Do Dressers Have To Match Nightstands

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When designing a room, it’s possible to choose items with similar designs and colors to give your room some coordination and a theme. However, with the changing trends in designing rooms is focusing more on choosing a variety for the room.

For example, if you are designing your bedroom and want to bring the thing in, do you have to match the nightstands with the dressers?

You can choose to match the dressers and the nightstands or not to match them. It’s not compulsory to match them. However, you should ensure that these pieces complement each other in terms of color, material, finish, or style so that your room feels complete.

A bedroom is a special place in your home because that’s where you shut out the world and rest. Therefore, the decoration in the bedroom must harmonize and coordinate in a certain way so that you are able to be at your best.

This doesn’t mean that you match everything. This article explains how you can pair the nightstands and the dressers without necessarily matching them.

What Do You Consider When Mixing And Matching Nightstands And Dressers?


Matching a nightstand and a dresser in the exact colors, design, and style can make it look too monotonous. The secret is to get creative and spice things up a little. For example, you can use similar designs but different colors or similar colors but a different design pattern. The goal is to complement each other and break the monotony.

Here are some of the things to consider:

1. Style

Before you start designing a room, you have to start with choosing a theme. What do you want the room to say about you? The theme you choose will also tell others about your personality without thinking too much or even asking.

For example, you can have a modern nightstand matched with an old dresser, but all have the same theme. That means they can match other things like the color, but each has a design that complements the other.

2. Color

While using the same color on different pieces in your bedroom can be a way to create the theme of the room, it may become monotonous and boring.

The best approach is to use different colors that blend well or colors that block each other, especially if you want these pieces to stand out in the room.

Your color choice will also depend on other colors in the room such that you can blend in all the colors and give the room a complete look. Generally, neutral colors like grey and white or earthy tones like brown can be fit for these items.

On the other hand, you can choose to match their colors, especially if you use a neutral color. However, ensure that you alter something like the design so that it doesn’t look monotonous.

3. Finish

The finish on these two pieces goes a long way to define the decoration in the room. There are different ways to finish these two items so that they make an impression in the room. You can match the finish for similarity, or you can choose a finishing style that complements the other.

For example, you can have a mirrored finish on the dresser, which can go with a neutral color like white on the nightstand. One great thing about mirrored furniture is that they make the room appear larger than its original size.

4. Material

Matching the dresser and the nightstand may not be too boring if you choose to use different materials for the two pieces. Most people prefer to use wood for the dresser and nightstand because the wood is flexible with color choices and other decorations.

However, if you choose to go for wood, you can have different wood accents like cherry wood, which has cherry red color. This wood choice doesn’t require painting to enhance the color, and you can use it with other colors.

Therefore, you can have one piece with cherry red and the other one in another accent that complements it. This way, your room will have a touch of class while still looking organized and coordinated in terms of color choices.

5. Texture

You can choose to have a different texture on each of the pieces. For example, a piece with a mirrored finish will have a smooth texture, unlike the grainy texture on a piece made of wood only.

Therefore, the texture of the finishing will be dependent on the material you use and other finishing actions you take on each of them.

Therefore, you can jog your mind and pour out your creativity on the different designs so that you get one that matches your preference. You can also try out different options and get excellent results in the long run.

Should You Have Matching Nightstands In A Room?

Nightstands have always been thought of like a twin pair that has to match in every way. However, you can choose not to match them, and your room will still look great and classy.

In fact, modern-day interior designers are adopting designs that allow you to keep the nightstands different yet complementary to each other.

When choosing the nightstands you want beside your bed, ensure that you match the shapes such that they complement each other. They don’t have to be the same shape. For example, you can have a design such that the two nightstands can join together to form one shape.

So, you can place one half of the shape on one side while the other half goes to the other side.

Also, since you are placing the nightstands near the bed, you should ensure that they complement other colors on the bed. For example, if you have cherry wood nightstands, you can use colors on the bed that go well with cherry red. This ensures that your nightstand doesn’t look or feel out of place.

If you choose different pieces or designs for the nightstand, ensure that they are not entirely different. They should match in a way because they serve a similar purpose. For example, you can place similar decorative items on each of them to match them.

Having them totally different is not a good idea. So, other than placing similar decorative items, you can choose to incorporate some details in the design that match. For example, you can have similar drawers, similar flower carvings, or similar handles.

Whatever it is, the goal is to ensure that some of the things match in the two nightstands.

As mentioned earlier, you can have different textures on your nightstands depending on the finishing and the material you choose. It’s important to match the materials so that you have some coordination. This will also allow the nightstands to have a similar finish.

Can You Mismatch Bedroom Furniture?

Decorating your bedroom has more to do with your personality and how you want it to look other than what anybody else thinks.

So, it’s okay to have bedroom furniture that doesn’t match each other as long as you love it that way.

Different designs can complement each other better than having similar designs and colors, which are often tiring to the eye. You can mix up the colors and have a beautiful outcome in the end.

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