How Big Should a Basement Bathroom Be?

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The basement can be the space to accommodate an extra member of the house or even put it up for rent. A bathroom in the basement is, in many cases, a necessity, not just an aesthetic addition.

Planning to upgrade your basement may make you ask, how big should a basement bathroom be?

A bathroom basement is usually 30 square feet in size. This is the measurement for a half bath which is enough if the basement is not an active living space. A full bathroom size of 60 square feet may be considered if the basement is to be used as a living space.

The size of the basement bathroom is one thing to know. Here is enough information on how to put up a bathroom in the basement.

Keep Reading for info on adding a shower, how the bathroom is ventilated, zoning ordinances, and many more.

What is Ideal Bathroom Size?


The ideal bathroom size is a minimum of 60 square feet for a full convenient bath. Most basements often have bathrooms of lesser size, mainly because they are not meant for regular bathing.  The half-bath bathroom size is 30 square feet.

Many bathrooms exceed the minimum of the full-bath recommendation. This is usually possible because there is enough space for such luxury. In a basement, space may be a big concern.

It may also be a question of need and purpose in deciding how big the bathroom should be.

How big Should a Basement Bathroom be?

The size of a basement bathroom is subject to some important factors. Two are quite primary, the available space for the bathroom and the purpose for having one. If the basement has an upgrade to become an extra living space, then a convenient full-bath should be available.

A 30 square feet bathroom is good for a basement bathroom that will not be infrequent use. It is okay if your basement is becoming a home office or a study. The bathroom will usually not need a shower, and so the size will be okay for that purpose.

Some basement bathrooms may not be as much as a 30 square feet space. A 20 square feet bathroom is small but not the smallest that can be seen. The smallest basement bathroom is around 11square feet. This is a tiny bathroom, but it does offer an addition to a basement.

The best size to use for a full-bath bathroom is 60 square feet. This is important if the basement is now a living space. Having guests or family members stay over in the basement will require the bathroom to serve them regularly. The bigger size cuts the slack in this case.

The purpose of the basement toilet is only as good as the size of the basement itself. The basement size is the second important factor in determining how big the bathroom should be. A small basement may not be able to offer more than 30 square feet for a bathroom.

Where should the Basement Bathroom be?

The question of location is another good one to ask. The basement bathroom needs to be sited properly. Plumbing is the main concern when the bathroom location is considered.

It is a necessity for water to be supplied to the bathroom and for water to find a way out of there.

Your basement may have been planned with a rough-in. This is a designated position for a toilet and sinks in your basement. If this spot is planned for already, then it is the perfect place to locate your bathroom.

Another easy spot to locate a basement bathroom is under the upstairs bathroom. It will be easy to connect the plumbing lines with an existing one. It will save cost and time as well. Whatever the case may be, plumbing must be a top priority for the new bathroom.

What about zoning ordinances and deed restrictions?

There are regulations and restrictions in cities and states that can affect having a basement bathroom. These regulations can restrict how tall a building can be, strictures, placement,s and densities of building parts. So are there any zoning ordinances and deed restrictions for your property?

The best place to find out if there are any such restrictions is by calling the local building authority. Deed restrictions may limit the type of renovations and additions you can make to your home. The house-to-land density is a deed restriction that can reduce how much you add to your home.

It is wise to first find out if there are any of these restrictions that can hinder the addition of a bathroom to your basement. It is best to know before proceeding to make the upgrade.

Can I add a shower to my basement bathroom?

Like I have said earlier, adding a shower is possible. It may even be a necessity depending on the purpose of the basement bathroom. The size can also affect the possibility of having a shower or not. A half-bath bathroom may not have a shower depending on how small it is.

The space may accommodate a shower but not a bathtub. A walk-in shower without a tub is good enough for a basement bathroom. There is a good chance that the shower alone means more water usage. But it is good to conserve space.

How much value does a basement bathroom add?

It may cost some bucks to get a bathroom in the basement. But is it a worthy investment? Yes, it is worth it to have a bathroom in the basement. This makes the basement a space that can be habited fully without dependence on the main building.

Looking at it from the angle of renting out the basement yields monthly income. It can also mean a space to host a guest for some days or have an extra family member over at. A bathroom increases the versatility of basement space.

The addition adds to the general value of the home. Are you planning to sell the house later? Having a basement with a bathroom will add to the house valuation. And that will turn in more money on the house sale.

How do I vent a bathroom in my basement?

Ventilation is important for any bathroom. It is needed that the bathroom in your basement gets adequate air circulation. In a situation where there is no space to fit in a window for ventilation, a ceiling vent can be used.

A ceiling vent can be used in combination with a floor vent. A fan can also be used. A sidewall vent can also be used to achieve the ventilation of the basement bathroom.

Final thoughts

Adding a bathroom to your basement comes with some advantages. It is a good upgrade that increases the usage of the basement. It can be upgraded into another level of your home.

A space up for rent or an extra room to have someone over for a weekend.

The size of the bathroom in the basement is a good thing to take note of. A space up to 11 square feet is enough to take a small bathroom. But for a more comfortable bath experience, a space of 40 square feet and above is great.

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