How High Should a Dining Table Be?

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A dining table is where many families assemble over a delicious meal to catch up and even share stories. It’s not an unusual thing to catch a glimpse of people shopping for one before the holidays.

With that said, how high should a dining table be?

A dining table can be either 30 inches which is a standard height, or 28 inches high from the room’s floor to its surface. Moreover, you should also think about your personal preference to match the given height. For instance, style and functionality, they’ll help get the table you desire.

If you are planning to get a new dining table, this post is for you. I will take a look at everything you need to know about it, like its ideal height and how to choose the right one.

So stick around to learn more.

How High Should a Dining Table Be?


A dining table can range between 28 to thirty inches high. This should be from the floor to the surface of the table. Even though the dining tables can have distinct sizes and shapes,  a standard height is a little consistent.

Therefore, for it to work well, you should ensure it is high enough. And it will then have adequate clearance space over the knees of the people who assemble to converse or eat.

Is 31 Too High for a Dining Table?

31 inches is never too high for a dining table. Even though a normal height of a table is nearly thirty inches, thirty-one can still be a great height for you.

Most people have no issue with this kind of height, though for those who are short, the table may be a bit elevated. And If you are tall, you may need an extra room.

Therefore, if you only need a little more space between the bottom of the tabletop and your chair’s top, you may opt for this kind of height rather than going for a standard one.

Also, your dining chair may be a little higher than a typical height. To sum it up, you need to match the height of your chair to enable you to be more comfortable.

How Do I Pick the Right Dining Table?

You can pick the right dining table by keeping in mind the following important factors;

● Your Desired Style

You can always think about the table style you prefer. This can be either conventional or sleek. Remember, your residence expresses your taste, and a dining table can allow you to establish a cohesive theme.

Furthermore, the color, shape, and material are among the stuff that creates a specific style.

●  The Size

You may need a relatively large dining table in case you have a large family or if you are thinking of accommodating lots of people in your home. And if your room isn’t very large, you can acquire an extendable table. This has a leaf on every end or in the middle to extend outward.

With that, it can give extra surface space. You can look at a table’s dimension and assess the number of people that it can take whenever it is a fully extended size. And thus, you will have a good idea of those who can sit at your dining comfortably.

●  The Shape

Most dining tables are normally rectangular, square, or round. Besides, the shape does dictate the way your table appears, and it also determines how decent it can fit in your space. You should realize that round tables are perfect for tinier rooms and private conversations.

As for squared ones, they look nice for eating. Rectangular shapes do accommodate a majority of people and always have an elegant look.

●  The Dining Table’s Material

The composition of your dining table is vital when it comes to durability and aesthetics. Many tables are framed of wood, though some have extra accents like metal embellishments. Tables having glass tops look contemporary and make it too easy to tidy up.

Think about how you will utilize your table and select materials based on durability, cleaning, maintenance, plus its general look. The dining areas always serve numerous functions. And if you use the space for lots of purposes like school work for your kids, working from home, or games, consider one with versatility.

For instance, one with an adjustable height. A pub table can offer a more relaxed feel, and in return, the way it serves you does matter a lot.

●  How Versatile It Is

You should ensure your dining table is versatile to enable you to adjust it to the different kinds of styles since it is a very important piece of furniture in your home. Like in case you have a bright area rug in your room, you can look for a table in a neutral color if you need to change the rug to a different thing. You will also make some changes in the room, like renovating the color of paint on your walls or even the lighting.

Ensure you get a table that will operate with the decor or theme you enjoy, so you will use it for lots of years.

What Dining Table Shape Is Best For A Small Space?

A round-shaped dining table is excellent for a small space. It is modeled for smaller rooms since the table will place people far away from one another. It normally covers the same space as a squared table, though it takes on less room because of the round corners.

Furthermore, It’s also easy to walk by it. A round table provides a relaxed and intimate setting. This is a good shape for a tiny population.

You can have additional versatility by acquiring one which has an extender. For this reason, it will accommodate extra visitors on short notice. A conventional table such as that allows you to tuck away anytime it’s not in use.

A round table is unique since it enables everyone at the dining to see and effortlessly talk with each other. You also feel casual since there isn’t any head of the dining table.

How Narrow Can a Dining Table Be?

This depends on the number of visitors you are going to serve and also the size of your dining space. However, It can be great if you give three feet clearance on every side of your table. Moreover, you can allow two feet of table length for every person on either side.

A width that is narrower than thirty-six inches will result in issues due to inadequate space of table setting. A typical rectangular dining table is 36 by sixty inches to give a relaxed seating of four to six individuals.

What Is the Ideal Dining Table and Chair Height?

The ideal height for the dining table and the chair is 30 inches and eighteen inches, respectively. You only need to confirm there are about 12 inches between the seat and tabletop. Moreover, you should ensure the chairs are sufficiently low to slide beneath the dining table.

And with that, you will be able to maximize your space and even look neater. Still, you need to ensure there is sufficient space for your legs whenever you sit.

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