How High Should You Hang a Full-Length Mirror?

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Mirrors aren’t just for looking at yourself; they’re also thought to radiate positive energy and assist in the attainment of certain features of house fashion and elegance. Mirrors can be used to redefine a room by filling it with light, giving it a glamorous feel, and reflecting light.

A full-length mirror can be placed in any area that doesn’t get enough attention, but how high should you hang it?

Hang the mirror so that it is about 56 to 65 inches off the floor.  People should be able to see their entire body in a full-length mirror that is hung at a height that allows them to see it.

This article will guide you through vital things you will need to know about full-length mirrors, like how long they should be, where to hang them, mounting options, and frame options. Keep reading to learn more.

How Long Should A Full-Length Mirror Be?


These mirrors come in practically any size you can imagine, with popular dimensions ranging from 44 inches to 68 Inches. Full-length mirrors may be smaller or larger than those measurements.

It’s entirely up to you to figure out what works best in your space and how big of a mirror you want or can afford.

It is usually many feet taller than it is wide, allowing someone to see their entire height reflected in it. They function similarly to other mirrors.

These mirrors, on the other hand, can reflect a greater amount of light due to their larger size, lighting up a room. As a result, more of your room is reflected, making it appear larger.

In The Bedroom 

In the bedroom, a full-length mirror is a must-have object that is frequently seen as essential. The trick to using a full-length mirror in your bedroom is to make sure you have enough space to stand back and look at yourself.

The back of a bedroom or closet door is a frequent location for a full-length bedroom mirror, saving space and making getting ready much easier. Minimize your clutter by hanging a mirror over the door or mounting your full-length piece on the inside of your wardrobe.

Remember that you may make the most of your full-length mirror by situating it to provide the best possible lighting.

The Hallway

A full-length bedroom mirror is frequently seen on the back of a bedroom or closet door, which saves space and makes getting ready much easier.

Hang a mirror over the door or install your full-length piece on the inside of your wardrobe to save space. Remember to use your full-length mirror to its utmost potential by positioning it to provide the best available illumination.

You could also hang it over your front door to deflect the positive energy that enters through it.

Any dimly lit room in your home

Hanging a full-length mirror in a dark area to project light could be an excellent method to give the sense of more space. A carefully positioned full-length mirror reflecting light from outside can make a gloomy, narrow hallway feel more expansive.

There is no right or wrong spot for your full-length mirror, but it can be a useful tool if strategically placed. 

The Living Room

Since the living room is one of the most important rooms in your home, it’s crucial to maximize the amount of space and light accessible. A properly placed mirror is the best way to achieve this, which is why mirrors are so popular in lounges across the country.

The lounge is the ideal location for a full-length mirror because it is usually the largest room in the house. If you want to add a focal point centerpiece above the mantel or a charming corner element,  you should consider adding a full-length mirror.

Small Rooms

Like we said before, a full-length mirror can make a tiny room feel larger. Hang the full-length mirror on the wall with the most available space. If you’ve picked a more decorative mirror, then you should hang it where it will be viewed the most.

Does A Full-Length Mirror Add Value To Your House Decor?

Investing in a full-length mirror is one of the best home renovation decisions you can make. A well-installed mirror may radically transform your space. They aren’t just about looking good and checking your style. How about bringing some light into your home’s dark corners?

When placed correctly, a mirror may make a tiny room appear larger and more appealing to visitors. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication in today’s trendy homes. A full-length mirror on your closet door or in your bathroom will offer a touch of class.

You must, however, verify that the mirror sits or hangs in the proper position.

Mounting Options for Full-Length Mirrors

The majority of people imagine a full-length mirror as one that hangs on the wall, but that is not always the case.

Just a few of the installation options include leaning the mirror against the wall, hanging it over a door with hardware, and wall mounting, which involves nailing or screwing the mirror to the wall. The mirror’s frame is made such that it can stand alone without the aid of a wall or door.

Ensure that the process is done securely and the mirror is secure, it is recommended to hire a professional to mount it for you.

Full-Length Mirror Frames Options

There are many different materials and shapes to choose from when it comes to full-length mirror frames. The frame could be made of a high-quality metal like silver or copper. The frame should have a metallic appearance, regardless of whether it is made of wood or plastic.

Wood is attractive to some people, while others like particle board, aluminum, or a fabric frame. High-quality wood or metal frames may be more expensive than frames with a metallic or wood finish.

Plastics and low-quality wood are typically the cheapest options, but they sacrifice durability, which may or may not be the best option.

Full-Length Mirror Shapes


Most people are familiar with the standard rectangular-shaped mirror; after all, it is basic, adaptable, and timeless. When in doubt, a rectangular one is an excellent choice. If you need a full-length mirror, this is, without a doubt, the most practical alternative.


This is a different shape that appeals to the eye. Although it may seem unusual to think about a full-length round mirror, they have recently become popular. They provide a great focal point for most rooms while also saving space. Go ahead and do it if you have the appropriate room.


Although not as uncommon as spherical mirrors, these mirrors are nevertheless a good choice if you need a full-length mirror in your house. It’s an excellent choice for softening sharp angles in a room, and it looks great in any environment.


This is another frequent mirror design, and it comes in the shape of a square, as the name says. If you’re searching for a decorative object, these are ideal; the symmetry pulls the eye. They look wonderful in bedrooms and bathrooms as a whole.

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