How Big is a Typical Dresser

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Though a dresser might not be the focus of the room, it is still an essential component of a room and, when selected correctly, can enhance the look and feel of a room. Aside from this, the dresser is also helpful for storage and organization in any space.

Like any other item of furniture in the area, it should be proportionate to other furniture in the room. So, just how big is a typical dresser?

Dressers come in four typical sizes from small, standard, double dressers, and combo dressers. They come with six to nine drawers and are usually between 26 to 44 inches tall, 36-60 inches wide, with depth varying from 16 to 20 inches.  A perfectly sized dresser will perfectly match the size of your room.

Before deciding on the right dresser, you should gauge the atmosphere of the area and the style of the room. Your dresser style should go with the room’s theme so that it doesn’t look awkward in your space.

A huge mistake that people make is picking dressers that are too big for the size of the room. Here is a guide to help you decide on the right dresser for your space.

Dresser Sizing


Dressers are available in varied dimensions for height, width, and depth. Deciding on how tall, comprehensive, and plunging your dresser is arduous but not impossible.

Typically a dresser comes with six to nine drawers and is around 26 to 44 inches tall.

The width usually ranges from 36 to 60 inches, and a depth ranging from 16 inches to 20 inches.

There are four size specifications for dressers: standard dresser, double dresser, small dresser, and combo dresser.

Small dresser

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Small dressers are usually small and square, featuring three to four drawers. These are typical for guest rooms or for storing children’s clothes.

Standard dresser

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The standard dresser is the most typical kind of dresser. It measures 30 to 50 inches in height, 30 to 70 inches wide with a depth of 18 to 24 inches. The dresser features two or three rows of vast and very deep drawers.

It has an enormous top you can use for decor display together with ample space for clothes storage.

Double  dresser

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Double dressers have double columns of dressers with wide drawers. It is ideal for a master bedroom with couples sharing space. The dresser is not suited to small spaces because of its extensive size.

Combo dresser

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Combo dressers feature a combination of cabinets and drawers. It makes it ideal for storing an assortment of items from clothing accessories, belts, hats, and shoes.

How to Choose The Right Dresser Size For Your Space

Before investing in that brand new dresser, you need to think about the amount of space available to accommodate the dresser or how many items will go in the dresser.

Small dressers are usually suited for small spaces and can have up to six drawers.

Large drawers typically have up to 10 drawers. They are a great way to fill up space in a classy and chic way. Big drawers are also ideal for avid organizers that like separating clothes according to use and type.

When deciding where the dresser will go in your room, it is best to place it along an empty stretch of the wall facing the bed from any side.

Here is how you will find the correct measurement for the drawer

  • Depth

To find the proper dresser depth for your space, you should measure the distance between the wall and the closest furniture item that will neighbor the dresser. From this measurement, subtract 36 inches to cater for the opening and closing of the dresser. The remaining digit is the ideal dresser depth for your space.

  • Width

For the width, measure the wall area of the decided dresser location. If the site is near a door or a closet, ensure that the doors are open so the dresser width you choose does not interfere with the swing on the door.

  • Height

When measuring the height of your dresser, please make sure to cater for any items you are going to place on it. So if you want your TV to go on it or a mirror, ensure you don’t get it so tall that it becomes visually straining to use. Likewise, if you put the dresser below a window, factor in the height of the window.

How to Choose The Right Dresser Color for Your Space

Yet another very essential aspect of a dresser is the color.  After selecting a dresser size that is practical for your space, you should now decide on a design and color suited to your style.

Close attention is needed here because a dresser is generally an oversized furniture item and is very easily noticed in a room. The last thing you need is an enormous furniture piece that looks off in an otherwise chic space.

Dressers come in an array of shades from white, beige, cherry wood to black. Therefore, no matter the theme and color scheme you have going on, you should be able to find something that pairs well with your space.

Finishing details on dressers such as modern metal handles, tapered legs, distressed wood finish, decorative moldings, and hand-carved wooden knobs might be the thing that makes it pop in your space. So think about these features carefully and try to choose what works for you.

Why Do You Need a Dresser in Your Bedroom?

The dresser popularly is incredibly plunging thanks to the new ultramodern designs featuring built-in closet spaces and walk-in closets. A lot of people are not sure whether investing in a dresser is a great money move. 

Dressers, however, have many substantive uses. Some of the expected benefits are highlighted below to cure your ambivalence on the matter.

Extra Surface Space

The bedroom is the perfect place to add your touch to your home decor with those treasured family photos and heirlooms. If you need the ideal spot for all that stuff to go, the surface on your dresser might work perfectly.

Extra Storage Space

Though dressers are typical for storing clothes, you can always use the space to store other items. It is ideal for things such as kids’ toys, office supplies, or old electronics. If you like swapping out your decor from time to time, this is also an ideal area to store the set, not in use.

Chances are, you have an extra pair of blankets that you like nicely tucked somewhere out of sight whenever it is not in use. Your dresser can come in handy to remedy such a situation.

To Hold The Bedroom TV Set

Instead of getting a stand-alone TV cabinet on top of a dresser is the ideal place to have your TV.  Another advantage of this arrangement is that it provides excellent cable management and storage for any extra devices that come with the TV.

To Tie The Room Together

A spacious bedroom can use a solid dresser to reduce how conspicuously empty some walls may look. If you have a smaller space and feel like something is missing in your area, consider getting a dresser suited to your space and style to tie the room together and bring out your style.

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