Can You Place an Area Rug Under the Coffee Table Only?

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Area rugs are beautiful pieces we use for decorating and anchoring furniture in our rooms. They are often used to cover the rooms partially, and positioning depends on your preference.

Some controversies always arise due to the size of the rug used in these areas, leaving most people debating whether you can place an area rug under the coffee table only or not.

You can use an area rug under the coffee table only, provided the table fully rests on the rug. It does not make sense to have a table with larger dimensions than the rug since it will not create the contrast you intend. If your rug is smaller than the coffee table, you can consider using it in other areas, such as the bedside, to make it look better positioned.

Although people have different opinions on placing area rugs, I will cover how the area rug can be used under the coffee table only and still create an appealing décor. Keep reading.

To Prevent Tripping


Area rugs are a common cause of tripping hazards at homes. When placed incorrectly, people often trip from the edges of these rugs in the sitting rooms. A perfectly fitting size does not leave edges that can make people trip as they move around the living room.

To Enhance the Room’s Décor

If you have used hardwood, bamboo, carpeting, or tiles for your flooring, adding another layer on these floors feels odd. They look perfect when left bare and make the room feel luxurious. But a rug can make it look better.

Instead of throwing rugs anyhow, you can use an area rug under the coffee table only to provide an appealing accent in your room. Although the materials I have mentioned are beautiful, having an area rug under the coffee table creates an awe-creating décor. The catch is finding a rug that complements the flooring material and the furniture.

When You Have an Antique Rug

Antique rugs are often rare and priceless, and it would be a crime to have such a piece hidden from the eye. Most of them come in small sizes that can barely fit a room. Some people opt to use such rugs as wall arts since they feel they are too small for their rooms.

But, modern design has allowed people to break the rules for interior decoration and create masterpieces. You can use the antique rug under your coffee table and work perfectly in that position.

To Make an Extra-Large Room Look Smaller

Some rooms are built with unusually large sizes, making them look almost empty even after arranging our furniture. Go with an area rug that covers under the coffee table only. This type of arrangement makes the room look smaller than it actually is.

Extra-large rooms feel bare and deserted. They look incomplete and as if the future is hanging, especially when you are a minimalistic person. Using an area rug under your coffee table is a brilliant decoration that makes your living room feel livelier.

To Create a Focal Point

While working on larger living rooms, it becomes almost impossible to notice their size when you have something appealing. Now is the time to channel the focus to one point by using an area rug under your coffee table.

Although this rug is not that large, consider having a piece with a striking design. Your visitors will immediately turn their focus on the coffee table area and forget about your room’s size. It works best if you have a coffee table made from awesome materials such as glass or other high-quality materials.

Besides using area rugs on large living rooms to create a focal point, they are also well suited for carpeted floors. Usually, rugs are used on hard floors to create an accent and make rooms smaller.

If your rooms are fully carpeted, you can use an area rug under your coffee table to reduce the monotony created by the carpet. An oddly shaped rug such as those from animal skins will add striking detail to your carpeted floor.

To Provide Cover

Area rugs are quite affordable and easy to clean. It can be a bit expensive to clean and maintain when you have a carpeted floor, especially if the carpet is an expensive option. You can use an area rug under the coffee table to protect the carpet from spillages and food debris.

In case of spillages, you can remove the rug, clean it and return it to place. You will have protected your carpet from staining rusting and saved for the cleaning costs.

Factors to Look into When Buying an Area Rug

You do not want to use an area rug under your coffee table that will look out of place. Some of the things to remember when buying one are:

The Price

 Price is a significant factor when purchasing an area rug. It doesn’t make sense to buy a rug above your budget. Even though you are working on a low budget, you can get a decent rug that will serve you well.


We are at an age where creativity is appreciated in all spheres of life. Do not settle for’ the available’ ones if you can’t find an area rug that compliments your space. Go ahead and express your creativity to the manufacturer. Let them know the pattern, texture, and color combination that will fit your living room.

Rug Size

Before getting that rug, ensure you have the right dimensions for your coffee table. This information will help you find a perfectly fitting rug for this space. You do not want to buy a rug that will be completely hidden under the table.


Your area rug should have a neutral color that rhymes with that of the living room and the furniture. Picking a color way off makes your living room have a confusing environment that makes people always hurry to leave. Make your visitors comfortable by choosing a complementing color for your rug.


Consider those you live with within the house. If you have children and own a pet, it is good to go for a low-pile rug that does not have bright colors. This choice is excellent since kids and pets are known to be messy around the house.

Low-pile rugs are easy to clean, and when you pick colors that are not bright, you do not have to worry about having to clean them daily.

Besides having kids and pets, friends can also be messy. Spills from drinks can be common if you love enjoying wine with friends at your place as you catch a show. Consider how often you are willing to clean your rug and choose accordingly.

Have you been wondering how relevant it would be if you used an area rug under your coffee table alone? I am sure you have received crazy answers from people with different opinions. I hope I have provided a detailed write-up to help you decide whether to use such rugs or not.

It is up to you to explore your power of imagination to create a comfortable living room for yourself.

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