How Big Should a Corner Shower Bench Be

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A corner shower bench might be the thing you need to enhance your bathroom experience. This practical bathroom accessory is perfect for improving bathroom mobility, especially when you have a knee injury or any other form of restricted mobility.

A corner shower bench adds a relaxation aspect to your bathroom, giving you a place to sit and enjoy the shower. When you are thinking of having one installed, just how big should it be?

The typical size for a triangular corner shower bench is 30 inches wide. It takes up a length of about 15 inches on the wall with a thickness of 3.13 inches. This bench has a weight capacity of 400 pounds. On the other hand, a detached corner bench is 16.6 inches tall with a width of 15 inches and 250 weight capacity.

A corner shower bench can be a great way to add function and accessories to your bathroom. Since this new feature will spend most of its time in your shower constantly exposed to water and moisture, it must be made of a material that will resist both the conditions mentioned above. 

Some corner benches are made of teak wooden planks sufficiently vanished for durability and moisture resistance.

 If you are thinking of getting a detached corner plank or installing a wooden one, consider a teak wooden bench.  Teak is resistant to mildew, mold, and moisture, meaning quality and longevity are guaranteed from a teak corner shower bench.

However, most corner shower benches are built in the shower with tile finishing similar to the ones on the bathroom walls.

Corner Shower Bench Sizing


Now that you are thinking about a corner shower bench, typical shower dimensions can help you understand the best proportionality dynamics between the bar and the shower.

A standard shower typically measures 3 feet by 5 feet; however, shower sizes may be as small as 32 by 32 inches.

Corner shower benches come in a variety of styles, with each type having unique dimensions.

A Standard triangle corner shower bench is usually 30 inches wide with 3.13 inches thick. The distance they cover on the wall would be about 15.3 inches. These benches also come with a weight capacity of 400 pounds.

Of course, you can opt for a free-standing or detached corner shower bench. These benches rise to a height of about 16.5 inches and are about 15 inches long. They also come with weight capacity and can carry up to 250 pounds.

Other shower benches available in the market that are not necessarily corner benches are the built-in shower bench, free-standing shower bench, and folding shower benches.

How to choose the right corner shower bench size

Now that you know a bit about corner shower sizes, you’re probably wondering how to pick a size that will be suitable for your space. When pairing a corner shower bench to your bathroom, you need to keep two things in mind.

First, you need to factor in your comfort when sitting on the bench. Second, the overall size of your shower. Below are some of the dimensions to consider when picking out sizes for your corner shower bench.

Shower Bench Height

The recommended shower bench height should be about as height as the position of your knee. This height is usually about 17 inches.

Shower bench width

A practical shower bench only needs to accommodate the entire length of your buttocks. For the average person, a distance of between 10 to 20 inches is sufficient.

Shower Bench Depth

The Americans with Disability Act stipulates that the average depth of any shower bench should be anywhere from 14 inches to 15inches.

Other size aspects to consider should be free movement around your shower and the ease of opening the bathroom door when the bench is inside the shower.

The perfect size corner shower bench for your bathroom will fit perfectly while allowing room for movement, sitting, closing, and opening the door.

If the bathroom space is already restricted and you still need a corner shower bench, consider installing sliding doors in your shower.

So long as the bench allows a safe distance between your head and the shower, don’t worry about shower space. With the new sitting ability, you can more than make up for it, plus your bench will not restrict your arm and elbow movement.

Why you should have a corner shower bench

A bathroom shower comes with many incorporated accessories for functionality and practicality. One such addition to elevating your shower experience is the corner shower bench.

Corner shower benches are vital to families with a physically disabled person or with another injury that hinders mobility. Here they are indispensable to ensure safety in the home.

Corner shower benches can still be helpful despite a physical reason pushing you to the shower seat.

Here are some of the other benefits of corner shower benches


Corner shower benches have a myriad of designs. You can have them customized into so many styles, sizes,  and shapes. If you like your corner shower bench foldable, you can have one installed on your shower wall that folds up and against the wall.

Fold-up shower benches can also be detached, so you have it mobile. They are an effortless way of enjoying the perks of a corner shower bench without the hassle of demolition and remodeling.

When you want a more overall synchronized look, consider remodeling the bench into the shower. You can use a similar tiling on the shower bench to make the bar appear to be spilling off of the bathroom wall like a harmonic stream.


The shower bench is a great place to host all those bathroom supplies you would otherwise have to carry from shelving outside the shower.

If you have an inbuilt corner shower bench, you can add shelving underneath to hold your body wash, loofahs, shower sponge, shampoo bottles, or other miscellaneous shower items.


After a long day of work, it would be refreshing if you could eliminate any further need to strain yourself. There is no better way to add relaxation to your evening routine than sitting down to shower.

Hydro Massage Shower

The dream of many homeowners is to have a spa-like bathroom experience, and what better way to achieve this than by having a hydro massage shower while you relax on your corner shower bench.

You are enjoying your targeted streams of high-pressure water with the ultimate relaxation at the comfort of your home.


Corner shower benches might be the thing that adds more convenience to your shaving and exfoliating routine—no more standing and bending over on the shower while using the toilet as a footstool.

You can comfortably be seated, which is much safer, and take your time to get every spot properly exfoliated or shaved.


As mentioned earlier, a corner shower bench can be a great way to make your shower safe and convenient for persons with restricted mobility.

 Therefore, the vitality of corner shower benches to family members having injuries is evident. Someone in a wheelchair can easily transition into the shower safely.

It makes the corner shower bench a critical accessibility design feature for independence and privacy in the home.

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