How High do You Hang a Shower Curtain?

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A bathroom needs a harmonious atmosphere, and the symmetry in the room helps to give this vibe to the room. Shower curtains come in diverse styles and designs to match your bathroom style.

They will prevent the water from splashing outside the shower or bathtub. Then, you need to know how high the curtain must be placed.

Standard-sized shower curtains are hung at 76 – 80″ tall. Standard-sized shower curtains are 72×72″, extra-long is 72×84″, and extra-wide is 80×72″. Then, you add to the curtain’s length around 4 – 8″ considering the hook drop and the space between the curtain and floor.

Every bathroom has different designs! Some people prefer bathtubs, others like showers, and some people like both. So, designers plan the bathroom distribution according to the owner’s needs and likes, and for the same reason, elements like bathtubs and showers have diverse dimensions.

Then, shower curtains have different sizes to the different sizes of bathtubs and showers.

Where Should Shower Curtain Rod Be Placed?


Shower curtains have the correct height where you need to hang them. They indeed have different sizes since a shower also has different dimensions. Yet, it is a trick to determine the correct place.

To know what height where you should place the shower curtain, check the size of it firstly. One of the most common sizes is 72×72 inches, yet look through the package.

Now, you should add 4 – 6 inches, and that is where you must hang the shower curtain. If the curtain is 72 inches, you must place it at 76 – 80 inches tall.

Do Shower Curtains Come in Different Heights?

Shower curtains have four standard sizes: standard, extra-long, extra-wide, and floor to ceiling. The primary purpose of shower curtains is to avoid water splashing outside the bathtub or shower, so the curtain should cover them without being tight.

Yet, shower curtains still have aesthetic purposes, and you can play with the sizes to give a new aspect to the bathroom.

Standard-sized shower curtains are 72×72 inches. Bathtub and shower cabins are 60 inches wide commonly, so those 72 inches are enough to cover that space. Next it is the extra-long and extra-wide sizes whose proportions are 72×84 inches (extra-long) and 80×72 (extra-wide).

Now, the next big question here is which size you should choose.

What Size Shower Curtain Do I Need for My Shower?

You already know the standard sizes for a shower curtain, and now it is time to pick the correct one for your bathroom. To identify the ideal size for your shower curtain, you need to know how wide your bathtub or shower is.

Bathtubs are 60 inches wide, and shower cabins are between 60 inches and 70 inches. Then, you need to add 12 – 15 inches more to the bathtub or shower width; that will be the total width you will need for your shower curtain.

Now, the usual length for shower curtains is 72 inches, and to hang it, you must add 4 inches to the final measure. Yet, you can play with the shower curtain length to enhance the overall look of your bathroom.

Some shower curtains are hung from the ceiling, and the extra-long curtains can be used to make the bathroom look bigger!

Can I Hang A Shower Curtain from The Ceiling?

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Ceiling-Mounted Shower Curtains are available here on Amazon!

You can hang your shower curtain from the ceiling; they are named ceiling-mounted shower curtains. People have diverse opinions about hanging their shower curtains from the ceiling, yet they can make the bathroom look spacious when they are well applied.

However, the ceiling-mounted shower curtains installation is a bit harder than installing the curtain from the wall. You need to measure the wall carefully; otherwise, it will not be enough space to install the rods. Moreover, you need to leave a few inches to let the steam go out and let the airflow over the room.

Hanging your shower curtain from the ceiling can give a nice look to the bathroom, but be careful with the measures; otherwise, the bathroom can look messy! 

You should consider the curtain length, the space between the curtain and floor, and the hook drop. Thinking of all those measures, you should add 4 – 8 inches to the curtain length, and the result is the height where you should install the curtain rod.

Then, you need to respect the measures mentioned before, even if you will hang the shower curtain from the ceiling.

What Is the Proper Way to Hang A Shower Curtain?

Installing a shower curtain is an easy task that anyone can do. You don’t need to make an intense preparation of any element to install the curtain, and this task can take around 30 minutes, but less than an hour.

Then, one of the most delicate steps is the curtain and area measuring; the curtain shower won’t fit if you measure something wrong.

People used tension rods and mounted rods mostly. Other systems are less common, and they are used when people don’t install the shower curtain on the wall. However, it is an easy task to install the shower curtain.

The installation will take less than an hour if you are using tension rods or mounted rods.

How to Install Shower Curtains?

To install a shower curtain, you will need:

  • A pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Tension Rods
  • Shower curtain

Measure the curtain and the area it will cover. You need to know the bathtub or shower dimensions to decide which shower curtain size you will use. Then, measure the bathtub or shower width to select your shower curtain.

Once you have selected the curtain size, you should measure it to know how tall the rod should be.

Mark where the rod will be. Take into consideration the space between the floor and the curtain, the hook drop, and the curtain’s total length. The combination of those measures will be the final height where the rod should be installed. Then, with the tape, measure the height in the wall, and mark that place with a pencil.

Install the tension rod. Expand the tension rod by twisting it counterclockwise until the rod is tightened against the wall. You must adjust the rod until this is firmly pressed; otherwise, it could slip because of the curtain weight and when this is moved open or closed.

Depending on the shower curtain design, you may need to extend the tension rod almost to the needed length, put the shower curtain, and finally, extend the rod until it fits the wall. 

How to Install a Ceiling-Mounted Shower Curtain?

To install ceiling-mounted shower curtains, you will need:

  • A pencil
  • Tape measure
  • Drill
  • Mounted rods pack
  • Shower curtain

Some systems have diverse designs, yet most of them use brackets. The rod is the element that varies its shape typically; however, the installation is mostly the same.

Measure the curtain and the area it will cover. As I mentioned before, you need to know the dimensions to decide which shower curtain size you will use. Moreover, you will be hanging the curtain from the ceiling, so you must also be aware of the rod dimensions.

In any case, there must be a gap of 2 inches approximately between the floor and the curtain. Also, take into consideration the hook drop, the curtain’s total length, and the rod shape and length.

Mark where the brackets will be. The mounted rod system has 2 brackets, and each bracket has 4 screws. Then, mark the place where the brackets will be on the wall

Drill the wall and install the brackets. Where you made the marks, put the brackets in the wall, and drill the wall where the screws are going to hold the brackets. Once you have drilled the wall, screw the bracket in. Finally, you can hang the rod and the shower curtain.

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