Can You Use a Sideboard as a TV Stand?

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To maintain a uniform style in your living room, you need to consider the type of furniture pieces you install. This includes what you decide to be the appropriate installation method for your TV to ensure optimum satisfaction. However, most people aren’t sure if using a sideboard as an alternative to a TV stand is the right choice.

Sideboards are ideal alternatives to a TV stand. They’re available in numerous attractive designs, styles, and colors to fit decor patterns and meet your aesthetic needs. Depending on the size of your budget, you could also request custom designs to get a more personalized effect.

Picking the right sideboard to match your TV and living space can be a bit confusing and tricky. To be safe, you need to be certain about your choices to avoid disappointments and regrets at the end of the day. If you need help making the right choice for your tv dashboard, keep reading this article for unique tips.

How Do I Choose the Right Tv Sideboard?


The sideboard plays a significant role as a major piece of furniture, whatever the style of your living room. However, there’s a need to apply caution when choosing a sideboard for your TV, so you don’t get disappointed. Below are tips to help guide your decision when shopping for a TV sideboard.

Consider the Dominant Style

People want to set their living room in styles they feel comfortable and satisfied with. Many like theirs simple and classic with a vintage flair, while others love theirs contemporary and fabulous. Whatever pattern works for you, you’ll want to ensure that your TV sideboard doesn’t stick out awkwardly in the room.

Buying a sideboard that fits into your living space is important. You don’t want an ugly sideboard to be the reason you dislike your precious living room. Consider the impression you want to leave with your design and keep that in mind when searching for your sideboard.

If you’re opting for a hot aesthetic background, there are many ultramodern sideboard options to match with. If a significant part of your interior decor is coated in dark colors, consider a bright shade for your sideboard. For example, using a cream-colored or off-white console will add some illumination to the space.

You could also get ideas from your living room and use a brighter shade of the dominant color in the room. Immaculate white would make another balanced option and help light up your dark-themed room. If your color patterns are on the brighter side of the margin, you could opt for a black or blackish-brown console.

Black adapts and blends well with numerous interior design styles. It will also help balance the bright color patterns to achieve a more cohesive appearance.

Apart from color, consoles are produced to match the dominant style of your home. There are those suitable for contemporary styles and those designed to fit a classic vintage decor. Make choices that align with the fashion character of your living room for a more satisfactory outcome.

Make a Practical Choice

After considering your decor pattern, the next thing you should think about is the sideboard function. Your living room needs to have a functional TV unit; otherwise, you may as well use a table or nightstand. Since the sideboard will be taking up a sizable amount of space, you’d want to make the most of it.

Select designs with smaller drawers to serve as storage for wires and other extensions. This will help keep your space organized and less messy. You don’t want cables and extensions all over the place, reducing the quality of your background.

A more practical design with drawers will serve a dual purpose. They can be used to put away items like dishes or books, that way; you can enjoy double benefits. If you’ve got numerous small-sized items around, make the most of your unit and arrange those items inside it.

The Quality of the Unit Timber

If the console is fashioned from low-quality timber, your joy for a dual-purpose unit may be short-lived. It would help if you took extra caution to ensure you don’t spend money on a sideboard made with poor materials. The stronger the material, the more durable your furniture piece.

Pure hardwood with a smooth finish will make a long-lasting option for contemporary interior designs. Most vintage patterns are also durable to match their classic appeal.

Durable collections like teak furniture are an excellent idea. Teak is suitable and can adapt to a wide range of styles.

Another solid suggestion with a satisfying lifespan is oak furniture pieces. You could also purchase a pine TV sideboard to give your room a relaxing contemporary feel. There are also durable and attractive metal options with smooth coatings.

Make adequate inquiries from the sales representatives or store manager about your product of choice. Then, do your research on this particular unit of timber, comparing it with other products if you’re still not satisfied.

There’s no need to rush when buying furniture like this, so you don’t waste your money on trash. Instead, it’s best to conduct a thorough survey the first day, make your findings, and return to select your preferred offer.

Position Your Furniture in the Right Spot

When you return home with your new purchase, it’ll need to be positioned in the right place. This is vital considering a few associating factors. First, you need to place your sideboard in a central location that’ll make viewing comfortable for you.

Calculate its position against the setting of living room cushions to determine the proper angle. You don’t want to have a sore neck from excess bending. Your console should be located at the center of the setting, where everyone can easily view it.

For maximum benefit and health reasons, keep a reasonable distance between the TV stand and viewing angle. Nonetheless, it shouldn’t be too far, so your back doesn’t get sore from stretching and bending. A reasonable distance is also critical to prevent visual harm and discomfort.

If your sideboard is on the high side, you’ll need to set your seat at a proportional angle. The lengthier the unit, the farther your seat moves away from it. You might not be able to endure looking at your TV for a long period.

This could also be harmful to your health, especially your neck muscles. Maintain a comfortable distance and ensure you’re not stretching any part of your body.

Pros of Using A TV Dashboard

  • It enhances the aesthetic appeal of the living room.
  • They’re available in numerous designs to suit your style.
  • Using a dashboard gives double benefits. It functions as a TV stand and can also satisfy storage needs.
  • It’s a better idea for rented spaces where the house owner may not permit boring holes in the walls. Should you be permitted, you may have to pay for damages to the wall when moving out.

Cons of Using A TV Dashboard

  • Dashboards are mostly bulky and consume a lot of space in the living room.
  • They’re more suitable for spacious rooms with a large surface area, not for small-sized rooms.
  • Some designs can be expensive and don’t work for low-income situations.

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