How High Should A Bathtub Faucet Be?

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Faucets must be located in strategic places where people can reach them easily. Besides, the person should move freely without hitting the faucet constantly.

Some bathtubs have holes where the faucet set should be installed; other tubs don’t have these holes, and the faucet must be installed in the wall.

Then, how high the faucet or spout should be in those cases

The bathtub faucet must be installed 4 inches over the rim. When the faucet set isn’t in the tub, you must install it on the wall. This faucet type is called wall-mount. Then, 4 inches are enough for the person to move over the tub without hitting the faucet.

Planning a room is not only about how good it will look. There are some measures you must consider and follow carefully. They are made to ensure your safety and optimal working order.

These measures are also applied for faucets, and you must follow them carefully.

How High Should A Bathtub Faucet Be?


There are some dimensions and guides to consider if you want to install a bathtub in your bathroom, even for the faucet and pipe. The whole pipe system is installed behind the bathtub, and the faucet is located just 4 inches above the bathtub rim.

Some bathtubs have the space where the faucet should be placed; in those cases, you don’t need to measure how tall the faucet must be located.

But you must be careful with the faucet dimension if you are changing the faucet and not installing a whole tub. In the case of faucet replacement, you probably will need to fill gaps or open more space so the new system can fit.

Bathtubs have two water supply pipes; one delivers hot water and the other cool water. The faucet controls with which water you want to fill the tub. The faucet location must be easy to manage out or inside the tub, but when someone is using the bathtub, the faucet shouldn’t be an obstacle.

The person could move and lay on the tub comfortably without hitting the faucet constantly, yet manage to reach the faucet and use it.

However, there is not a specific position where you should install the faucet. The faucet location depends on the tub and bathroom design, yet you should respect those 4 inches tall between the tub rim and the faucet.

How Do I Know Which Bathtub Faucet to Buy?

Buying a bathtub faucet is more complex than just checking if the style matches the tub. To know which faucet you should buy, you must check how many holes the tub has and the distance between them.

If the bathtub doesn’t have any hole in the rim, you can drill it or buy a wall-mount faucet.

If you are still confused about which faucet you should buy, here is a mini-guide of the different faucet types, so you can select the one that fits your bathtub.

Types of Bathtub Faucets

All the faucets accomplish the same function: to control the water flow. Most faucets have two water supply pipes, one for cool water and the other for hot water. However, faucets have different types according to how they control the water flow and design.

Then, you should care about the faucet design and type when you are buying it or changing the old faucet for a newer one.

There are four main faucets types according to how they control the water flow; these are:

Cartridge Faucets

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Most people have a cartridge faucet in their house. They come in single-handle or double-handle design, and when you turn the handle, the cartridge moves to allow the water flow.

Ball Faucets

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They have a single handle to control the water flow and the temperature. These faucets have a ball-shaped spout that you move up and down to open or close it and to the sides to control the temperature.  

Disc Faucets

They look similar to ball faucets, yet they work differently. Disc faucets have two ceramic discs to control the water temperature and flow. Besides, the disks can provide hot and cold simultaneously, and it is one of the most reliable faucets technology.

Compression Faucets

They and cartridge faucets look alike, yet they work differently. Compression faucets are double-handle, and they control the water flow with a compression stem.

Now, there are five main faucet types based on their design; these are:

Bridge Faucets

This is one of the most traditional designs, yet they have been adapted over the years. You can find them with an antique design to an even minimalistic modern style.

Single-handle Faucets

As the name suggests, they have one handle at the spout to control the water flow and temperature. However, single-handle faucets have diverse styles to match your bathroom.

Wall-Mount Faucets

The installation for these faucets is complex, yet they are amazing for showers and bathtubs. Moreover, you can decide if you want a single-handle or double-handle wall-mount faucet.

Center Set Faucets

Most people have this type in their homes. Center set faucets are double-handle and come with the handles and spout in one unit. The installation is simple, and newer models have a touch sensor to control the water flow and temperatures.  

Spread-fit and Widespread Faucets

The handles and spout are separated by 4 – 10 inches wide. They are double-handled, and the sink, wall, or tub where they will be installed need previous preparation.  

How to Install A Bathtub Faucet?

Installing a faucet is easier than people think. In most cases, there is no need for any previous step or an extensive preparation of the elements or place where the faucet will be installed.

However, I’m not including the pipe installation in the process; otherwise, “installing” a faucet could be considered a long task.

Before going to the explanation of the faucet’s installation, I will explain briefly about the faucet parts so you won’t confuse any piece. As I mentioned before in the article, there are several types of faucets; however, all the faucets have a valve, spout, and one or two handles.

The valve can be a ball, cartridge, or disc according to the faucet type. Moreover, the pipe’s organization will depend on the number of handles and how to spread they could be.

You should keep in mind that information before even buying a faucet; otherwise, it won’t fit on the bathtub or sink.

Now, let’s go into the installation. When the faucet comes pre-installed on the tub, you only need to connect the pipes to the handles and spout. However, when it is a wall-mount faucet, the installation process is different, yet it is simple.

Usually, it will take less than an hour to finish it, and it can be summarized in two parts.

Bathtub and Pipe preparation. If you are changing the faucet, you must clean the area where the older faucet was. Remove the old caulk, and soften the edge. Moreover, you will need to prepare the pipe for the new faucet. Then, you must add a plumber’s tape around the threaded pipe to avoid leaking.

Install the Spout. Put the spout in place and screw it clockwise with your hand; then, tighten the spout with a wrench. You must be careful with the size; if the spout doesn’t fit, you need an adapter for the pipe. Add sealant around the spout once it has fit.

Remember that wall-mount faucets go 4 inches above the tub rim!

Planning a bathroom requires being careful with details, even the smaller ones. Bathtub faucets are one of those minimal details that you need to pay attention to.

There are many types of faucets, but when the bathtub doesn’t come with a pre-installed set nor have the holes for the installation, choosing a faucet is somewhat easier since the only option is a wall-mount one.

However, you should know how high this should be mounted.

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