How Big Should A Mirror Or Art Be Over A Console Table?

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A console table is a very versatile piece of furniture that can serve many purposes. It can be placed in the living room, hallway, bedrooms, and several other places. Console tables are usually slender, long, and short.

This is why they have mirrors or artworks hanging above them in many cases.

You may be wondering, how big should a mirror or art be over a console table?

A mirror hung above a console table should be up to half or three-quarters of the table width. The mirror should have a height of about 35 inches, more or less 5 inches. A single piece of art with a width or length of 40 inches is big enough to be hung above a console table.

There are other things to be considered when placing a mirror or art above a console table. You can even choose to have more than one piece of artwork. The mirror or art should be about 8 inches away from the base of the table.

Read on to learn more things to inform your decision on styling a console table and its vicinity.

How big should a mirror be over a console table?


A general rule to work with for either a mirror or art over a console table is to make it less than the table width. Most console tables have an average height of 32 inches, and so art or mirror above it should be of about that same height.

There must be a balance between the table surface and the ceiling.

A mirror over a console table should be around 6 to 8 inches above the table surface. This creates a gap between the two pieces and allows things to be on the tablespace without blocking the mirror.

The mirror should have a width of about three-quarters of the table width.

Different shapes of mirrors can be used with a console table. Mirrors can be round, square, or rectangular. Any of these three shapes can be hung above a console table.

A high ceiling can accommodate a taller mirror. But the mirror should not be too close to the ceiling.

How big should a piece of art be over a console table?

A single art piece can be hung above a console table. It should be about two-thirds of the table width. A giant art piece of about 40 inches in width is considered a masterpiece.

This large art can stand alone above a console table.

The art piece should have a height of around 30 to 35 inches. A space of around 10 inches should be between the base of the art and the tabletop. The art should sit at the center of the table, leaving almost equal space to the right and left.

It can also be placed at one edge of the console table to give a classy look, with some other contents of the table occupying the other side of the table.

An item as big as a lamp will benefit from the space on the other side without blocking the art piece on the wall.

More than one art piece can be hung above a console table. A layered lean look can be done. A small art piece is placed on the table to lean against the wall in combination with a bigger piece hung on the wall.

The smaller piece should not be too big to cover a large part of the bigger one. It should also not be too small to be completely lost.

It is good that the smaller art is around a quarter of the bigger size. This will allow for an appropriate complement.

Two medium-sized pieces can also be hung over a console table in place of single large art. A diptych or triptych is a good option for this kind of look. The two pieces are medium-sized, and they both give almost the size as a single giant piece.

Several small pieces of art can also be hung above a console table. This will give an awesome gallery look. The pieces are spaced moderately to allow each to have a unique expression. It is good to have all of them in similar color schemes.

What should be placed on the console table?

A lot has been said about what is hung over a console table. But what about the table surface? What can be placed on the console table? The table can be used for several purposes.

What can be placed on a console table?

The location of the console table can be a good determinant for what is to be placed on it. The table is a good place to showcase objects like books.

Decorative boxes and decorative antiques can be placed on the console table.

If it is placed in the hallway, a small art piece can be on the table resting against the wall. A seagrass basket and any small plant can be placed on the table. It is welcoming and inviting for your visitors to behold.

A TV set can sit on a console table in the living room.

Table lamps are another object that can be placed on a console table. An asymmetrical look can be created with two table lamps placed on either side of the table. A flower vase can also be on the console table.

In the room, a console table can serve as a hold for jewelry and an accessory box.

What should hang over a console table?

A mirror or a painting are the common things that can be hung over a console table. But they are not the only things that can take up that space. There are other beautifying pieces that can make the space over a console table elegantly used.

Here are three more things that can hang above a console table:

Textile hanging

Tapestries are pieces that can be in the space over a console table. Other rectangular-shaped textile hangings are also good.

The size of these pieces will follow that of a single large artwork.

Metal Sculpture

Metal wall sculptures can add glamor to the space above a console table. Several sculpture pieces of different sizes can be placed in a good order to take up the space a single large art or mirror would have occupied

Photo Collage

A photo collage can be a good way to create a lasting memory. A console table along the hallway can provide the ideal space for this.

A collection of memory pictures can be hung over a console table.

In Conclusion

The console table is a great piece that can make a small space look exceptional when properly styled. The focal point of this styling is the mirror, art, or other things that make the space above the table.

You can make that space a memorable spot in a collection of family pictures.

What sits on the table and even under it are also important pieces. Decorative items like flower vases, antique boxes, lamps, and candles are lovely pieces for the console tabletop. The organic part of the arrangement is important

A flower vase may not be enough to do the job. A small plant pot can sit on the console table. The base can be put into effective use for a towel basket.

You can even have a pouf sit under the table. Workaround these pieces to create magic for yourself.

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