How Big Should an Entryway Chandelier Be?

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The Entryway of a home is the perfect place to set the tone for a beautiful interior. Chandeliers are big on elegance and class. Just the perfect piece to adorn an entryway. It will usher guests into a home of exquisite decor by brightening up the foyer.

But one concern to deal with is how to get the size right.

How big should an Entryway chandelier be?

An entryway chandelier should be sized proportionately to the space. The sum of the entryway width and length in feet should give the diameter in inches for the chandelier. The chandelier should have a height of around 7 feet from the floor.

These sizing guides are not set in stone, and there can be alterations. A building with a tall ceiling may have chandeliers lower than 7 feet.

Are you looking to know more about chandeliers in the Entryway? Keep reading this article to find out more.

How do I know the Right Size Chandelier for my Entryway?


Entryway Measurement

The place to begin in determining the size of the chandelier to buy for your Entryway is to get the dimension of the space. The chandelier size should be proportional to the size of the Entryway.

It is only logical that a small space will require a small fixture. And consequently, a big space will need a big chandelier.

The length and breadth of the Entryway should be measured. The addition of these two measurements will give an idea of how big the chandelier should be. It is expected that the entryway measurements are in feet.

Add the two measurements, and the sum gives the chandelier diameter.

It is important to take the diameter in inches rather than feet. If the length and breadth of the Entryway are 10 and 15 feet, respectively, the sum will be 25 feet.

The diameter of the chandelier for that space should be around 25 inches and not 25 feet. The latter would be too large for such entryway space.

Ceiling Surface Area

The next factor to consider is the ceiling surface area. This is similar to measuring the entryway perimeter. There must be considerable space between the surrounding walls and the chandelier.

This is why it is important to know the ceiling area.

A chandelier should have a diameter of about one-tenth the surface area of the ceiling. This will ensure adequate space between the walls and the chandelier.

Even if the chandelier swings, it won’t hit the walls and be damaged.

Ceiling Height

The distance between the ceiling and the floor is another thing to pay attention to. The taller the ceiling, the bigger the chandelier to make a bold statement.

For a tall ceiling, it may also require that the chandelier hangs lower and closer to the floor.

For a ceiling with 11 feet height, the chandelier should be between 7 to 8 feet from the floor. The farther the ceiling from the wall, the longer the length of the chandelier hanging.

For every foot of the ceiling, there should be 2 to 3 inches of chandelier length.

Style and Color Scheme

There are varying designs and styles of chandeliers. Colors and styles are considerations that must go into the decision-making process. The existing aesthetics of the Entryway must be taken into account when determining the chandelier to buy.

The desired look you want to create with the chandelier is considered here. What kind of message do you want the light fixture to communicate.

This must be in tandem with existing designs, colors, and accessories in the Entryway.

The chandelier in the Entryway will be one of the first things that people see when coming into the house. It can set the vibe and feeling as they make their way into the interior of the house. The size is important in creating this impression. 

The style and color of the chandelier will also contribute to the effect it creates. Wall colors, ceiling color, and the designs around the Entryway will impact the chandelier color and style.

A modest look can be set up with a small chandelier and blending colors. A bolder statement can be made with a bigger chandelier and more contrasting colors.

Illumination needed

The amount of lighting that is needed. The right chandelier should be enough as the lighting source for the Entryway. This is also a function of size. A bigger space will need more light for the appropriate brightness.

Enough light is needed for beautification and also illumination.

A power rating of 200 to 400 Watts should be enough power for the chandelier. For the Entryway, more bright bulbs should be used.

The Entryway needs more brightness for security and safety reasons. More colored bulbs can be used for interior chandeliers like a dining room or even a living room.

How do I know if the chandelier is too big?

The chandelier for an entryway can be too big. This can make the space crowded and uninviting. This can happen with any fitting in the house. A sofa can be too big for the living room space. It becomes visible when the chandelier is bigger than the space.

When the chandelier stands in the way of free movement, this is an indicator that it is too big. Another indicator is when the chandelier makes the space look smaller than it is. When it is closer to the floor than it should, this can also cause the space to be cramped.

A small space should not be subjected to a chandelier bigger than it. It will not make a good image. It will rather kill enthusiasm. This is why it is important to get the sizing of the Entryway and the ceiling right. It is these measurements that will guide in picking the right size of chandelier.

How low should a chandelier hang in a two-story foyer?

I have stressed that the distance of a chandelier from the floor is important. It can make it look bigger than it is or rather makes it stand in the way of proper movement.

So there must be a good distance between the chandelier and the floor.

The chandelier should be away from the ceiling to make a statement. Chandeliers are meant to hang and not stick to the ceiling but not too low. In a two-story entryway, the chandelier needs to hang lower. This is because the ceiling is very high.

There should be about 5 feet between the chandelier and the ceiling. As the height of the ceiling increases, the lower the chandelier should hang. The chandelier can be as low as the level the second story starts. This will allow it to be visible enough.


Elegance can begin from the Entryway of your house with the perfectly sized chandelier. This space is usually a good place to usher visitors into the ambiance your home offers.

Make it rewarding and relaxing by taking time to select the right size of chandelier for it.

The entryway size, ceiling height, existing colors, and styles are important factors. These factors will aid in the determination of the perfect chandelier for the Entryway. 

Ensure to consider the kind of statement you desire the chandelier to make. Size, design, and style are tools to deliver this statement.

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