Does a Bathroom Need Windows

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When you first buy a home, this may be something you miss. It could be your first home and just something you didn’t even consider. I remember when I was looking to buy my first home, we had seen a few different houses and we really like one in particular.

It wasn’t until somebody pointed out to me that the bathroom had no window that I even thought about ventilation.

Is it really necessary to have a window in the bathroom?

It is very important that you have access to proper ventilation, whether that is through air conditioning or openable windows. In case you’re still unsure, yes, bathrooms need windows. Ventilation systems like windows are essential

. Most states, counties, and locations require you to have windows in your bathroom or an approved ventilation system.

In the bathroom, windows help to remove moisture from the air. Mildew and mold can grow without a window or ventilation system, which can threaten the health of your family. Besides breeding bacteria, humidity can also lead to illnesses such as strep throat.

Bathroom windows also allow natural light to enter the room, besides minimizing fungi and allergen growth. Your bathroom can be brightened with just one window.

Increasing lighting can create the illusion of more space in small areas, including bathrooms.

Read on for more information on bathroom ventilation and windows!

What are the benefits of a Bathroom Window


There are other benefits to having windows or ventilation in your bathroom

Mold – the growth of mold and mildew can cause 

Condensation – The best way to prevent it from happening is to install windows or skylights so that you can let cooler air enter and dry out your bathroom.

Law Requirements. In some states, it is mandatory to have a window in the bathroom with a toilet.

These are all significant reasons to install a bathroom window.

How to Choose the Right Bathroom Window 

Awning Bathroom Windows – An awning window swings out from the bottom. Because it can be left open most of the time, this type of window is perfect for bathrooms.

Sliding Bathroom Windows – Bathroom windows that slide open sideways. For tight spaces where swing windows can’t be opened, this type of window is ideal.

Double-Hung Bathroom Windows – You can open double-hung windows from the top or from the bottom. Windows of this type let homeowners open them in a way that offers the best airflow.

Picture Bathroom Windows  – Picture windows allow a great deal of natural light into a room. Vanity windows are ideal for homes in a private setting and look great next to a bathtub.

Some States have Legal codes for Bathrooms

Bathroom windows and ventilation systems are regulated differently from state to state. However, they do all share the same premise that bathroom windows must be easy to open and unobstructed


Every bathroom in California must have a window or an air vent. It must have at least three square feet of window area, except if you have an approved mechanical ventilation system. However, there are some exceptions to this need. If it’s connected to the outside of your home, the mechanical ventilation system should be able to change the air in your bathroom five times an hour.


If you live in Florida, you might not need a window in the bathroom. You should have impact-resistant windows in your home if you live near the coast. Safety glass or tempered glass is included.

New York

The law says that every bathroom in New York City must have a window that opens out to a street or yard. The window must be at least 3 square feet, and half of it can be opened. In New York City, every bathroom must have a window that opens out to a street or yard. The window must be at least 3 square feet, and half of it can be opened.


Pennsylvania, there is not a law that says you have to have a window in your bathroom, but if you want to add a window, you will need to get permission.

Do Bathroom Windows Need to be Tempered?

The National Glass Association states that bathroom windows must be made of tempered glass if the following conditions are met:

  • Glass (glazing) is about 18 inches from floor level.
  • You have over nine square feet of a window.
  • Your window is less than 36 inches high.
  • Where people walk, glass is within 36 inches.

Tempered glass pays off if you live in a tornado-prone or earthquake-prone area. Those conditions can lead to broken windows at home, resulting in injuries. Would you like to clean your bathtub floor of shards? What about stepping on them in the shower? When tempered glass breaks, it will fragment into tiny, round pieces, vs. traditional annealed glass, which can shatter into thousands of shards.

Codes and laws vary depending on where you’re located. For example, in some big cities, tougher building codes are in effect

So, where does strength come in with tempered glass?

Toughening happens after manufacturing by adding a number of chemicals that re-crystallize (harden) the surfaces of the glass. When temperature, or sometimes light, is added quickly to the surface of the glass, the re-crystallized structure becomes stable or harder.

Since conventional annealed glass cools down rapidly and evenly across the entire surface, it provides little resistance to thermal forces or impact. Toughening glass reduces the ability of an object to scratch it.

It also increases a glass’ tolerance to breaking since toughened glass cracks into harmless shatter patterns that are indiscernible. With annealed glass, shards created after breakage are sharp, with uneven surfaces. Those surfaces may be jagged enough to cut skin.

What Do You Do if Your Bathroom Has No Vents?

The bathroom may not need vents if it has a window.

But if there’s no ventilation system and no window over time, this can cause mold growth.

You’ll need a professional to install a ventilation system. If you cannot afford such an installation, then at least consider installing some type of venting on the roof so that any excess water can escape into the air.

You might get a build-up of moisture which will cause mold, mildew, and bacteria to grow.

If you have a build-up of mold, the bathroom may need to be gutted. If you need help with mold remediation, we can help find an expert in your area.

Another alternative is to hire a contractor for the installation of a bathroom window.

Is it weird to have a Bathroom Without a Window

You can easily make a few minor changes to your bathroom to make it feel like it has a window and not an actual windowless room. 

You might need a few new things to make it feel like home

1. Tidy up. Throw away stuff you don’t need.

2. Use baskets or boxes to collect your things.

3. Put a mirror on the wall to make the room seem bigger.

4. You can also add plants, pictures, or anything else you like to make the room more colorful and interesting.

What plants can live in a bathroom without windows

The simple answer is none because plants need light. You could consider adding a grow light if you want to grow plants indoors with no natural light.

When natural light is not available, a grow light stimulates photosynthesis. A grow light can be a fluorescent bulb (CFL), high-pressure sodium lamp (HPS), or light-emitting diode (LED). Amazon sells a wide range of them, including these light strips that are under $40.

How do you stop damp in a bathroom without a window

A well-lit bathroom is imperative to keeping mold at bay. Ensure the room is well lit by having plenty of light, and keep hidden spaces, like beneath the toilet or cabinets, to a minimum.

Install an extractor fan if you have a windowless bathroom that lacks one! A fan is the only way to deal with the humidity in a bathroom after a shower or bath.

If you keep your bathroom clean, you should be able to keep mold at bay. Keep your bathroom clean, paying special attention to corners.

In the bathroom, avoid materials that absorb moisture easily, which turns into mold quickly. High gloss surfaces are resistant to moisture and mold.

Shower curtains not only hold moisture in the bathroom, but they are also unreliable. Use a glass enclosure to prevent moisture from escaping. This way, most of it will drain.

If you have an open shower or bath, keep a mop on hand and dry the floor after every use.

For fighting mold and foul odors, plants are your best friend. The humidity and heat in the bathroom require tropical plants.

Should Bathroom Window be Frosted

We all need our privacy, and frosting the window will help with that. 

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