Can You Use a Bissell CrossWave on Vinyl or Laminate Flooring?

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Cleaning vinyl and laminate floors can be challenging due to their selective nature. The wrong cleaning method could strip them of their shiny faces and leave them dull and unattractive. Therefore if you have the Bissell CrossWave, you cannot help but consider if it’s a good cleaner for your floors.

Bissell CrossWave is the perfect cleaning equipment for vinyl and laminate floors. The cleaner performs a double function; washing and vacuuming the floor depending on its setting.

If you’re still unsure about the function of the Bissell CrossWave, read to the end. This post answers all your questions regarding the best cleaning methods for vinyl and laminate floors.

What Is a Bissel CrossWave, and How Does It Work?


The Bissell CrossWave is a cleaner that vacuums and washes different surfaces. It features a unique function that lets you control how much cleaning solution it should use when functioning. With this, you don’t use too much water to clean.

Aside from this, it has a control button that lets you switch off the liquid-clean feature. This allows the equipment to function only as a dry vacuum cleaner by sweeping your floors.

However, unlike brooms that send dust particles flying, the cleaner traps the dust and sucks it into the tank. The brush is also very light, making it a gentle option for delicate floors.

Bissel CrossWave comes with two tanks – one for the dirty water it absorbs and the other for the cleaning solution. While it washes, it removes the dirty liquid off your floor, a function that makes it more efficient than your average mop.

The cleaner also features a control system that lets you choose between soft carpet cleaning and hard floor cleaning. Meaning you can select a cleaning option based on your floor type.

Can the Bissell CrossWave Function Without Water?

The CrossWave can function well without water. However, it’ll only serve as a vacuum cleaner that sweeps your floors.

If you want it to wash and dry, you’ll have to enable the spray button. The spray button controls how much cleaning solution the equipment will release. If there’s no water, then there’s no liquid to use for cleaning.

Though the CrossWave is effective as a vacuum, it performs better when both its functions are enabled. This is because the cleaning solution will dampen the brush, which will, in turn, wet the dirt on your floor. Then, when the CrossWave sucks up the dirty water, it takes the dirt along.

Is a Bissell CrossWave and a Spinwave the Same Thing?

The Bissel CrossWave and Spinwave are both cleaners, implying they serve by cleaning your floors. However, both employ different methods to carry out their function.

The cleaner serves as a vacuum and washer, enabling it to sweep and mop your floor simultaneously. On the other hand, the Spinwave performs only one function – mopping.

Furthermore, they both work on different surfaces such as vinyl, tile, laminate, and linoleum. Even so, the CrossWave takes its function a step further by also being an efficient cleaner for carpeted floors and rugs.

Can Bissel Spinwave Clean Laminate Floors?

Laminate floors have become rampant in modern homes. One of the reasons for its demand is its resemblance to wood. Since hardwood installations are fairly expensive, homeowners opt for laminate floors because they are less costly.

The only downside to laminate flooring is its maintenance. They are quite delicate and very selective of cleaners.

You must also be careful of the cleaning products and methods you use. For instance, the wrong cleaning agent could damage the surface by leaving residue and streaks.

Technology has made it easier to clean floors through electrical cleaning gadgets. The Bissell Spinwave is an example of one of these gadgets.

As an alternative to Bissell CrossWave, the Spinwave works well on laminate surfaces. Laminate floors require little water as too much moisture could damage them. Fortunately, just like the cross wave, you can control how much liquid you use for cleaning.

What Cleaners Are Safe for Vinyl Floors?

Vinyl floors don’t require a lot of attention to maintain. In other words, you don’t need expensive cleaning products before you can retain their unique appearance.

All it needs is a simple dish soap that you can use for regular cleaning. Another alternative will be to use vinegar and water in the right proportion. In the case of vinyl, one small cup of vinegar with a gallon of water will suffice.

Still, never forget to read the instructions that your cleaner came with. The company might specify a cleaning regimen you must follow to avoid damaging your floors. Using anything other than their specified cleaning agent is at your own risk.

What Cleaning Products Can I Use for Laminate Floors?

Though laminate floors can be delicate, several cleaning products have proven safe for them. One of them is the Multi-surface floor cleaning formula for Bissell CrossWave. It makes cleaning laminate floors easier by dissolving tough stains easily.

It also leaves no marks on your surface after cleaning. In addition, the chemical used leaves a clean scent and is also safe for children and pets.

Can I Use Bissell CrossWave Pet Pro on Vinyl Plank Flooring?

The Bissell CrossWave pet pro is a special cleaner designed for homes with pets. It operates with a 3000 RPM brush roll suitable for several surfaces. In other words, it’s a good option for your vinyl plank floors.

Aside from keeping your floors in good condition, it focuses on removing pet hair and other pet messes. The cleaner also works perfectly well with the Febreze freshness that leaves a clean, fresh scent after cleaning.

Despite this, ensure you go through the Bissell instructions to ensure the cleaner is best for you. Bissell attaches a one-year warranty to all its products, but it becomes invalid if you use non-specified cleaning agents.

What Are Other Bissell Cleaners Suitable for Laminate Floors?

Bissell ensures that customers have various options to choose from for their floors. Aside from the CrossWave and Spinwave, they have the steam cleaner. Since they are made with efficient cleaning technology, the steam cleaners are perfect for laminate floors.

These cleaners operate with only water to give your laminate floors a flawless appearance. Steam mops also convert to a handheld steamer that comes with a scraping tool. This tool efficiently removes stuck messes from laminate floors without damaging them.

When cleaning with steam mops, you should note a few things. First, too much liquid damages laminate floors. Second, using steam cleaners doesn’t stop you from taking extra precautions to maintain your floors.

Vinyl or Laminate: Which Is Easier to Clean?

Both Vinyl and laminate floors are good options for your home. They’re both durable and are affordable options compared to hardwood floors. When settling for these floors, you should consider their design and how easy they are to clean.

Using the right cleaning agent can get stains off vinyl or laminate floors. However, vinyl floors are better absorbents than laminates. In other words, they are easier to clean and maintain.

Notwithstanding, laminate floors are the best option if you prefer floors that look more like wood. Besides, you have the Bissell CrossWave to do the cleaning for you.

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