How Big Should a Steam Shower Be?

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Showering can be more fun when steam is added to the mix. The feel of hot air around and on the skin can be so soothing. Any bathroom will appreciate the addition of a steam shower, but not all can accommodate one.

How big does a steam shower need to be?

A steam shower takes more space in a bathroom than a regular shower. The minimum shower enclosure space for a steam shower is 36 inches by 36 inches with a height of 7 feet. Anything short of this will hinder easy movement when showering.

There is more to know about getting to have the steam shower experience. Adding a steam system to your bathroom is no baby task. Here are the details you need to get informed about the process.

Read on to learn more about what you need and do not.

What size should a Steam Shower Be?


The minimum has been stated as 36 by 36 inches. This will give room to sit and stand conveniently in the shower. The steam shower should be small enough to retain the steam heat.

When the steam is trapped within the shower area, then the luxurious experience can be perfect.

At the same time, the shower must be spacious enough for easy body movement. The minimum height is 7 feet, but it can be increased to 8 feet. The shower needs to be fully closed so that the steam and its heat does not escape.

Away from the minimum size, steam showers do come in various dimensions. It can be 42 inches by 42 inches, while a bigger size is 36 inches by 60 inches or even bigger with 42 inches by 60 inches.

These are the common sizes for single showerheads.

Steam showers with a bigger width than 60 inches will need to have more than one shower head. Due to the increase in size, more heads will be needed to achieve the desired steam rate for the perfect shower experience.

How do I choose a Steam Shower?

The choice of a steam shower is first affected by the size of the shower enclosure. The overall size of the bathroom is not usually the most important factor as the shower enclosure. The shower enclosure must have enough space to accommodate the steam generator.

The minimum space you need is 3 square feet. If that is all you’ve got, then the choice is simple. It is the minimum size. But if there is more room to spare, then bigger sizes can be considered.

Choosing a steam shower starts from knowing what space is available for one.

Is a Steam Shower Worth it?

In the world of home improvement, adding a steam shower to your bathroom is a great addition. A steam shower is a luxury addition to any home. It will surely add considerably to the value of the home.

If your thought is on the mortgage value increase, be sure it does add to it. Beyond the mortgage value, a steam shower brings more comfort. It is good to feel good, so why not make the addition to add an extra exquisiteness to your home?

Do you have to Tile the Ceiling of a Steam Shower?

A steam shower needs an enclosed space to deliver the best result. There must be no space in the shower enclosure to retain the steam. It is necessary that the right tiling is done to use a steam shower. A non-porous tile is needed for the interior of a steam shower.

The best tile materials to use are porcelain and ceramic. These materials will not absorb the steam heat. Materials like marble will absorb the heat. This will put more pressure on the steam generator to make more steam.

To prevent mold growth from the condensation of the steam produced, it is best to make every surface waterproof. This is why it is important to tile the roof of a steam shower enclosure. Another important thing is that the roof of the shower should be sloped.

There is going to be a lot of condensates when the steam gets cooled. A sloped ceiling will ensure that the steam does not collect to form drips that fall. The condensate will rather roll down through the slope. This will prevent mold and mildew growth.

Constant cleaning can help prevent these growths even without a sloped ceiling.

Can I use a Curtain for Steam Shower?

It is important to have the steam trapped within the shower enclosure. A shower curtain cannot work well to keep the steam from escaping. This means a curtain will not work with a steam shower. A shower door is the better option in this case.

Another thing is that the shower curtain will collect so much condensate when the steam cools. This can cause dripping that will need extra cleaning after the shower experience.

It is also a ground for mold and mildew to grow and have a nice time. A shower curtain is a no.

Do I need a Vent for a Steam Shower?

The steam must be trapped in the confines of the shower for the best steam bath. But that does not totally remove the need for adequate ventilation in the bathroom. Ventilation is needed in time to prevent the growth of mold and mildew.

After the steam shower has been used, adequate air needs to flow through the shower enclosure. This is to get rid of the condensate that may result from the steam. Opening a window after showering can work just fine.

In a case where there is no window to open, installing a dehumidifier can be needed. It is just important to get the shower space well ventilated after using the steam shower. A window is just enough if there is one.

Does a Steam Shower Consume More Water?

Steam generators do not consume as much water as the normal water shower. Installing a steam shower means that you don’t need to worry about your water bill. There is no extra water usage with a steam shower. It rather uses less water.

It is a worthy addition to your home in all its considerations. There will be no alarming rise in your water bill figures over the month. The exotic feeling of a steam shower can be savored without having to pay more in water bills.

Can I use a Steam Shower like a Normal shower?

This may be a concern for many. It is not every time that the steam will be needed to have a clean wash. Just the normal water sprinkles will get the job done. So you’re left wondering, can I use a steam shower without the steam?

It is possible to turn off the steam generator and still have a normal water bath. A steam shower offers the normal water sprinkle with a touch of steamy class. Go ahead and have both packages combined in one lovely delivery.

In Summary

A steam shower is a great upgrade to any bathroom, and the homeowner will be grateful for it. But it is good to have it installed in the right way.

A minimum space of 3 square feet and a height of 7 feet is required to have the steam shower in place.

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