Can You Put a Box Spring on a Platform Bed?

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Using the right bed frame for your mattress is vital to keeping your room decor balanced and making sleep time comfortable. It’s important that you bear this in mind when redecorating or replacing room furniture like an old bed frame.

When upgrading to a platform bed, people often wonder whether or not they can place their box spring on it.

You can put a box spring on your platform bed. While this is possible, it is highly dependent on the type of platform bed frame you select. For a successful job, you’ll need to ensure that the size of the box spring matches the bed frame.

Platform beds could be suitable for individuals with mobility issues because they add a reasonable height to your bed. Let’s dive right into an in-depth explanation of platform beds and their advantages. You’ll also discover whether or not you can use a box spring on them.

What Does a Platform Bed Frame Look Like?


This is a bed frame constructed to support mattresses using either slats, wood, or a flat sheet. Most model designs have storage drawers under them.

Platform beds come in various unique designs to match different decor styles. However, these beds have one thing in common: they don’t require box springs to sustain a mattress.

So let me give you an idea of some types of platform beds.

There’s the solid type, which doesn’t have much space underneath. Floating platform beds are another type. They have no visible limbs and look suspended because the beds are propped from the center.

Platform beds also come in metal varieties. They’re often the least expensive options and easiest to assemble. In addition, metal platform beds are quite strong and durable.

Platform beds with storage space help to declutter your bedroom. It’s also handy for people who’d love extra space to keep books or other less used items. These drawers are constructed to open from the top or underneath, making it quite a flexible bed type.

These unique beds come with different base types as well. The base is the part of the platform bed that supports the mattress. A slatted base is the most common type you’ll see in platform beds.

Slatted bases don’t always have the same width measurement, so make sure you remember this when choosing your mattress. The width of the base will affect how it can support the mattress.

When using a memory foam mattress, it’s risky to place it directly if the platform’s base width is beyond six inches.

Slatted bases allow for proper ventilation, compared to base types like bunkie board or solid base. A solid base is essentially a wooden sheet, and it’s as durable as the name sounds.

Adding box springs to platform beds

Adding a box spring to your platform bed is a matter of choice and not a necessity. A box spring isn’t necessary because your platform bed can work just fine without it. That said, you could use a box spring if you’d love extra support and increased height.

Your options are also not limited, as most available box spring designs work well with platform beds. Measure the box spring correctly to ensure that it fits appropriately with your bed. Bear in mind that adding a standard box spring to your platform bed could make it too high.

I recommend that you shop for a foundation that won’t add excess height to your bed. Options like a bunk board and other low-profile foundations will provide the same support as a regular box spring would.

That’s a combination much lower than what a set of box springs, a regular bed, and a mattress will give you. So, if you prefer a higher bed, adding a box spring will provide you with that. Ultimately, height is the primary reason most people use box springs.

Another alternative to creating a foundation for your platform bed surface is to use decks or slates. They both will help you achieve a relatively flat and reinforcing surface like a foundation.

Extra foundation under platform beds doesn’t make them more durable; they only provide suitable comfort and support for your bed.

What’s Good About Using a Platform Bed?

If you’re considering shopping for a platform bed, you might want to know what it has to offer you. Check out some of the benefits that come with having a platform bed.

More Storage Space

If you’re hoping to make your bedroom floor very spacious, choosing a platform bed could help you achieve that goal. These beds are designed to sit elevated from the ground, creating more space underneath. You could use the extra space to organize items you rarely use.

Doesn’t Require a Box Spring

Another positive aspect of using platform beds is that they save you the extra cost of buying a box spring. Most of them come with strips that could be up to three inches apart. The space is designed to prevent your mattress from sagging.

This space will also ensure your mattress receives sufficient air circulation. Properly ventilated mattresses help keep away dust and funny smells

Multiple Models

Platform beds are made with different materials. They can be metallic, wooded, or a combination of both. These bed materials are fashioned into numerous patterns, styles, and designs.

The many stylish models available make it easy to find the appropriate design that matches your design scheme. In addition, most models have exciting detailing at the crown and footboards, improving their appeal.

Even Resting Surface

Platform beds are constructed to give owners a uniformly flat surface. The strips not only make space, but they’re also tough enough to carry plus-sized weights. This way, you could toss and change positions all night without the fear of breaking your bed.

Easy to Assemble

If your platform bed is delivered disassembled, you could put the pieces back together in quick and easy steps. The package usually comes with all the necessary tools for the simple DIY process. Manufacturers also attach simple and detailed instructions, with explanatory diagrams to guide you.

If you follow the instructions correctly, you should have your brand-new platform bed set in an hour or two.

Strong and Durable

Beds are essential and functional furniture pieces in a home. Almost every day, it’s used for an extended period, so it should be long-lasting. In addition, platform beds are constructed using strong velcro strips to join the corners, making them solid furniture pieces.

The texture and strength of the materials used in making these beds help keep them durable for optimum satisfaction.

Enhance Room Décor

You should consider using a platform bed instead if you’re planning to upgrade your room decor. This bed will add an air of luxury to your room, making it look impressive and attractive. It’s also easier to make your platform bed appear tidy since it doesn’t require a bed skirt.


The construction of platform beds doesn’t demand complex materials or many fabrics. This makes them less expensive and among the most affordable bed options.

Another reason platform beds are inexpensive is because you don’t need to add a box spring to your bed. This saves you the extra cost that comes with setting up your more regular bed types.

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