How High Should a Bathroom Sink Be?

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Sinks or washbasins are fixtures that we use for hand and dishwashing. They feature taps that supply hot or cold water. Such sinks come in many possibilities, ranging from a simple bowel to complex ensembles.

They also feature countertops and come drilled to fit many applications that include fitting faucets and an array of other applications.

A standard bathroom sink may range from 26-36 inches, depending on preferences and personal use. Typically, the standard height has been 32 inches, but currently, it is common to find bathroom sinks of 36 or more inches.

Therefore, when installing a new sink in the bathroom, you must decide whether you will do with the vessel or pedestal sinks. Also, you will need to decide on how high you need to install your bathroom sink.

Keep reading this post to learn more about the ideal height for the bathroom sink.

What Height Should The Bathroom Sink Be?


Typically, installing a bathroom sink in the range of 29-36 inches high could be a good idea considering that the traditional standard type has been 32 inches. 

This type of sink can serve both children and adults. In cases where the bathroom sink is meant for adults, installing it at the height of 36 feet could be the best idea for you.

Also, if you live in countries where people get tall and taller, you may need a slightly taller sink. In such a case, you may need to install a bathroom sink at more than 36 inches.  Unfortunately, this type of sink may only be accessible to adults.

What are some of the things you may need to consider when installing a sink?

The differences- every sink differs from the other in terms of features. So consider the unique features you admire before deciding which of the sink is the best for your purpose.

Drop in- they are the types that sit above countertops. Look at the cabinet height and the height of the countertop. Also, look at the thickness of its lip before you decide whether it is the right sink for you to use.

Undermount sink- it is a sink that hangs below a countertop. So you may consider buying this sink if you have a specified countertop. This type of sink does not have a lip that protrudes above the counter. So you’ll need to calculate the height of the cabinet and the thickness of the counter.

Vessel – this type of sink sits on top of a countertop. Therefore, it would be best if you considered whether it would abstract existing utilities. Installing a higher faucet on such a sink may block the mirror and socket outlets.

Typically, vessel sinks are installed on the top of the counter.  It implies that you may need to consider cabinet height, the vessel height, and the counter thickness height before you get the ideal height of your sink.  The sinks may be too high and may not be appropriate if you have users in the wheelchair.

Pedestal sinks- they come in varying heights, starting from 27.5.  Notice that the height is listed as that from the backsplash top when buying these sinks. Therefore, when considering the height, you will only need to measure up to the front lip.

Wall-hung sinks are different from other types of sinks and will give you a chance to adjust the height to your liking. These sinks hang on walls without being connected to a base. Such sinks are difficult to install and may require that you do some additional work during the installation process.

Can You Make The Bathroom Sink Taller?

If you discover that your bathroom sink is too low, there are things you can do to make them taller.  Some of the options at your disposal are:

Choose to switch the sink style- by switching to the vessel sink. You will enhance the height of the sink since the vessel sinks sit on the top of the counter.

Install a taller cabinet- if it is easier to swap from the current cabinet to a taller one, it may increase the height of your sink considerably. For instance, installing a sink on a 36-inch cabinet may increase your height.

Add some spice to your cabinet- putting a spacer in the cabinet base lifts it a little bit and allows you to set a height that will best serve you. If you do it correctly, you will set some sizes to make you enjoy using your bathroom sink.

Attaching legs to the cabinet- if you feel that the height of your sink is not appropriate, you may set a suitable height by just adding legs to the cabinet.  But this intervention may reveal your under-floor details.

Bathroom sinks may be installed at 32 to 36 inches high; thus, you need to determine the uses before installing them. The current and future uses are some of the parameters you may need to consider before installing the sinks.  Also, the type of people you look forward to serving may help you determine the right sink for your bathroom.

What Is The Best Height Of A Bathroom Sink?

How tall your bathroom sink is depends on the height of people whom you expect to use the sink. But the rule of thumb is that the bathroom should be accessible to everyone to allow them to wash properly. So how tall your family members are is an important consideration when deciding how long your bathroom sinks should be.

There are a variety of bathroom sinks you may consider choosing from.

Each of the sink’s designs needs to be positioned in a particular way. However, each sink is designed so that the lip fits neatly on the cabinet.

But the best height depends on many factors. The average height of family members is the most critical factor you must consider.  If they are tall, then the best height should be about 36 inches. If they are short, the 32-inch height may be the most appropriate for you.

Why Is The Standard Bathroom Height Changing?

Although 30 and 32 inches were traditionally considered the standard bathroom sink height for many years, however, today, there is no universal standard height. The modern family consists of children and adults who share a bathroom facility.

So each family must choose a height that serves the members of the family well.

Also, there are countries with many tall people and those whose majority of the population is made of very short people. So the standard height may differ depending on each case.

Today, many people are moving away from the cities to suburbs to live in houses with many bedrooms and bathrooms. Some of the bathrooms are meant for kids, so the height should allow the shortest members of the family to use them.

Also, it is becoming common to raise the height of the bathroom sinks so that they match the kitchen countertops. So, in cases where the countertops are 36 inches, the bathroom sink height has been increased to 36 inches.

Therefore, a few years ago, 32” was standard height, but it is no longer considered the standard in modern homes.

Also, since the kitchen countertops should make it easier for the adults to cut and cook, the bathroom designers carry the kitchen countertop height into the bathroom.

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