How Big is a Dressing Table

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A dressing table is a staple furniture piece for any bathroom and bedroom. Over the years, it has become a must-have fashion accessory for the bedroom. This highly coveted furniture item does not only look good in a room but is also highly functional and necessary.

Finding a dressing table that is synonymous with the style of your room can be quite a challenge due to the many factors you need to consider.

For one, how big should a dressing table be?

The average dressing table size will range from 25 to 30 inches in length, 14 to 18 inches in-depth, with a width of about 29 to 32 inches. However, there are other dimensions to choose from as it does not come in one range of sizes.  When deciding on the size, you should factor in its precise location in your room.

If you are trying to revamp your bedroom or bathroom by introducing a dressing table, you need to ensure that it organically fits into the existing interior. Also, the dressing table should pair well with your furniture and should be in harmony with it. 

Go for a dressing table that can either dilute the current design or complement it.

Other than overall furniture integration, the dressing table should be aesthetically pleasing and comfortable. The last thing you need is sitting on an atrous piece of furniture to glam yourself up.

Likewise, a dresser that is too big for space would look somewhat awkward and out of place. It is why correct size selection is potent during dressing table selection.

Dressing Table Sizing


When deciding on the size of the dressing table,  the first thing you need to do is select the precise location of the dressing table.

Where precisely, weather in the bedroom or bathroom, will you place it? A dressing table in your bathroom will be smaller as compared to the one in your bedroom. But the precise location can significantly influence the size, especially if it is a dead space you are trying to fill up.

Dressing table sizes vary greatly, but the average is 25 to 30 inches in length, 14 to 18 inches in depth, and height ranges from 29 to 32 inches. This measurement may deviate depending on your customization requirement.

Some dressing tables can rise to a height of up to 72 inches with lengths of about 96 inches. When the dressing table comes with a mirror, there is another difference in measurement. A mirror will mean a change in height for it to fit in with the dressing table organically.

How to Position The Tressing Table

Correctly positioning the dressing table will save space and complement the design elements in the area. When arranging the dresser in your bedroom, a few optimal locations can gracefully host your dressing tables.

These locations are independent of dresser or bedroom size.

The Foot of The Bed

There are two options for you here. First, you can place the dressing table’s facing the wall. This position is common in spacious rooms because the dresser’s back is nicely hidden away.

The second option is to place it right against the foot of your bed with the back facing the bed. Smaller rooms can suit this arrangement. You can come up with some DIY decor for the back of the dressing table if it is plain.

Next To Your Bed

Placing the dressing table next to the bed is the most popular dressing table positioning. It can eliminate the need for bedside drawers.

If the dressing table is big enough with enough drawers, you can use it to serve both purposes.

In front of a Window

The window area can sometimes be very underutilized because you want it to perform the function of lighting a room. But the site can be far more versatile, especially when hosting a lovely little dressing table that is not too tall.

Whether you use the dressing table to do your makeup or slog away on some work, the window will let in some tantalizing rays.

Between Bigger Furniture Units

Placing your dresser between already oversized furniture items may sound counterintuitive but can be a great idea, especially if you are short of space. The key here is to ensure designs highly agree, and there is no extra piece that sticks out like a sore thumb. The harmony created will balance well to tie the newly created set together.

What to Consider Before Buying a Dressing Table

Because a dressing table is not some easily replaceable accessory item but a pretty handsome investment, you should look into all the necessary factors that will ensure you end up with one perfectly suited to you.

Here are some things to watch out for before investing in a dressing table.

Room Size

When you go dressing table shopping, you can easily get swept off your feet with magnificent furniture pieces with excellent storage and embellished features. So much so that you forget your restrained room cannot accommodate such enormous furniture items.

It is good practice to posit where the dresser would sit in a room and measure the general area.  Make sure that moving around is not restricted, and you can easily take a step back to look at yourself in the mirror.


What material is the dresser made of, and does it offer longevity or affordability? Usually, the two are mutually exclusive. Materials like dense wood are costly but provide superior durability.

If you are looking for something friendlier to the pocket, consider dressing tables made from engineered wood or metal.


The first and essential feature to consider for your dressing table is the mirror. You can either go for a dressing table with a mirror or choose to buy a mirror separately to create a contrasting design.

Together with the mirror, what amount of storage are you looking to get? Just a couple of compartments to store a few items, or do you want a dressing table with a good number of drawers on it for significant storage.

Another customization feature available on the dressing table is wall mounting. You can either choose to have your dresser wall-mounted or detached for more versatility.

Other dressing tables come fitted with a backlight, charging port, and other unique modern features.

The Chair

The dressing table chair is yet another avenue for you to introduce some personal touch to your design. Though a significant number of dressing table sets come with a complimentary chair,  you can opt to forgo it and customize a different chair.

If a chair seems excessive for the dressing table you have, you can opt for a stool that makes a statement and compliment the overall aesthetics of the room in general.

Complementary Accessory

Because the dressing table is highly functional and an inherent part of a morning routine, it is usually overlooked as far as decor is concerned. Neglecting your dressing table and leaving it adorned with leftover items like extra toiletries can make it look chaotic and out of place.

Because it is a functional area, it is impractical to overcrowd the surface with decor so consider working on the site around it or adding one or two decor items on the surface.

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