learn more about the sideboard.

How Deep Should A Sideboard Be?


A good sideboard should be between 15 to 18 inches deep. It may have an elongated shape that allows it to fit nicely at the end of the bed. 

If the sideboard is deep enough, it will enable you to store linen and tableware while providing a flat surface that you can use to display items or serve food.

You can also use the sideboard as a TV stand.  Also, anyone hunting for a TV idea can use the sideboard as a stand. Also, you can use it to serve dinner or display dessert when serving your guests.

You can use a sideboard to stow away cutlery or use it to store other useful items. Thus a good sideboard should work together with your dining table. You can put the sideboard in the living room, meaning that you can put it in the living room so that you can use it to serve and entertain guests.

A tall sideboard may allow you to support a variety of dining room aesthetic functions and setting room options.  You will also use the sideboard in your bedroom for storing accessories.

Also, you can use it in the office to store supplies and documents. It helps to keep your room clutter-free. Also, you can use the sideboard to collect and organize collections.

If you are using the sideboard in the living room, you may decorate it by adding a buffet or lamp to enhance the lighting in your space.

How Long Should Your Sideboard Be?

Even though there is no standard length for a sideboard, one that measures 30 to 32 inches long is the best since it matches the height of your desk.

Generally, a depth of about 18-22 inches should allow you to store kitchenware and utensils.  Also, it should be taller than the dining table, which should stand at 28 to 30 inches.

If the sideboard is long enough, you can place it in your kitchen or near your dining table. It should be 34 to 38 inches high to balance and match the kitchen counter. Note that the kitchen counter could be about 36 inches tall.

A sideboard should not exceed 60’’if. It does; it may not be ideal for serving food dishes. It should also allow you to set out and serve different food dishes.

The 44-inch long sideboard could be the best for smaller spaces such as a kitchen or smaller dining area.

If you have large platters, a sideboard that is 16 inches deep may be ideal for keeping such items. Also, it provides you with enough space for serving dishes.

A depth of 16″ is sufficient and will reduce the risk of having the sideboard tipping off from any of the sides.

Why Does The Height Of The Sideboard Matter?

A height of between 34- 38 inches matters because most dining tables will be between 28 and 330 inches. Generally, a sideboard should not be the same height as the dining table.

But it should be a little bit taller than the dining table.

Note that it is much easier to serve food from a taller sideboard. It is the main reason why people choose a taller sideboard compared to the shorter one.

Should The Sideboard Match The Dining Table?

Although the sideboard doesn’t need to match the dining table, it should match the dining room décor or any of the furniture. Also, it could contrast the décor and the furniture if you are interested in a vintage look.

You may also choose to match the sideboard with the table in terms of material and design.

But if you want to add some spark to your living room, you may choose to mismatch the design, the finish, and style. You may also add some vintage look on the sideboard.

Why Should One Have A Sideboard?

Having a sideboard is advantageous. Here are some of the reasons why you need to consider having one in the kitchen or dining room:

Enhances the décor- having a dining room adds style and fanciness to your room. A sideboard is elegant and aesthetically pleasing. It can come in a variety of colors and can be made from different materials.

Also, it gives you a chance to choose between rustic and classic styles. A sideboard is a vintage style that adds additional storage to your dining or kitchen space. 

Increases storage space- a sideboard is an excellent solution for anyone that needs some additional storage space. If you need more space for kitchenware, dishes, and decorations, you may need to consider buying a sideboard that features cabinets and draws.

Also, the sideboard cabinets should give you additional space and allow you to store all your items conveniently. What’s more, is that it makes the dining room appealing without sacrificing its function and style.

Enhances organization- organizing your dishes may be difficult for a mom with many sets of cutlery. Also, organizing your kitchenware could be a challenge if you have other dining ware that you hardly use.

But if you own a sideboard that features draws, you will conveniently store them in the cabinet. If the drawers are designed to store the cutlery conveniently, it will provide a safe way to keep more dishes.

Forms a display area- a sideboard adds décor to the display area. It makes it appealing and attractive to the eye. Also, the board’s surface could be a great place to display your plate’s trinkets and family photos.

Besides, it forms an excellent place for storing your dishes and can allow you to put some finishing touches on your dining room.

It is durable and versatile- sideboards are versatile and made of sturdy materials which can last for years.

Also, the sideboard allows you to rearrange the furniture to transition to other rooms seamlessly.

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