Do Dining Chairs Have To Match

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As you enter the dining room, do you notice anything off? Perhaps your space looks a little plain, or you just want something little interesting things.

One easy way to grab attention is by mismatched dining room chairs. But when you’re buying chairs, you don’t have to stick with a specific color.

In fact, here are four great ways to mix and match your dining chairs for a unique style. 

Having a set of mismatched chairs can warm up your dining room. You can vary their styles, colors, and even textures to achieve a cool look.

You can also style them to complement other pieces of furniture in the room.

Can you have different color dining chairs?


A lot of experts recommend buying dining furniture in neutral colors since you have more options when it comes to decorating. If you have a bold, eccentric interior design style, then you can opt for something bold, too.

You might find a striking yellow or green chair, or sometimes, trying to fit the same furniture theme in a room can get boring. Taking a new route can spice up the space and show your personality. 

You can get away with the latest trends in dining chairs, as long as they are in neutral colors. For instance, you might use bar stools, which are very popular. You can even find bar stools with fun, quirky designs.

Sometimes opting for completely unique designs can make the room more stylish. You can also get some dining chairs in a color that matches your existing furniture. For example, if you have a blue couch, you can get velvet chairs.

If you have a favorite color and don’t just want to match it, consider going for something fun and different. For more inspiration on different shapes and colors, scroll through images on the internet.

Can you mismatch dining chairs?

If you think that dining chairs can look ‘objet d’art’ in the dining room, you might feel inclined to go for the kitchen. Indoor bistro seats are pretty popular these days, too, because they look great around small tables, and they can easily be the style of your dining chairs goes a long way towards showing off your personality.

It has a much more dramatic effect than just choosing a color.

Remember to think about the types of chairs and tables that you have in your home. If everything matches, then consider getting two different kinds of chairs.

If you’re rocking a mid-century modern vibe or farmhouse style, then a wood bistro chair paired with an industrial metal table could help bring your theme together. If you have a favorite color and don’t just want to match it, consider going for something fun and different. 

As you purchase new dining furniture, consider how that furniture will complement the rest of your home’s décor.

You can trade in chairs based on your mood or swap your wood bistro chairs out for metal and glass chairs when you need something more contemporary.

When you want a formal appeal, you can keep things simple and stick with the same style throughout your home. However, if you want to play around with different styles, that’s entirely possible.

Can you mix and match the dining table and chairs?

You can mix and match your dining table and chairs however you want, as long as the styles are complementary. You don’t have to stick to something old-fashioned or match your chairs to the table.

If you want to go a different route, that’s okay. Just keep the chairs and table in similar colors.

Many stores sell matching dining room sets, but you don’t have to do that if you don’t want to. You can use different pieces instead. The downside of buying a matching set of furniture is that it can be more expensive.

If you love your table, then you can mix and match chairs however you want, as long as the styles are complementary. You don’t have to stick to something old-fashioned or match your chairs to the table. If you want to go a different route, that’s okay. 

Using mismatched dining chairs is great for adding a fun, creative touch to your dining room. Additionally, almost any design you fancy can be put into your dining chairs.

For instance, you can choose a funky chair with a zebra design. Doing this will liven up your dining room and give it a unique style.

Can I Use Matching Side Chairs With Different End Chairs?

You can use matching side chairs with different end chairs.  This works best if you have a large space and you want to create a sense of balance. It’s also good to have a variety of sizes and shapes of chairs so that people can sit comfortably at any time.

The sides will all match, but the end chairs don’t necessarily match. The tables you choose for the end chairs don’t need to be the same style as the matching ends. You can mix and match styles if you’re willing.

Another benefit to mixing dining chairs is that it’s easy to change them to suit your taste and the existing decor. Over time you might decide you need a change, and you can simply replace the chairs with ones that better suit your taste or the existing decor.

Adding Rainbow Dining Chairs

The easiest way to create that rainbow effect is to use different chairs. You have a few choices when it comes to chairs and colors. You can choose chairs that have the same neutral base color, such as a black or brown chair.

Make sure you pick chairs that are of a similar size or color so they don’t clash. Or you can choose chairs in different colors, but of the same style/size. For example, you could choose chairs with the same color base but with different colored backs or legs.

A visual cohesion will unite the chairs visually. You can also use chairs with different patterns, such as wood or metal chairs with different patterns. A patterned chair could actually work really well in your dining room.

You can pair differently designed chairs with the base color of your dining room, so they don’t clash visually.

Are Dining Chairs a Standard Height

For standard height chairs, the seat height is usually between 17-20 inches. This height is still higher than the average height with no armrests, though recliner chairs have a slightly higher seat height.

Some chairs may come with adjustable feet, which allows you to raise or lower the chair’s height. However, most standard chairs won’t have this feature.

Most dining chair seats are roughly the same height (18 inches), which is the average seat height of a dining chair. The legs of most modern dining chairs are also fairly standard. Some may have thinner legs than others, but overall, they share the same height and silhouette.

If you’re going for a modern, streamlined look, consider more streamlined chairs. Modern chairs tend to come in larger pieces–this will make the chair look less chunky and sleeker.

For a more traditional look, opt for a traditional chair that has curved legs.

For a dramatic statement, opt for club chairs with dramatic legs.

Do most people buy dining tables and chairs together as a set or separate

Most” people buy them as a set. However, there are shoppers who buy them separately. If you’re going for a more classic look, it’s recommended to have the dining table and chairs in the same finish to tie the whole piece together.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for something more modern or sleek, you can choose the dining table and chairs in different styles and sizes.

This gives you the freedom to create a dining room that fits your style.

Traditional Style

Consider a traditional-style set when you want to go for a more classic look. This style is all about clean lines, simple shapes, and subtle details. With clean lines and simple shapes, the dining table will complement the chairs without overwhelming them.

Another benefit of using a traditional set is that it will match with a wider variety of dining room settings. For a classic look, opt for a traditional chair that has curved legs. These chairs make a complete, traditional statement. 

If it has all the elegance you’d expect from a classy dining room, then a traditional dining room table is for you.

Why Do Some Dining Chairs Have Arms?

Though the side chair certainly allows you to fit more diners in your dining room, some diners prefer having their arms free to move around. Armless chairs, on the other hand, may hide a dining room’s architecture.

They can provide added support and comfort for diners with limited mobility. Make it easier to get in and out of your table by choosing armless chairs.

They’re more impressive at a formal event, where you need to impress your guests. For large dining rooms, chairs with arms may cramp the space too much.

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