How High to Hang a Picture

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When designing a home, you want it to be a reflection of you. Although adding your style, unique pieces, and other touches seems easy, it may be a daunting task. Styling is an art. Therefore, everything needs to blend in.

When it comes to hanging a picture, it needs to be hung correctly to avoid distorting the style of a home. With that said, how high should you hang a picture?

While hanging a picture, the rule of 57 inches from the floor should be followed. The range between 57-65 inches is considered an eye level. This is a guideline for museums and art galleries. However, depending on the size of the art, the height can be adjusted.

It’s crucial to hang a picture correctly to make it look appealing and at its best. Luckily, when hanging pictures, there are some hacks and tricks to help you get things right.

With a few principles, you will ensure that the artworks in your space feel intentional and cohesive.

How to hang a picture correctly


 A common mistake that most people make is hanging a picture beyond eye level. However, what you consider eye level for you might not be the same for other people.

To accommodate different heights, consider hanging pictures between 57- 65 inches from the floor.

If most of your family members have an average height or are slightly lower than that, consider hanging the pictures at 57 inches. If the ceilings surpass 8 feet, the pictures should be hung higher than 60 inches from the floor.

A general guideline is picking the midpoint and sticking with it to ensure consistency.

Why should you not hang a single picture at eye level?

A rule of thumb is to hang pictures at eye level. However, this is not always the case. The standard rule is hanging a piece 57 inches from the floor. However, if it seems too low, then you can place the picture to a comfortable height.

Before you start hanging a picture, consider factors such as the center of the picture, size, and comfortable height.

Installing a large picture that fills a space creates an elegant yet simple look. However, when installing a collection of pictures, many factors go into play.

Creating a collection of pictures to an oversized piece will create a balanced and stylish look.

What factors influence the ideal height to hang pictures

Each space in a home has unique components to consider.


The size of a picture matters when positioning it. For a large picture, when placed over a sofa, the bottom of the frame should be about 6-12 inches above the sofa.

For small pictures, the rule for large pictures does not apply. Consider grouping the small pictures with other objects such as decorative mirrors.

Gallery wall

When it comes to working with several pictures, the center of the grouping should be at least 57 inches. To avoid making mistakes when arranging a gallery wall, layout a template attached to the wall to ensure consistency of the pictures.

Vertical pictures

When installing a tall vertical picture, ensure that the top third of the picture is at eye level. In some cases, the actual height of a picture determines the ideal position on the wall.

How to hang small pictures

Hanging a small picture on a large wall is not ideal. It creates an off-balance look. Narrow walls in a home are an ideal place for hanging small pictures. Consider grouping the smaller pictures together.

How to hang multiple pictures

When hanging multiple pictures, they should have spacing between them. They should appear as one oversized piece, with the center of the piece being between 57-60 inches from the floor.

First, using a tape measure, measure the area of the wall where the pictures will be displayed. Cut the wrapping paper based on the dimensions.

Second, lay out the paper, then arrange your pictures. This process is important for experimenting and choosing the standard distance between pictures.

Third, after arranging the pictures, use a pencil to trace the frame onto the paper. Remove the frames, then tap the paper against the wall on your ideal spot.

Fourth, create a hanging guide by hammering a nail into a piece of wood or ruler. Then, hold each picture to the outline that you initially drew on the paper. Hang the paper on the hanging guide. Remove the paper, then use a hammer and nail to mark a spot on the wall.

Lastly, install your pictures on the marked spot.

Multiple pictures create a focal point. Therefore, when arranging and grouping the pictures, you can try something new and different. Getting everything right will transform your space.

How high to hang a picture above furniture

A different rule applies to hanging a picture above furniture, such as a sofa or console table.

Single piece

An oversized picture creates a focal point. It should be centered above the furniture. However, leave a few inches between the furniture surface and the frame’s bottom edges.

The layered lean

If you like changing your pictures often, layered lean is a great approach. Using this approach, a picture has to lean against the frame. Consider using a medium-sized picture. A smaller picture may not be ideal since it may appear overshadowed.

Three-picture wall

Multiple pictures can be installed to create a classic and symmetrical feel. You can use readymade sets or create a collection of pictures. When hanging the pictures, use a laser level to create a straight line.

Gridded wall

If your wall is ideal for an oversized picture but does not have a large piece, consider creating a gridded arrangement. When hanging, use matching picture sizes and frames to create a single oversized work. This creates an excellent graphic effect.

Grand gallery wall

A grand gallery wall can be created above furniture to create an elegant and classic feel. However, creating a grand gallery wall can be challenging. Start with selecting pieces that blend. Ensure that there is a spacing of 2 inches between the picture frames to get a visual balance. When installing a grand gallery wall, the bottom edge should be around 8 inches above the furniture.

How high to hang pictures in an entryway

In a hallway or entryway, the pictures should be hung at eye level. However, you can increase the length if it appears better.

How high to hang pictures above the fireplace mantel

The same rule of placing pictures above the furnishings applies. When hanging a picture above the fireplace mantel, it should be 4-8 inches above the fireplace. This will ensure that the picture doesn’t feel out of place.

How high to hang pictures on the staircase

A staircase is a common area for gallery walls. When hanging pictures, it should be 57-60 inches above the floor. Using this rule ensures that your pictures feel cohesive. However, a single oversized or large piece of the picture is not ideal for the stairs.

Where should you not hang pictures?

Not every wall in a home needs to be filled with pictures. However, if you want to personalize a space, you can hang pictures around.

Long walls can be boring. Pictures create a lively feel in a space. However, they’re not ideal next to light fixtures, door frames, and windows. Ensure that they are not close to these areas.

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