How Big is a Sectional Couch

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Sectional couches offer a great way to increase your seating area without purchasing multiple pieces of furniture. They offer ample seating to frequently entertain guests or even host friends and family whenever they visit you.

The couches come in various styles, from chaise lounge designs to L-shaped, reclining, and  U-shaped. With such diversity and versatility, it is no wonder they come with a hefty price tag.

It’s why it is great to select the appropriate couch size for your room carefully, so how big is a sectional couch?

Sectional couch sizes range from 94 inches to 154 inches in length for a standard couch. A small symmetrical sectional couch will measure about 90 inches in length on both sides, with a height extending upwards of 40 inches. On the other hand, the biggest sectional couches can extend to lengths of up to 188 inches.

Selecting the appropriate size sectional for your room is utterly important. You want functionality and convenience on your sofa. Shuffling your way around your living space can be very inconvenient and annoying. It is what a sofa that is too large for your space will have you doing.

On the other hand, an undersized sectional couch will feel overwhelmed by the space and look out of place.

You want a sectional that is just right for your space with perfect proportionality.  After selecting the exact sectional sofa style, the next best thing to do is find out its measurements.

Sectional couches come in standard sizes ranging from large sofas to small sofas. So no matter the style you have in mind, you can find the size that fits your space.

Sectional Couch Sizes


As you may guess, Sectional couches come in many different textures, patterns, styles, colors, and fabrics.

This versatility is also extended to the sizing. For any sectional couch style you want, there is a size versional that can fit into your space.

Because sectional couches are diverse in style and highly customizable, it is hard to have standard sizes available for all the types out there. But most sectional couches available in the market have the same approximated sizes.

Here are some of the sizes that sectionals come in

Standard Sectional Couch Size

A standard sectional couch has an overall length of between 94 inches and 156 inches. The length of a sofa is defined as the combined length of both loveseats plus the entire stretch of a chaise lounge.

 Its overall width, which would be its entire back, ranges from 94 inches to 168 inches. The depth of a sofa is the measurement of how deep the couch would sink if you sit on it. For a standard sofa, this is usually between 32 inches to 40 inches.

Small sectional Couch Size

A small sectional with a U-shaped style would measure about 90 inches on the left and right loveseats. Small sectional couches usually rise to a height of about 33 inches, with the armrest reaching a height of 26.5 inches. The couch depth is 18.5 inches.

A small sectional couch can be great to float in the center of a room if your space is roomier, or you can set it up in a corner in smaller spaces.

Large Sectional Couch Size

Large sectional measurement for a large L-shaped section would be about 90 inches for the short loveseat. The lengthier loveseat would approximately measure 118 inches, with the overall seat rising to a height of 33 inches. However, the seat armrest would reach a height of about 26.5 inches.

The large sectional couch has a similar depth as the small sectional of about 18.5 inches. It is suited in an area with a great deal of real estate as it takes up space and can overwhelm a squeezed space.

Another important aspect to think about is how the armrest is positioned. Usually, sectionals come in three configurations. There is no arm configuration, left arm facing (LAF) configuration, or right arm facing(RAF) configuration. Depending on your space, where you want the seat to direct attention, you need to decide on a suitable configuration.

Sectional Couch With a Chaise Size

The chaise lounge on a standard sectional couch would come in at a size of about 18 to 30 inches, both dimensions. Depending on the sectional’s extent, the overall size of the sectional plus the chaise can extend a length of about 80 inches. The seat height would be from 30 to 40 inches, and it sometimes comes with an impressive depth of about 30 inches.

If you are working with a great deal of real estate, you can get sectional couches with a chaise lounge of an impressive length extending 148 inches.

Sectional Couch With Recliner Size

A standard sectional couch with a recliner comes in a symmetrical design featuring a left two-seater with a console and a right two-seater with a console.

It has manual recliners with a seating capacity of five people. Both the right are left seats measure 108 inches each. The seat has a height of about 18.9 inches, with the armrest extending to 24.4 inches.  The sectional couch is very comfortable, with a depth of about 20 inches.

For a sectional to recline, it will need extra space, so make sure you have a good clearance area to enable your seats to recline comfortably.

How to Choose the Right Sectional Couch for your Room

Sectional couches don’t come cheap. Buying a great quality sectional couch will cost you a substantial amount. It is why matching the couch size to your space is vital.

Generally, furniture would appear smaller in showrooms because of the grand nature of the place. So it is important to have an idea of what an ideal piece of furniture for your space would measure.

To make the best choice think about the following things.

Room Measurement and Shape of The Room

When measuring a room, consider the square footage. Work with the length and width for practicality. You can draw out the room to scale and play around with different couches to see how the proportionalities relate.

Measuring can also be a great way to see how different style sectional couches would fit in with the room’s geometry. The shape of your room will help you decide on the sectional couch’s proper situation and the configuration to go for, whether RAF,  LAT, or armless.

The measurement of a room will help you decide on the actual size of the sectional couch. Rember small rooms work well with small sectionals, and big rooms work well with big sectionals.

When measuring, you can also approximate measurement for your couch and use it as a guideline to get a couch of about that size. Unless you are getting a customized couch, it is rare to find one with the exact measurement you have in mind.

Free Movement

A great sectional couch for your space does not constrain movement. When selecting the appropriate size, remember to ensure that there is enough room for you to move around freely when the sofa is fitted.

You could factor this in and leave appropriate maneuver space around the sectional couch if you made a scale drawing.

Ceiling Height

Usually, sectional couches sizes are based purely on the ground space of your room. Ceiling height consideration is merely for esthetic purposes. When working on areas with high ceilings, you can make the space more charming by going for a low-backed and wide sectional couch with an extensive length.

It makes the space more visually appealing, making it appear more extensive.

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