How Big Should A Front Porch Light Be?

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Porch lights are outdoor lights fitted in big buildings or homes for security purposes. As the name suggests, front porch lights are fitted in front of buildings, gates, and corridors.

Front porch lights have unique colors and depend on the choice of the owner.

Front porch lights do not need to be big because they only illuminate a small area around the building. However, post porch lights have medium-big sizes because of entrance security.  In most cases, they have varying colors, which alternate to provide a fascinating environment.

Porchlight colors have significant meanings, and the owner needs to send a message to the public. I have a detailed color and what they symbolize.

I know it is a challenge to select the right light color for the porch and the size.

Scroll down the article and read between the lines; it has compelling guidance on color selection, installation sites, and buying the best styles.

Different colors have different meanings as follows.

What does blue porch light symbolize?


The blue color symbolizes water in maps, but in porch lights, it has a different meaning.

Blue porch lights are used in the military to symbolize police presence and respect.  In farewell ceremonies, blue porch lights are lit to show respect to fallen soldiers who succumb while in their line of duty.

In 2007, the blue color was chosen to be used in World Autism Awareness Day, which is celebrated on 2nd April. The campaign was named Light It Up Blue to honor World Autism Awareness Day. I changed my front porch lights blue in April as a sign of honor for those with autism.

What green porch light symbolize?

Green porch light creates awareness of honoring Veteran’s Day, which is celebrated on 11th November. Besides marking Veteran’s Day, green porch lights are used in colorful celebrations and memorials.

In May, green porch lights are lit globally to symbolize Lyme Disease Awareness Month. Lyme is a sickness that results from ticks, and in most cases, it falls in May. This month, citizens change front porch lights to green or lime.

What red porch light symbolize?

In America, the first day of February is honored as the American Heart Month to raise awareness for women suffering from heart disease. American Heart Association (AHA) leads the campaign throughout the United States of America, and all porch lights are turned red.

Talk of Valentine on 14th February. It is a worldwide celebrated day which is celebrated by intimate partners and the best day to propose to partners. On this day, front porch lights are lit red, and people wear red shirts to symbolize love and affection.

What yellow porch light symbolize?

Yellow front porch lights are used to keep away light-loving flying insects away from the house. Since yellow light does not attract as blue, it is used to keep away insects like moths, mosquitos, and gnats.

What does the purple porch light symbolize?

Purple color is associated with calmness but when it comes to porch light has nothing to do with it; calmness is more than likely. Purple porch lights are used to raise awareness of gender violence and honor survivors of domestic violence.

Celebrated in October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month, the color was chosen from a flag used in the 18th century by the National Women’s Party.

In October, the purple porch color is lit to celebrate the world’s Halloween day. Purple porch lights are witnessed in cities and homesteads on the night of 31st October.

How do I choose the front porch light?

Getting the right style of front porch light is not an issue that I can let go of. The front porch light depends on the size of the porch, the purpose of the porch light, and the distance to be illuminated.

Depending on my preference, I can choose either of these models; Harwich 10”, Acclaim Lighting, Meditterano, Sea Gull Lighting, Coral post light, Kitchener, and Hinkley Tucker.

Front porch lights are alternated depending on the season, events, and ceremonies, and each has unique colors. The size of porch lights varies from small to large, and they are used in different locations.

Small front porch lights are used in small porches and outside small buildings, while large ones are used in post porch lights.

Before buying front porch lights, consider the ones that will complement the porch, indoor lighting, and the outdoor environment. However, I may consider big porch lights with bright light if I need to light the entrance path and surroundings.

Taste and preference differ, but I recommend LED porch lights because they are energy-saving and durable. The house should always be the guide to the style of the front porch light.

Where should I place my front porch light?

Front porch lights work well when placed 7 feet from the ground, but the distance will depend on the height of the wall. They are mounted on the wall leaving an allowance of 1 foot from the wall and far from propellers and fans.

If hanging front porch lights are preferred, they should not hang too low to the ground. When deciding on the position, it is always advisable to place it away from windows and doors to avoid disruption from the indoor lighting.

If the porch light is small to be mounted on the wall, it can be suspended on the ceiling but leave a 1-foot distance from the ceiling and not hang too low. In gates, front porch lights are placed on top of the cap but facing up.

What are the types of porch lights?

Porch lights are different and serve different purposes. Deciding on which to install depends on the purpose to be satisfied. I have highlighted four styles of porch lights in this article.

1. Post porch lights

They are designed to be installed on posts of entrance points around the porch. Though they are placed in gates, they are not meant to provide the same functionality as floodlights. The light emitted is not dense and only used for beautification.

2. Ceiling mounted porch lights.

They are mounted on the ceilings of buildings outside the porch. Ceiling porch lights are suitable for large porches because they emit ambient light. They are mounted directly to the ceiling, so they are suitable for porches that are not raised too high.

3. Wall Sconce porch lights

Out of all types of porch lights, a wall sconce is the best front porch light. They can be installed on walls, bricks, aluminum, and wood. They are a great source of light around the dark corners of the porch.

4. Safety flood porch lights

As the name suggests, safety porch lights guarantee top security around the porch. They are fixed with an in-built sensor that detects intruders around the porch. T

he light is not meant for visual appeal but to offer security on the porch.

Do I need special front porch light?

Every day has a different meaning, and so special events need special front porch lights. The colors are meant to symbolize different feelings and emotions.

Well, I cannot assume and lit blue color during valentine or red color when morning.

I need special light for my front porch lights during special occasions.

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