How High Should Shower Controls And Shower Head Be?

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Although installing a showerhead might appear like a straightforward task, different factors have to be considered. If installed at the wrong height, it leads to frustrations. So, is there a standard height for shower controls and head, or do you follow your preference?

Generally, the standard height for showerheads is 80 inches. However, it can be reduced to the desired height. Shower controls should be between 38-50 inches of height from the floor.

Although the standard height is 80 inches, you can alter the height to what you’re comfortable with. The choice of height depends on the needs and bathroom space. Also, consider the potential of a tall person in your home.

Showerheads have different designs and heights. The designs require different installations that will accommodate every height.

How high should a standard shower head be?


There’s no requirement code for the height of a showerhead. Many factors such as the style and height of the users are considered when installing a showerhead.

The standard shower ranges between 75-96 inches in height. The height should accommodate the tallest member in a home.

The National Kitchen & Bath Association gives the following chart as a recommendation for shower head height.

User HeightShower Head
5′  7″71″
6′ 3″78″
6′ 6″81″

This recommendation gives an idea of the ideal height of a showerhead. However, you can always adjust the height to fit your needs and preferences.

Choose a height that will be appropriate for every member of the family. Using particular types of showers and other accessories will increase height flexibility. The length of the arm may lower the height of the showerhead.

Can you adjust the height of your existing showerhead?

Home remodeling is costly. Therefore, you need to get things right. For your bathroom, you don’t need to remodel it completely. With an existing showerhead, you can use some accessory tools to change its height.

Swivel Ball Adapter

With a swivel ball adapter, you can increase or decrease the height of the showerhead. It’s ideal for rain showerheads and handheld showerheads

A swivel ball adapter is also a good option for heavy showerheads. It has a tightening ring that can be adjusted to avoid sagging or drooping.

Adjustable Shower Arm

It is the easiest and cheapest tool to increase or lower the shower head height. With an adjustable shower arm, family members with different heights are accommodated.

It’s easy to install and affordable. It only needs to be fixed to the shower arm and the showerhead. Once fixed, the height of the showerhead is set by adjusting the arm.

S Shower Arm

It has an S-shaped arm that is attached to the wall. It’s strong and tolerant of the wear and tear process. As compared to other tools, it’s the least flexible.

It has a great look and height. However, it can be an issue for people with a height that’s less than average. If your family has members from all age groups, this tool may not be ideal.

However, if you want an S-shaped arm, you can also use a swivel ball adaptor to adjust the showerhead.

Shower Slide Bar

Unlike other tools, shower slide bars can be challenging to use. However, it has a flexible height. It has a holder mount that can be moved to adjust the height.

Where to position other elements of the shower

The showerhead is not the only thing that’s important in a bathroom. You should also consider where to place the shower controls and grab bar.

Height for shower controls

An ideal shower control should have between 40-50 inches in height. However, you can adjust the height to your preference and style. Shower controls should be placed where you can easily reach them.

Getting the right height of the showerhead makes a difference. It determines how comfortable you will be in the shower.

Height for the shower grab bar

An ideal shower grab bar should be between 33-36 inches from the floor. It is easy to install. With a shower grab bar, you can move around the bathroom easily.

Slippery bathroom floors can cause injuries and falls. To avoid this, a shower grab bar offers extra support for stabilizing a stance and guidance to the shower door.

Types of showerheads

Handheld showerhead

Its standard height is between 72-80 inches. The height can be easily adjusted. Therefore, every family member can adjust the showerhead to their preferred height.

When getting a handheld showerhead, ensure that the flexible hose is around 60 inches long. With the long hose, you’ll use the shower head for different purposes. Also, consider using it as a single spray shower head by mounting it on the wall.

If you have kids, then this is an excellent option due to its convenience and simplicity in adjusting the height.

Rain showerhead

The standard height is 80 inches. As the name suggests, rain shower heads give the same experience as being under the rain. The water falls directly from the showerhead onto the head. Therefore, if you want to feel more of a rainy experience, install the showerhead at 84 inches.

If you have family members with different heights, a rain shower head is a great option for accommodating all heights. For a shower with a low ceiling, this shower head is a great option since the water spreads when coming out.

Wall-mounted showerhead

The best height is 89 inches. However, the height can be adjusted to a comfortable height. It is directly installed onto the wall. After installing, it cannot be moved or adjusted. Therefore, it is important to choose a comfortable height.

Although it might be challenging if you have family members with different heights, an average of the family’s heights can be taken before installing the wall-mounted showerhead. While doing the average, children should not be included since their heights may change as they grow

What is the standard shower enclosure height?

The standard height is between 72-78 inches. For a shower enclosure, the standard recommendation should be 3 inches from the shower rough-in. When fixing a shower, ensure that the wall area above the shower pan is covered with waterproof material.

The shower enclosure shouldn’t go beyond the ceiling. This may cause mold and mildew formation on the shower wall. However, if you have proper ventilation, then it can extend to the ceiling.

Should the shower head be centered?

The ideal spot for placing a shower head in the shower is in the horizontal center. It is great for aesthetics and ease of use.

What is the standard shower space size?

Shower sizes should have similar dimensions as shower head height. The minimum shower size should be 36” x 36”. This size is ideal for comfortably taking a shower.

However, most shower space tends to be 32” x 32”. This size is not ideal as it restricts movement. For a person with a disability, the recommended space size should be 36” x 48”.

How to accommodate others

If you have family members of different heights and ages, everyone should be accommodated. A rain shower is ideal for accommodating different heights.

A combination shower head is an exceptional way to include everyone. Consider installing a rain shower and a handheld adjustable head to accommodate everyone.

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