How Big Should A Game Or Rec Room Be?

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Relaxation and entertainment should not be a priority, but it becomes a habit when treated as a requirement. Recreation sets the mind free from all-day stress, and designing a recreation or a game room at home is the best experience.

It contributes to the family’s happiness and mental health.

The intended size of a recreation or gaming room depends on the usage, the number of users, the owner’s specification, and the space available. That said, a game or rec room can be restructured to meet the suggested purpose. The best size for rec or gaming room for recreation and gaming is 12-feet by 12-feet.

Perfectly said, I will bring into paper the qualities of a good rec or game room, recreation activities involved, and the space required for every game.

At the end of the article, I will have explained the required content relating to the recreation room. Stay awake!

How can I plan a rec room in my house?


The cost and quality of living in the 21st century have increased, and having fun with family and friends can sometimes kick back, posing a big challenge. Why sit back and wait for such disaster?

Unutilized space within the compound or house can be used to design a rec room for relaxation. Having only 12-feet by 12-feet space in the house is sufficient to set up a rec room. For comfort, it is located some distance from the living room to deter disturbance from the rec room.

Since the rec room is characterized by noise and fun, sound absorbers can be fitted on the walls, but if you need to spend a pretty coin. Having planned the setup, decide the suitable location. Take a look below.

Where can I set up a game or rec room?

If the space allows, a rec room can be set on an unutilized ground within the compound or squeeze garage, porch area, or mezzanine floor. If the house is rented or leased and you have no authority to modernize it, maybe, you can forego one room and set up a rec room.

Above all the said locations, a basement is the best bet for emplacing a rec room because it guarantees privacy and bars noise from reaching living rooms.

It is better if a rec room is set outside the living area due to noise disturbance. People living in the suburbs are more advantaged because there is plenty of space. But if you reside in the central business area, worry not; a rec room can be set in the basement of the house.

What are the uses of the game or rec room?

Recreation rooms have multiple uses, which depend on the house occupants, their hobbies, age, and gender. Male make fun differently from ladies while kids will have different fun from adults.

The recreation room can have a pool table, table tennis court, PS, art tools, playing cards, television, and chess.

Nothing else happens in a rec room other than making fun, refreshment, and practicing hobbies. No matter how a rec room can be used, as long as the activities are recreational. Ladies can spend their time in the rec room watching television programs, painting, and drawing.

Their male counterparts enjoy playing pool table, table tennis, dart, and chess. Kids will find themselves in the company of playing PS and other football games but only for boys. Girls like it when watching cartoons, educational programs, and modeling.

In order to satisfy the needs of kids, a rec room should have plenty of short-story books, movies, and series. By installing all amenities that are required, the family will have a place to exploit their hobbies and explore talents.

Can workout machines fit in a rec room?

Though it’s made primarily for recreation, if the space allows, workout machines can be installed. A workout machine like a treadmill can be installed, but installation guidelines should be followed.

The machine should leave an allowance of 2-feet on either side to protect the user from straining. Besides having a bigger room, opting for workout machines should be the last option after installing every recreation amenity that may be needed.

However, some workout tools like tummy trimmers do not require big space; they can be installed besides recreation tools.

What is the space required for a pool table?

Pool tables come in 7, 8, and 9-feet, which demands a larger room. A 7-feet pool table is installed in a 16-feet by 12-feet room; an 8-feet pool table fits in a 17-feet by 13-feet room, and a 9-feet pool table fits in an 18-feet by 13-feet room.

A pool table with a 1.5-meter cue stick and enough space around the table for playing will attract a minimum of 16-feet by 12-feet, which means the room should be big enough to accommodate other recreational activities such as playing PS.

What is the space required for a PS?

PS is the abbreviation for PlayStation, which is a virtual football game. It requires a computer desktop or a television screen, gamepads, CPU, and game box. It does not consume a lot of space because the screen is raised or mounted on a wall and has two seats for players.

It requires 10-feet by 7-feet space, but it can be modified to accommodate two PlayStations in one area.

What is the space required for a Home Cinema?

Home Theatre, also known as Home Cinema, is a combination of screen and radio systems meant to arouse the feeling of being in a real cinema house. Home Cinema comes in different sizes, which attracts different room sizes.

The size of the room needed for a home theatre will take into consideration several variables. How big your screen is, how many seats you want, and what other amenities you require will determine the necessary room dimensions.

80-inch screen demands a minimum distance of 97-inches from the screen to the front seat. The 150-inch screen requires 200-inches from the screen to the front seat. The size of the screen determines the number of seats needed and accounts for the size of the room.

The minimum size of a Home Cinema room is a 16-feet long room for an 80-inch screen.

 What is the space required for tabletop games?

Tabletop games are simple but tricky games that demand a high intellectual quotient and attention. They include chess, ping pong, poker, checkers, cards, puzzles, dice, Etc. They are games played on a table or on a flat surface, and participants are more than two.

The minimum size of a room that can accommodate a tabletop game is 12-feet by 12-feet. The height of the table depends on the height of the players. The table should have an allowance of a 3-feet round for the player to comfortably sit.

How does a home-based rec room promote family wellbeing?

Home-based relaxation is better than commercial because it gives the family humble time to engage in-jokes. Living a happy and stress-free life starts from enjoying hobbies, mingling with family and friends, making fun, and working out.

A recreation room brings happy moments, and happy moments mean a happy family.

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