How High Should a Coat Rack Be?

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Coat racks are helpful items where people can hang coats, different clothes, accessories, bags, and even umbrellas. Moreover, coat racks are made in diverse, beautiful, and unique designs; thus, they can match every style that your house could have.

But, even if you can install it in a different part of your house, you should know how high a coat rack must be.

A coat rack must be around 5 feet tall, so the coats and clothing don’t touch the floor. However, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) establishes that a coat rack must be installed not higher than 48 inches tall, yet you can install it above 40 inches so the clothing won’t puddle on the floor.

Doing a coat rack can turn into a funny and exciting experience. Coat racks are valuable, and they can also add a unique style to the room. Moreover, coat racks can adapt effortlessly to different environments since they have diverse and unique styles.

Then, if you can find a coat rack that fits your room design, you can do one by yourself! A coat rack is worthy because you can give it diverse uses, but it can also work as a beautiful and unique decoration.

Where Should A Coat Rack Be Placed?


Since coat racks are functional, you can put them in different places over your house. The most logical place where you should put a coat rack is your house’s entryway or mudroom.

When anyone enters your home, you need to take off the bag, umbrella, coat, or something similar; then, you need a place where the people can hang or save those items.

If you have an entrance hall, you can put the coat rack under the shelf. Add some flowers or any decoration of your preference. Also, you can add a mirror if you like something more minimalist. But you can hang the coat on the door or a wall nearby if you don’t have a proper entrance hall.

However, you can use a coat rack to hang more than bags, umbrellas, and coats. Then, you can put the coat rack somewhere else than just the entryway!

You can hang the coat rack in your room, a closet, bathroom, the kitchen door, and even in a utility room or garage. You can hang more things than coatsin your coat rack, so you can hang them wherever you need them.

You only need to make it fit in the room; however, a coat rack is versatile and can adapt easily to different areas. 

How High Should A Coat Rack Be?

You can hang the coat rack at any height you need. As you locate the coat rack wherever you need it; then, you should hang it at the height you consider suitable for your needs. However, if you will use it for hanging clothes or bags, you must install it somewhere around 4 – 5 feet tall.

Anyone in the house could manage to reach the rack and hang anything they want, yet the object or clothes shouldn’t touch nor puddle on the floor. Then, based on international measures, you should hang a coat rack somewhere between 45 inches and 75 inches tall.

Now, there is a standard measure provided by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that public buildings must follow. Then, coat racks must be located between 43 inches tall and not more than 48 inches tall (4 feet).

However, this measure only applies in public buildings, so you can install your rack at any height you want.

When you are installing the hooks or rack, you should also consider if there are any objects under them. If you have a bench or seat under the coat rack, you should hang the rack 3 feet above so the clothes won’t puddle on the bench.

Which Coat Rack Type Should I Buy?

Coat racks are adaptable items that are more than just decoration and can be used for more than just holding coats and umbrellas. As I mentioned above, coat racks can be placed in most rooms since they are indeed helpful!

Coat racks have so many styles that it could be harder to know which one you should choose. Even when it could sound like a disadvantage, you turn it into a benefit. The variety that coat racks have can help you create a unique style whenever you decide to place it.

Coat racks can go from something classic and antique to a modern minimalist style. Moreover, if you don’t find a coat rack to match your room style, you can do it yourself and have a fun time!

So, to know which coat rack you should buy, think about what use you will give it. Coat racks can hold over 33 pounds, yet that depends on the manufacturer.

Moreover, the material they are made will change according to the model, but they are mostly made of wood. In general terms, coat racks are highly resistant to what they were created.

But, if you want something unique that suits the room decorations and your needs, you can always do a coat rack yourself.

How Can I Make My Own Coat Rack?

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Making a coat rack yourself can turn into a fun experience where you can free all your imagination and reflect it on your coat rack. Moreover, there are no standard rules about how your coat rack should be; you can try any design you want and use unusual components. So, here is a mini-guide of how to make your coat rack by yourself.

1. Select a base for the rack

Coat racks are traditionally made with wood, so you can choose this option and cut a piece of wood that fits in the space you will hang the rack. The coat racks are between 19 inches to 24 inches wide, yet you can vary those measures according to your needs.

Moreover, you can also choose a piece of any material if you want to create an original coat rack; however, you should manage to drill on it to add the hooks.

2. Drilling the base

You will need to drill the base to add the hooks. The holes should be 7 inches apart, and the first and last holes must be 4 inches apart from the edges.

The clothes or items that you will hang on it shouldn’t be touched all the time, so be careful with the measures and select a base where you can keep those measures.

The measures can change if you use the coat rack to hang something more than clothes. Then, you could adapt the distance between the holes.

3. Install the hooks

Use a screwdriver to put the screws in the hooks; however, some hooks don’t need you to add the screw. Subsequently, you can install the hook in the base using your hands.

Though I do not recommend it, you can use command hooks if you like; then, you won’t need to drill the base. In these cases, command hooks can be less resistant than traditional hooks.

4. Hang the coat rack

In theory, you already have a coat rack, so it is time to mount it on the wall. I recommend using wall studs or wall anchors if you don’t have studs because of the rack weight. So, mark with a pencil where the stud will be on the wall. Then, use a stud finder to install the stud in the wall. Finally, drill wood screws through the rack in the wall studs.

Alternative Steps

Making a coat rack yourself is a joyful experience; then, you can reflect your imagination. Before installing the hooks, you can add designs to the base or stain the wood.

There are many things you can create and turn the rack into something unique!

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