How High To Hang Key Hooks?

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Losing your keys can be frustrating. Luckily, having a place to hang them will get rid of the struggle to hunt for the keys every time you want to use them. Installing key hooks is a convenient and easy way to keep your keys safe and easily accessible.

But, how high should you hang your key hooks?

The standard height for key hooks is between 60-66 inches off the floor. However, the height can be adjusted to your preference. An ideal height is to hang the key hook at eye level.

With endless key hooks designs and style, you can choose an option that will match the style of your space. Key hooks are an excellent way to develop functional drop areas. With key hooks, you’ll stay organized and reduce the last-minute stresses for key searches.

What is the standard height to hang key hooks?


Although there’s no rule stating how high to hang key hooks, the perfect height is between your shoulder and eye level. With this height, you can easily access your keys as they are in the direct line of your sight. However, if you have children, consider hanging your keys where they cannot reach you.

Location on the wall may affect the height of the key hooks. You may lower or raise the measurement based on the space on your wall.

Tips to create personalized key hooks


Other than hanging keys, you may want your key hook to be multipurpose for hanging coats and umbrellas, among other items. Understanding the hook’s function will help you get started on the design plans and the ideal spot on the wall to install it.


When mounting a key hook, find an excellent and convenient spot. You may want it to be close to the door so that you can hang or grab your keys when entering or leaving your home. After finding the perfect spot, measure the area on the wall to determine if the key hook will fit. For simple key hooks, you’ll need a smaller space. However, a multipurpose hook will need more width and height space on the wall.

Design and materials

Let your key hook express your style. With a vast range of key hooks, you can choose simple, traditional, elegant, or other styles that you want.

The bases of the key hooks are made from different materials. You may combine materials with matching your home’s style.

 How to build a key holder

There are two easy and simple ways to make a key holder.

First method

Get a piece of wood that is about 5 by 7 inches and let it dry. Then, paint the wood with your preferred color and let it dry.

Using polyurethane, spray the wood and set it aside. This will ensure that the paint is protected.

Mark spots in the wood where you want to place the key hooks. The spacing between the hooks should be around half an inch. Ensure that the distance is spaced evenly.

Drill holes in the edges of the wood and put in the hooks. Connect a piece of wire between the hooks. Use the wire to hang the key holder in your preferred space on the wall.

In the spots where you marked for the hooks, drill small holes and screw in the hooks. The keyholder and hook are ready to use.

Second method

You can convert a picture frame to a key holder. Paint the frame with your preferred choice of color. Secondly, paint the backboard with a contrasting color. Set aside to dry.

Screw or nail hooks to the backboard. With that, your keyholder is ready.

What are the factors to consider when hanging your key hook?

You can get creative with key hooks. After installing your key hook, ensure that your keyring is decluttered.

Consider security

When choosing the location of your key hook, consider its security. You don’t want the wrong person possessing your keys. To avoid such cases, place your key hook in a secured place.

Decorative solutions

Consider how decorative you want your key hook to be. You can choose a key hook that’s stylish to match your style.

What are the key hook ideas and alternatives?

A small key holder with four hooks is ideal for a tiny entryway. But, if you want a more substantial hook, there are many options that you can choose from. If you want a modern vibe, consider minimalist shelves that have hooks to keep your keys. You can get a white key hook that is ideal for any décor or rainbow palette if you want something colorful.

Keyholder with a rustic look

The rustic look doesn’t go out of style. The rustic style ranges from cottage to Tuscan. It adds natural beauty to the space.

You can always get a personalized key holder. The rustic look and the board background create an earthy and warm feel.

Rustic skeleton

The rustic skeleton has a distressed finish that is excellent for a farmhouse or traditional-style home. Its base has hooks that have an appearance like an old skeleton.

Rustic horseshoe

Rustic horseshoes are believed to bring good luck. It has handy hooks to hang keys and other items such as a purse. It has an antique finish since it’s made of a real horseshoe. If you have a farmhouse or rustic décor, a horseshoe is an excellent option.

Cast iron key holder and hook

Cast iron is a material that blends with almost any décor. It has a farmhouse statement. To make the purpose of the key holder clear, consider a cast iron that has the word KEYS on it. It is an ideal choice for a garage or an entryway.

Rustic chalkboard organizer

If you want to organize items in the same place, consider a rustic chalkboard organizer. You can stick your notes and reminders on the chalkboard. You can use the bin to keep the mail. For the hooks below, you can hang your items, such as keys.

Deer antler key rack

It offers a rustic and whimsical look. If you have a rustic home, then deer antler is a great option. You can hang your keys and other small items in the mounting base.

Herringbone key rack

The herringbone key rack has an exceptional charm and style. Due to its simplicity, it has a visual impact. Its wooden base has sturdy hooks for hanging keys. It also has a great finish with beauty marks.

Wooden wall art and key holder

It’s made from natural wood hence giving an earthy feel. Its blocks are made of tree rings. It has individual hooks on some blocks for hanging your key.

Modern key and mail organizer

It’s a unique organizer that is enough to hold several mails and hooks to hang your keys. It fits with almost any décor.

Cabinet key rack

Using cabinets is an excellent way to tuck away the keys. The cabinet can be mounted on the wall or fixed to a magnetic surface.

Decorative serving tray

Other than hanging key hooks, you may consider using a serving tray as a key holder. You can position the tray on the entryway table. This will allow you to easily dump or pick your keys and other items.

Key basket

This is a great alternative to key hooks. You can place a small decorative basket that has enough room for small items on the entryway table.

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