How High to Hang a Towel Bar?

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Deciding where to place a towel bar can be challenging. Towel bars are not only functional but also decorative. However, when installing a towel bar, you want it in a convenient position. You don’t want to strain when reaching your towel.

Therefore, how high should you place your towel bar?

The standard height for a towel bar is between 42-48 inches from the floor. However, due to the different heights of family members, it can range from 30-52 inches. The most common option is 48 inches which gives room to hang towels while ensuring everything is accessible.

The height of the towel bar may differ. If you have children, disabled or elderly members of the family, you may need to have a towel bar close to the ground.

How high do you hang a towel bar?


A height of 48 inches off the floor is an industry standard. This height is ideal for a person with an average height. It’s also a perfect height for handling both bath towels and hand towels. When hanging a towel over a vanity, the height won’t interfere with the vanity.

If you have any family members with limited mobility, reduce the height to 44 inches. The height should range between 15-48 inches. This applies if the bar is not on top of the vanity. If it is located horizontal to a vanity, the towel bar should not surpass 44 inches. However, the height can be adjusted depending on the height of the vanity.

For children, the height of the towel bar should be 36 inches. How high to hang a towel bar is based on the different heights and ages of family members. For children within 3-4 years old, the towel bar should not be mounted higher than 36 inches.

For 5-8 years old, the towel bar should not go beyond 40 inches. For 9-12 years old, it should not surpass 44 inches.

How to install multiple towel bars

When mounting multiple bars, determine how high the lower bar will be. You can do this by measuring your largest towel. Fold the towel, measure its length, then add two inches to ensure that it doesn’t touch the floor.

For instance, if your largest towel is 60 inches long, when folded, its width is 30 inches. Adding 30 to 2 inches becomes 32 inches. The lower bar should be 32 inches off the floor.

For the upper towel bar, the height of the lower towel bar should be added to two inches. Therefore, the distance between the lower and the higher towel bar should be two inches plus the height of the largest towel that you intend to hang on the bar.

Using the same example, if the lower bar is 32 inches, add 2 inches of clearance and 30 of the largest towel when folded. This makes it 64 inches.

How long should a towel bar be?

The most common length for towel bars is 18, 24, and 30 inches. When choosing the length, consider the size of your bathroom and towel. If your bathroom has a small space, 18-24 inch towel bars are a great option. For larger bathrooms, a 30-inch towel bar is an ideal option.

For bath towels between 27-30 inches, consider an 18 and 24-inch long towel bar. A 24 and 30-inch long towel bar would fit three folded towels. An 18-inch towel bar fits two folded towels.

How large are your bath towels

A standard bath towel fits in many towel rack heights. How large your bath towels are determining the height of a towel bar. Of course, large towels mean that if the towel bar is on the lower range, it might not be ideal for the towels. They may end up touching the bathroom floor.

How high above the vanity should a towel bar be?

When installing a towel bar above the vanity, several factors should be considered. Most vanity ranges between 30-32 inches from the floor. The standard height of a towel bar is 20-22 inches from the countertop.

A standard height of 20-22 inches above the vanity is not ideal for bath towels. It is not a convenient spot for bath towels. Therefore, consider hanging small hand towels.

Where to install a towel bar

The best position to install a towel bar is near a shower or bath. Near the bathroom sink is also in a good position. The best place to locate a towel bar depends on its size and the use of the towels.

Since a hand towel bar is small, it can be placed close to the sink. A bath towel bar, on the other hand, is larger and should be placed close to the shower or bath. Ensure that the space on the wall is enough for the standard or preferred length of the towel bar.

Smaller bars are around 40 inches wide, while larger bars are around 60 inches. Understanding this will help narrow down the perfect position for the towel bar.

In small bathrooms, there might be a lack of space. An optimal spot to place the towel bar is above the toilet. However, the bar may need to be raised above the standard height. This will also depend on the type and usage of the towel.

Ensure that a towel bar is not placed above switches. Dripping towels may cause electrical problems. The recommended spacing between the towel bar and the outlet or switches should be at least 4 inches.

How can you transform a towel bar into a beautiful accessory?

Heated towel rack

A heated towel rack is a great option for warming up a towel. If you want warmth and comfort feeling after a shower, a heated towel rack is a great option.

Wooden towel bar

Wooden bars can have shelves to put extra toilet papers. They offer space-saving solutions that are perfect for smaller bathrooms. They have a sophisticated appearance that may transform a bathroom appearance.

Steampunk towel bar

It’s made of metal pipe that offers an industrial look. The rods face different directions hence are ideal for hanging multiple towels without touching each other. With its rotating nature, the rods can be rotated in one direction. It can easily blend in almost any bathroom style.

Behind door towel rack

They are space-saving and versatile since it’s mounted on the door. It’s a great option for smaller bathrooms. It can hold 4 bath towels. It’s a perfect way to make use of the extra space.

Ladder towel rack

You can transform your ladder into a style towel rack. However, ensure that the ladder is stylish. It’s a great option for hanging many towels.

To style up your bathroom, keep a houseplant at the bottom of the ladder. With its wooden frame, it gives an elegant look to the bathroom. It also creates a country and classic theme that’s an excellent bathroom décor.

Wall-mounted farmhouse towel rack

Combining a bar and a basket is a space-saving and excellent idea. The combination gives more space for holding towels and toilet paper, lotion, and shampoo, among others.

Golden towel bar set

You can get a set of towel holders, a toilet paper holder, and a hook. Golden color gives a royal and luxurious look.

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