How Deep Are Bathroom Cabinets?

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Bathroom cabinets are one of the most important components of your bathroom because they give you the storage space you need. Cabinets that are too shallow may not be enough to house all your washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels.

On the other hand, cabinets that are too deep may take up too much floor space.

Before installing your bathroom cabinet, ask yourself, how deep should your bathroom cabinet be?

It will depend on how much storage space you need and how much available floor space you have in your bathroom. There are many factors to consider before deciding on a cabinet depth for your bathroom. There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to cabinet depth.

You might not think the answer to this question is relevant, but there are several practical reasons to know. If you need to paint your bathroom, measure the depth of the cabinet to know which color to buy.

If you want to mount shelves to your cabinets, measure the depth to know what size of shelf you can use. If you want to buy a new towel bar, measure the depth to ascertain what size you need.

If you are looking for a particular type of cabinet, the depth will tell you which ones will work.

If you want to install new cabinets, the depth will tell you how deep you need to drill into the wall.

If you do not measure the depth of your cabinets, you will either be frustrated because they cannot fit or, you will take up valuable space with items that do not need to be there.

It is best to measure your bathroom cabinets before you go shopping for new items.

That way, you can make an informed decision about what will fit.

Choosing The Right Depth For Your Bathroom


Most of us often tend to think of a cabinet as a rectangular item but, the reality is that a perfect rectangular wall cabinet or a square corner cabinet will never fit the entire rectangular wall of your bathroom.

That is why you need to look at every corner of your bathroom and see how you can incorporate the cabinets.

Usually, cabinet sizes are described as R.125cm x W.25cm x D.5cm (width x length x height), which is, in a nutshell, 18.9 inches x 10.2 inches x 5.5 inches (width x length x height).

When you think of bathroom cabinets, you think of square corner cabinets because that is how they are used in most of the bathrooms.

However, corner cabinets may never make their way into most of the bathrooms because of a variety of reasons.

Cabinets That Are Too Deep

Cabinets that are too deep will take up more floor space than the space available in the bathroom. That may mean that you have to store items in awkward places or that you have to remove or rearrange the items to reach storage spaces.

You will also need to buy special storage hangers or large storage shelves. The best cabinet depth for you To determine the best depth for your bathroom cabinets, think about how much storage space you need and where you want to store your items.

You will also need to consider where you want to locate your sinks and shower wall and how much floor space you will need. Budgeting You will need to make a budget before you even think about buying cabinets.

Cabinets That Are Too Shallow

Bathroom cabinets that are too shallow may not be enough to house all your washcloths, hand towels, and bath towels. Things to consider: Do you not want the cabinet door to be close to your toilet?

Do you want to be able to sit down to take a shower?

The cabinets can also be too deep if you have to bend over to reach items on the top shelf.

Cabinets that are too deep

 If you want the cabinet door to be close to your toilet, but the entire cabinet is too deep for you to reach everything on the top shelf, then you may want to consider using built-in pull-out drawers that you can open to access the items on the top shelf.

Tips For Picking The Right Cabinet Depth

Measure and tape the length of the space that you will need. Then multiply it by the number of drawers that you need. Find out the average height of bathroom cabinets so you can choose a depth that is easy to install.

Take into consideration the number of steps that you will need to install the cabinets so that you can plan your workspace. The depth of your cabinet needs to be the same length as the height of your bathroom counter.

Also, you should make sure that the depth of your cabinet doesn’t take up more than one-third of the width of your vanity so that you can easily install them and maximize your storage space. Consider how your bathroom vanity is structured so that you can determine the ideal cabinet depth.

If you are designing a new home, it is the right time to take certain things into consideration. Are there family and friends that you like their bathroom? What elements in their bathroom would you like to incorporate? Are there certain things you would like to improve upon?

What To Do If You Don’t Have Enough Floor Space

How deep should your bathroom cabinets be? Well, there is no official standard for bathroom cabinets. However, the US-based National Association of the Remodeling Industry (NAR) recommends having cabinets no deeper than 3-1/2 inches in depth.

According to the US Census Bureau, most households own and use at least one bathroom. Even if you do not have an issue with floor space, a 3-1/2 inches in depth is still too shallow for modern bathroom design.

If your bathroom is small and you just cannot fit any cabinets, there are other ways to find storage space without putting the cabinets in your bathroom. You can store your towels and toilet paper in drawers in the linen closet, the shower, or even in the living room.

If you do run short on floor space, you will need a creative storage solution. The good idea is to slot a unit over the toilet. They provide both shelves and closed cabinets to store towels and other toiletries. Their depth may not be much but can be just enough for want of space.

Finally, to make the right choice for you, consider how much storage space you need and the floor space available for your cabinets. If you find a bathroom cabinet that is too deep, you may end up having too much space and not enough cabinets. If you need space for more cabinets, you may not be able to get the drawer and shelf unit that is perfect for your bathroom.

Make sure you have all the information before you go for any purchase so you can make the right decision. Another thing you should keep in mind is that while a deep cabinet looks good, it might not be the best option for your bathroom.

The drawer and shelf units in your local home improvement stores are a perfect solution for a well-sized bathroom.

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