How far Should a Soap Dispenser be Placed From the Faucet?

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You’ve never really given so much thought to your soap dispenser. But something changed, and you’re starting to give so much attention to soap dispensers. Maybe you used a magnificent soap dispenser at a friend’s place, and you’re dying to have yours.

Before rushing into picking out a soap dispenser for your home, there are certain things you need to know. Like how far a soap dispenser should be placed from the faucet. 

The soap dispenser should be placed 7-8 inches away from the faucet. This gives enough room for comfortable washing of your hands. If the soap dispenser is too close to the faucet, you might hit your hands against the washing hand basin anytime you try to clean your hands.

Soap dispensers are just as important as having a washing hand basin in your home.

We will look at the appropriate distance between your soap dispenser and the faucet. Where the soap dispenser is placed, the proper space for a washing hand basin to the floor, and other similar issues you might have concerning picking out the perfect soap dispenser.

What Soap Dispenser Should You Go For?


Soap dispensers come in different types.

Electric soap dispensers function automatically, manual dispensers that, as the name implies, have to be operated manually, disposable soap dispensers, refillable dispensers, or countertop soap dispensers.

Once you have a clear picture of your handwashing experience, it would be easy to pick out a suitable dispenser.

Wall or sink-mounted soap dispensers are great additions to your kitchen or bathroom counter. They help eliminate the need for soap containers and provide a stylish touch to your home. Soap dispensers are a simple yet effective way to add convenience and hygiene to your bathroom or kitchen.

The right soap dispenser can make cleaning easier while preventing the spread of germs and reducing the spillage of soap and water.

Using dispensers can be adopted in bathrooms or kitchens, depending on the requirement to satisfy the need of the user.

Where Should You Mount A Soap Dispenser?

This is one issue I struggled with while trying to pick out my soap dispenser. I had so many options that I ended up choosing more soap dispensers than I practically needed. Consider the following suggestions below to pick a perfect spot for your soap dispenser.

1. At The Dining Table

If you have a sink installed in your dining area, this would be a suitable choice. It would eliminate the need to walk around the house with dirty hands after a meal. And it completes the definition of what a dining area should be.

2. Directly Over The Kitchen Sink

If your kitchen sink can double as a workstation for food preparation and handwashing, this would be a perfect spot to fix the soap dispenser. However, you have to ensure there is enough room for effective usage of the soap dispenser, which would not lead to wastage. 

3. In The Shower Or Bathroom

If you consider having a soap dispenser in your shower to make it easier to reach out for your shower gel, you should ensure that the soap dispenser sits at least 7 inches away from the faucet. If it’s specifically for handwashing, the soap dispenser should go beside the basin close to the faucet.

How Far Away Should A Soap Dispenser Be Away From The Sink?

Ideally, a soap dispenser should be mounted next to a sink to prevent soap or water spills. As efficient as water and soap are, they could cause serious injuries if you slip over them. This is why you have to keep the spillage to a bare minimum.

This includes placing the soap dispenser at a distance where the user does not have to walk far from the sink to dispense soap. The general principle is that soap dispensers should be installed at least 7 inches away from the faucet.

This may seem like a lot of distance, but it’s actually to keep germs from spreading.

What Is The Appropriate Height Of The Soap Dispenser From The Floor?

For utmost safety, soap dispensers should be installed at the height of 40 to 48 inches (102-122 cm) above the floor. At this height, it is comfortable for people using the sink to reach out and get soap without spilling soap or water.

But, if you have very tall people in your house, you should reach out to safety officers or specialists to guide you on the best practices.

How Many Soap Dispensers Are Required In A Restroom?

The correct ratio of sinks to soap dispensers can vary by size, location, and traffic. However, it turns out that the ideal relationship is one-to-one. In a room with low traffic, like your private bathroom or a smaller restroom, two sinks can share one soap dispenser.

This saves cost and prevents overcrowding of the restroom with accessories.

Should The Soap Dispenser Go On The Left Or Right Of The Faucet?

There are no rigid rules on where to place a soap dispenser. It is a question of how your sink area is set up and which placement works best for you. However, there are some factors you must put into consideration when making this decision.

1. The soap dispenser should be mounted on the corner that feels most natural to you. Right or left, it solely depends on the corner you instantly reach out to look for soap.

2. If you are right-handed, it’s okay to place the soap dispenser on the right corner of your sink.

3. If you are left-handed, you can also place it on the left corner of your sink. It doesn’t break any interior design rule.

The idea is for you to work the soap dispenser with your dominant hand while using your other hand to control the faucet.

If you are stuck on deciding where the soap dispenser should go, try standing in front of a mock-up sink. Picture yourself using the sink and reaching out to the soap dispenser.

Wherever feels most convenient for you should be the position of the soap dispenser. In public spaces, soap dispensers are preferably mounted on the right corner of the sink because most people are believed to work best with their right hand.

Deciding where to place soap dispensers for bathrooms is simpler because soap dispensers are used for just handwashing. In the kitchen, the soap dispenser is used for dishwashing and washing hands.

All these activities must be considered when deciding where to place the soap dispenser.

In the kitchen, you should watch out for where your dirty plates are placed before washing, during washing, and after washing.

I recommend that you simulate this activity several times to help you make the best choice.

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