Do Bedside Tables Have to Match The Bed

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Want to redo your bedroom but can’t find exactly what you’re looking for. Decorating a bedroom can overwhelm you because there are so many options. When you have existing furniture that doesn’t match, it’s difficult to create an inviting atmosphere.

Your bedside tables don’t have to match. You can decorate a room without matching everything in sight. What you really need is a calming environment where you feel relaxed and comfortable.

This means choosing colors that work well with one another and creating a soothing ambiance for yourself.

The great thing is that bedside tables are made from so many materials. They come in wood, metal, glass, plastic, etc., which makes them versatile enough to fit any style or theme. 

If you already have bedside tables, maybe you just need some new accessories to complete the look. Maybe you just need to spruce them up a bit? Or perhaps you want something completely unique? Whatever your needs, Let’s have a look at some ideas.

Creating the bedroom of your dreams


Let’s explore the design elements that can transform your bedroom into a relaxing retreat. Depending on what suits your needs, you can choose from a wide variety of colors, patterns, and textures.

Bedside tables are available in many sizes, shapes, and materials. You can choose a style that is contemporary, minimalistic, or traditional. You can even choose a style that is a combination of all three.

Add a Pop of Color With Your Bedside Table

Color can provide contrast to your room’s décor. It also adds vibrancy to your home by making things more interesting. If you like the color, then adding pops of color to your bedroom could add life to your space. 

Painting bedroom furniture can really add character to your rooms. Painting your bedside table gives it a fresh coat of paint while still keeping its original shape. Matching the color of pillows and tables helps tie the entire room together.

You can use bolder shades such as bright blues, greens, and purples to give your bedroom pop of energy. These vibrant hues can energize your mood and keep you focused throughout the day.

Add a Wall Color to Bring Your Bed Together

We’ve always been told to choose a neutral and calming color for a bedroom. If your bedside table and bed do not match, you can add a wall color to bring them together. A moody color such as gray, blue, or green works best if you prefer a darker tone.

A light shade of yellow would work better if you love brighter tones.

You can also add a pop of color with wall art, or a colorful blanket on the bed will instantly change the entire vibe of your room.

Use a bedspread or comforter to bring the room together

Rather than matching your bedside table to your bed, try using a bedspread instead. Using a bedspread allows you to bring the room together.

You can use white bedside tables to complement a white bedspread. This is a nice natural color scheme that brings out the beauty of both items.

Likewise, a rustic element can be added to your bedroom with an antique-style bedside table. Adding texture to your bedroom creates interest and keeps everything looking cohesive.

One thing to say is that white is one of the most popular colors used in bedrooms because it’s easy to clean and maintain. White is also very soothing, so it’s perfect for creating calm spaces.

Having everything match (Tables, Bed, comforter) might need a little pop of color, but we will get to that later. For now, let’s focus on how to create a beautiful bedroom.

Use Artwork to Bring a Room Together

Here’s a super idea that can really bring a room together. If you’re using a more natural palette, artwork can really enhance any room.

Artwork can be placed on a wall to draw attention away from the bedside table. Place pieces of artwork around the room to balance the scale between the large piece of furniture and smaller objects.

If you want something larger, consider placing a painting above the headboard.

Artwork can inspire color selections for the room. Paintings can act as inspiration when choosing new colors for the walls and accessories.

It can bring a unique element into the room by adding depth and dimension. It can even serve as a focal point.

Using artwork can also provide a sense of peace and tranquility. When selecting artwork, look at what inspires you.

Add textural elements to your space

Have you ever thought your room was missing some sort of visual punch? Textures can really bring life to a room. They can also increase the value of your home.

Adding textures like rugs, pillows, throws, curtains, etc., can transform a boring space into a cozy room.

Often, we don’t use enough texture in our rooms. We tend to stick to plain surfaces, which makes us feel cold and uninviting. Textures give off warmth and comfort. They can also hide imperfections and stains. Texture adds character to a room. Use it wisely.

Although we love the artwork, a room can lack in style. A simple way to fix this problem is to add throw blankets to the bed. Throw blankets come in many sizes and patterns. Choose ones that fit well within your budget.

The texture is key to making your room look better. Add cushy pillows or soft throws to your bed. These small touches can instantly change the mood of your room.

Mix Materials and Shape Your Space

Play with materials (and shapes) completely for something a bit more unique. Mixing up the shape of things can really liven up a room.

For example, if you’re having trouble finding matching bedside tables, try mixing them up.

For this look, you do not need a complete boho vibe. Just mix in a few items here and there.

This could include:

  • A wooden side table instead of an iron one
  • An ornamental mirror over the dresser
  • A rug that has a patterned border

 Mixing different materials while keeping it refined can take your room to another level.

Bold and Daring in an Eclectic Space

If you like a more eclectic look, consider bold and daring designs. Bold colors such as reds, oranges, yellows, greens, blues, purples, pinks, and browns work great in bedrooms.

Mixing shapes and materials adds interest to a space. The style can easily transition from modern to traditional depending on how you choose to incorporate these elements.

The best part about using bold colors is they can brighten up a dull bedroom.

Another way to go with mismatching nightstands is by focusing on interesting details instead of trying to create a unified whole. For example, if you love the shape of a particular table, then buy multiple versions of that shape. Or, if you really dig the texture of a certain piece, get several variations of that pattern. The key is finding things that complement each other visually.

Put a coaster on top of your bedside tables

Protect the surface of your nightstand with a coaster. It’s important to protect the surface of your nightstand because spills happen.

Coasters are inexpensive and easy to find online. You can find so many types of coasters, including wood, metal, glass, ceramic, plastic, marble, granite, concrete, and even stainless steel.

You can even design your own with some paint pens and stencils. If you want to keep it classy, you can always opt for white or black coasters. But, if you prefer color, why not pick out a fun shade.

Table lamps

A taller table lamp on one side of the bed and a shorter version on the opposite side balance the two sides of the bed.

Just keep in mind that the height should be proportionate to the size of the person sleeping in the bed. So, if you’re tall, don’t put a short table lamp next to your headboard.

Is it OK to have mismatched nightstands

Lots of people like to have matching nightstands, but it’s unnecessary. Mismatches can actually give off a very sophisticated feel.

A mismatch doesn’t mean ugly, though there are no rules with choosing what goes where. Some people think everything needs to match perfectly. Others believe that anything goes.

Be creative when choosing what goes where.

Just finishing up

Matching nightstands to the bed isn’t necessary, but it gives a sense of unity to the entire space. However, when choosing which pieces to use, remember to be creative. Don’t just stick to what looks good; also consider function.

Have fun with color and experiment with new styles. Mixing textures and patterns add visual appeal to any space. And adding a little bit of personality into your home makes everything feel more welcoming.

Combining bedside tables with beds requires taste and creativity. There are many options available to you.

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