How High to Hang a Clock Above the Mantel?

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Wall clocks never go out of style. It’s an inexpensive way of enhancing style in a home. When placed in the right place, clocks can improve a home’s décor.

Mantels are a visual point in the living room. Placing a clock above the mantel can add a touch of elegance to a room. But, what’s the correct height to hang a clock above the mantel?

You can either hang a clock between 6-8 inches above the mantel or at the center between the ceiling and the mantel. The standard height creates a unified display. The clock should be approximately the size of the firebox to ensure cohesion and visual importance.

Decorating a mantel helps in complementing and accessorizing the overall design of the space.

Hanging a clock above the mantel displays a functional and stylish feel.

How to hang a clock above the mantel


Measure the width

First, measure your mantel’s width. Find the center of your mantle by dividing the width measurement into two. For instance, if the width of your mantel from side to side is 10 inches, the center point is at 5 inches.

Measure your clock

Measuring your clock will help you get the right measurement to hang the clock. Measure the height and width of the clock. Divide the height and width measurements by two.

For instance, if a clock is 10 inches high and 10 inches wide, the center of the clock is 5 inches from the top and side.

Measure the height

Measure the height between the mantel and the ceiling. Find the center point by dividing the height measurement into two. For instance, if the height is 12 inches, dividing the height into half is 6 inches.

Mark on the wall

Mark the center point of the height between your mantel and the ceiling on the wall.

Mark the top of the clock

The mark on the wall represents the center of the clock. If the center of the clock is 5 inches, measure 5 inches above the mark on the wall to create a new mark. The new mark is where the top of the clock should be.

Therefore, that’s where the clock will be hung.

How high to hang a clock above the mantel

Design elements

The size and position of other objects around the mantel make a difference in how high to hang a clock. If the mantel does not have other decorative elements or has small decorative elements, you may want to hang the clock around 8 inches above the mantel.

If you have many decorative elements on the mantel or have taller items like candles, consider hanging the clock at the center of the mantel and the ceiling. A clock that hangs close to decorative pieces may be concealed.

Positioning it near the mantel may clutter the area. Therefore, a clock should be located in a clear and centered position.

Size of the clock

When hanging a clock, consider how large it is. If a large clock is placed close to the mantel, it may overpower the mantel area.

Alternatively, hanging a small clock too high may look out of place. To hang a clock at a perfect height, consider its size and frame.

Ceiling height

The height of the ceiling is a pivotal element when choosing where to hang a clock above the mantel. For high ceilings, hang the clock around 8 inches above the mantel.

A tip to remember is to avoid hanging a clock too high to avoid straining while checking the time on the clock. 

How big should the clock be?

The standard size of a clock is between 6-18 inches. A smaller clock is about 8.5 inches, a medium clock is about 12-24 inches, and a larger clock is around 24-32 inches.

How to decorate a large clock above a mantel

A mantel is a focal point in a room. Adding a clock above a mantel creates a cozy space. Using a beautiful or decorative clock will not only add style but will also serve the needed function.

Clock styles

Add a clock that blends in with the overall theme of a room. Hanging a clock above the mantel will create a balancing display. Consider the size of the firebox when selecting a clock. A clock should be the same size as that of the firebox.

The color and style of the clock are also crucial. If the wall above the mantel is dark, a light-colored clock is a perfect choice. For light walls, you may consider a dark-colored clock. The contrast gives visual importance.

Symmetrical design

If you want to create a more formal look in your space, consider hanging a clock at the center of the space between the mantel and the ceiling.

Ensuring that the height of the clock is 6 inches above the mantel creates a harmonious and balanced look.

Horizontal arrangement

To create a horizontal arrangement, hang a clock at least 8 inches above the mantel. Using a large clock that has a similar height and color as the mantel will create a stunning display without putting in much effort.

Asymmetrical design

For informal spaces, an asymmetrical display is a great option. The sides of the mantel shelf should not match with the clock but should relate.

The clock should have a coordinating color as the mantel. It should blend with the color and the style of the space.

What are the types of mantel clocks?

The two types of mantel clocks design are case style and movement.

Case/style design

There are many types of mantel clock designs. However, over the years, some mantel clock classic styles have evolved.

Tambour is one of the common designs of clocks. It was a common clock in British homes. It has a round face and an extended base which makes it unique.

Carriage mantel clocks are smaller as compared to other clocks. It’s long-lasting since its handle is made of metal.

Movement clocks

Mechanical/key wound movement is an antique clock that has a mechanical movement.

Quartz clocks are battery-powered. They don’t need any extra maintenance. As compared to modern clocks, they can be easily found. 

How can you decorate a mantel with a clock?

Oversized clock

An oversized clock gives a perfect touch to the wall above the mantel. Other than being an extra timepiece, it can be a good decorative piece.

With the different shapes and styles, choose an option that fits the room’s design. Find a sizable clock that fits above the mantel.

Minimal décor

You don’t need a lot of decorative elements in your space. For your mantel, choose simple and small items. This will make your clock stand out.

Standing clock

Standing clocks enhance a space. There are many varieties of standing clocks that you can choose from. There are huge standing clocks that can be placed on the floor and small ones placed on the mantel.

Feature wall

Rather than placing a clock only above the mantle, consider filling the space with frames, art, or photos. This will create a perfect atmosphere and an interesting splash of color.

Consequently, it will bring dimension and depth to the space hence adding a contemporary feel.

Rustic mantle

If you want to create a farmhouse feel, choose a rustic mantel. You can place the clock at the center then add other decorative elements such as rough ornaments.

Also, consider adding plants near the mantel.

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