How Big is a Jack and Jill Bathroom

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A jack and jill bathroom is a five-piece bathroom set perfectly sandwiched between two-bedroom or between a bedroom and a hallway.

The bathroom may come in different configurations, but most often than not, it features two sinks, one toilet, a shower, or a bathtub.

Jack and jill’s bathrooms are standard designs, especially for large family houses with multiple siblings. If you are looking to get it remodeled into your home, it can be a great way to teach your kids the value of sharing and turn-taking.

So how big is a jack and jill bathroom?

The jack and jill bathroom size is averagely 110 to 164 square feet in size. However, the bathroom can be made smaller to fit about 40 square footage or larger to fit 165 to 210 square footage. The bathroom is typically a five-piece bathroom set featuring two sinks, one bath or shower, and one toilet.

The jack and jill bathroom come in different layouts and configurations, so discuss with your designer the ideal design for you. Depending on your space and budget, you can get a full-size bathroom between two bedrooms sharing one toilet, with two separate sinks, and one shower or bathtub.

Likewise, you can opt for a full-size bathroom with either a shower or a bathtub, two separate sinks, with a toilet in a different room within the bathroom. Another layout would be to have the two sinks in either bedroom and the other facilities shared in a typical bathroom area.

If you are not short on either space or budget, you can always opt to get two of everything.

Standard Size and Dimension For Jack and Jill Bathroom


Jack and Jill bathrooms are versatile and can be easily installed in a space, notwithstanding the size. But on average, the sizes range from 110 to 164 square feet. Of course, if you have a tiny area of about  40 square footage, you can still get one fitted with all amenities shared.

If you are looking to fit two separate toilets and sinks with only the bathtub and shower shared, you will need anywhere from 110 to 164 square footage of space.

Large jack and jill bathrooms measuring between 165 to 210 square feet allow ample space for all amenities to be separate and plenty more room.

Features of a Great Jack and Jill Bathroom

Jack and jill’s bathrooms are easily Identifiable with characteristics such as their accessibility from two rooms, their sinks, among other traits. Though they are designed to be shared between two or more people, they do not always come with two of everything.

As far as the amenities go, the space you have for the set will significantly influence the number of sinks, toilets, and showers you can accommodate.

Notwithstanding the space you have, you need specific amenities to ensure the bathroom is a success. If you consider having one remodeled into your home, consider these essential conveniences to guarantee its suitability.

Two Sinks

Whatever your budget is, try to squeeze in two sinks for your jack and jill bathroom.  The toilet, shower, or bathtub can, however, be shared. The two sinks will bring some sense of personalization and privacy for activities such as teeth brushing and hair combing.


Consider adding locks on all the doors to add a more personal aspect to your jack and jill bathroom. Both the bedroom and bathroom doors need to be locked from both sides.

To maintain complete privacy, you can lock all the doors when you enter the bathroom so that the other user won’t join. Likewise, remember to unlock all the doors to avoid locking the additional bedroom out of the bathroom.

Storage and Accessory

With the separate sink area, you can easily add individual storage cabinets, floating shelves, towel bars for toiletry storage.

Advantages of a Jack and Jill Bathroom

A jack and jill bathroom comes with a host of utilities. If you are looking to get a jack and jill bathroom but are still not sure about it, maybe the highlighted advantages below can quench your ambivalence.

Saves Space

When trying to conserve the square footage, you should consider getting a jack and jill bathroom set. The jack and jill bathroom system essentially combines two bathrooms into one.

If you want to earn extra square footage, eliminate the guest half-bath and make the jack and jill accessible through the hallway.

Privacy and Convenience

A jack and jill bathroom is the next best thing to an ensuite bathroom in some sense. When the locking system is implemented correctly, it can provide similar privacy, despite its multiple users.

Sandwiching the bathroom between two bedrooms hides the bathroom from other family members and guests hence conserving the personal space of the designated users.

Excellent for Large Families

This bathroom is functional and practical for large families with siblings who would have to share a bathroom anyway.

Plus, the jack and jill bathroom is a great way for children to have their own bathroom space separate from adults as they can be a bit messy.

A jack and jill bathroom can also provide for a teachable moment for children. Siblings can learn the value of compromising, sharing,  and hygiene.

Coast Effective

Having ensuite bathrooms for all the bedrooms in your house will run up your plumbing cost, cabinet labor while driving up the money you’ll spend on electricals.

Consider installing a jack and jill bathroom to not only serve multiple people but also save yourself some much-needed real estate.

Some of The Disadvantages of a Jack and Jill Bathroom

Though the jack and jill bathroom is excellent on many fronts, it does come with its drawbacks.


Most jack and jill bathrooms are constructed between two bedrooms and can only be accessed through either of the rooms. Meaning you have to go through a bedroom to access the bathroom.

This feature can sometimes compromise privacy and be resolved by adding an access door from the hallway.

Space Constraints and Conflict

If the jack and jill bathroom is smaller, sharing with guests and siblings can be uncomfortable. Having to shuffle your way through a bathroom can be awkward, especially around a guest.

The bathroom can be an excellent catalyst to fuel sibling rivalry arising from the bathroom schedule. No amount of design tweaks can cater to screaming siblings scrambling to use the bathroom.

Less Useful Longterm

A jack and jill bathroom is excellent for young siblings to provide teachable moments and functionally. It is, however, not suited to older siblings who require more privacy than a jack and jill can offer.

Also, long term, as your kids get older and move out, you may consider renting out the place for some extra cash. Sharing a landlocked bathroom between two strangers may not be ideal, reducing the amount of money they would be willing to pay for such a space.

Shared Lifestyle

Sharing a bathroom will mean someone would have to compromise to accommodate the other party’s bathroom habits.

Not everybody is enthusiastic about cleaning and organization. Some people are okay with living messes, so they leave their toiletries spread out in the vanity, while others are appalled by such behavior.

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